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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Gaming Headset - Black

Model Number: 852061-0010
Web Code: 14994486

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Experience immersive gaming and stunning sound quality with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless gaming headset. Boasting a unique 2-in-1 design, it features a removable gaming module with a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller so you can make adjustments in a snap. When you're on the go, simply remove the module for wireless freedom.

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Experience immersive gaming and stunning sound quality with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless gaming headset. Boasting a unique 2-in-1 design, it features a removable gaming module with a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller so you can make adjustments in a snap. When you're on the go, simply remove the module for wireless freedom.
  • Over-the-ear headset is made with lightweight materials to ensure long-wearing comfort
  • Removable gaming module provides a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller for on-the-fly adjustments
  • Remove the gaming module for Lifestyle Mode and enjoy wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated voice assistant, and built-in noise-rejecting dual-microphone system
  • Proprietary technology monitors and measures outside noise and cancels it by creating an opposite signal to eliminate unwanted distractions
  • Choose between two levels of active noise cancellation in Lifestyle Mode with the Action button or the Bose Connect app
  • Volume-Optimised Active EQ ensures balanced audio performance at any volume
  • Rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 hours of play time in wired gaming mode
  • Black design and copper accents give the headset a streamlined, modern look
  • Official gaming headset of LoL Esports Global Events
Primary Accessory Usage
PC Gaming
Bluetooth 4.2
Cord Length
Colour Family
32.51 cm
17.03 cm
8.128 cm
249.4 g
  • Bose Quietcomfort 35 II Gaming Headset
  • Travel Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Removable Gaming Module with Boom Mic and Aux Cable
  • 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm Aux Cable
  • PC Desktop Controller

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  • Bose: A household name for a reason
    Reviewed by TaterMcTatums - October 19, 2020

    Presumably, you clicked on this headset because they are a Bose product and yet claim to be for gaming. Well I’m here to tell you that not only are they fantastic for gaming, they are also phenomenal wireless headphones. Without exaggeration, these are the best headset/pair of headphones I have ever owned, by a huge margin. As implied by the name, these are extremely comfortable; I didn’t experience any discomfort whatsoever even after wearing them for 9+ hours. The over-the-ear design easily covers my large ears and yet they don’t interfere with my glasses or cause them to dig into the side of my head. They are also surprisingly lightweight especially considering their size, features, and abilities. In terms of the gaming aspect, the QuietComfort 35 IIs are amazing. The removeable boom mic bends easily to your desired position but will remain exactly where you put it. It picks up my voice superbly without also picking up my breathing or any background noise. On top of this, the desktop controller allows you to quickly switch between 3 microphone sensitivity levels or mute with the press of a button. There is also a second mute switch on the cord from the boom mic to the controller which is what I prefer to use. Speaking of the controller, it is surprisingly hefty for what is essentially an oversized volume knob. However, this gives it a feeling of substantial quality and I quickly found myself using it much more than I expected I would. The best part is that when you are done gaming, you don’t have to leave the QuietComfort 35 IIs behind. Simply detach the boom mic and now they are wireless headphones. I think this is one of the best features these have. Why own separate headsets and wireless headphones when you can have one set that does both? When you disconnect the boom mic, you are left with the best wireless headphones that I have ever used. The active noise-cancelling is phenomenal. Nearly every sound around you becomes inaudible and the little you can hear is barely audible, even in a industrial environment. The noise-cancelling seems to extend to the built-in microphone. I had an hour-long phone conversation while walking alongside a busy thoroughfare and the other person didn’t even realize I was outside. The other upside is that you don’t have to have the volume cranked to hear your music since you’re not trying to drown out other sounds. That doesn’t mean that these headphones can’t pump out some serious sound. These things are LOUD at maximum volume. Impressively, there is no distortion even at full volume regardless of what type of music you are listening to. The default equalizer settings sound great for all music types too. Bass is strong without sounding overkill and highs are clear without sounding tinny. As you may have guessed, Bose seems to really know what it is doing when it comes to audio quality. Battery life when used as headphones is also impressive. From a full charge, a 9-hour work day only brought the battery down to 80%. This carries into the accessories as well. The included carrying case fits the headset perfectly and seems sturdy enough to protect them under most circumstances. The Bose Connect app functions very well and looks well made. This is good because the app allows you to adjust the settings of the headphones. An impressive feature I discovered is that the app will update the headset’s firmware in the background, even while they are in use. This is smart because the main reason users delay updates is due to the downtime needed to perform them. While there are numerous things I loved about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II gaming headset, there are some things I did not. Unlike other gaming headsets, these do not have separate volume controls for game and chat volumes. Even when hooked to the desktop controller via USB, the headset does not charge and instead runs off of battery. Admittedly, the charge does last significantly longer when used as a headset. But I still consider this to be a massive design oversight on Bose’s part. Being able to recharge while gaming so that you have a full charge when you are on-the-go would have been brilliant and, in my opinion, a great selling point. Speaking of recharging, the charging port is USB type Micro-B and not type C. Also, the microphone/aux port on the headset uses a 2.5mm jack instead of the more standard 3.5mm. Bose does include a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable with the headset but it is something to be aware of. There are some improvements that could be made while being used as wireless headphones aspect as well. When you turn them on, they remain at the volume they were at when you turned them off. Not a great thing if the volume was at a high setting when powered off. I did not see a way to set a maximum startup volume in the app. The noise-cancelling has multiple levels but the QuietComfort 35 IIs revert to the highest setting every time you power them on. For some reason, Bose chose to have one button control nearly every playback function (play/pause, rewind, fast forward, skip/repeat tracks). The number of consecutive presses is what determines the action performed. I discovered that it is easy to press the button faster than the headphones can recognize resulting in the wrong command being issued. On top of this, there is no confirmation beep that a button was pressed if sound is already playing through the headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II gaming headset is not perfect in every aspect, but it is very close. The things they do right easily outweigh the few, minor drawbacks they possess. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who wants a premium audio experience while both gaming and on-the-go. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

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  • Most comfortable gaming headset on the market!
    Reviewed by stangapds - October 13, 2020

    If you’ve ever struggled with a gaming headset that is hard to wear for extended periods of time or struggled to hear what you need to hear due to background noise, this headset will solve all your problems! The comfort and noise cancellation of this headset blows anything else you will ever use out of the water. Whether it’s hours of gaming or music listening, these will be comfortable all day long, wherever you use them. Opening the box, you’ll find the travel case, charging cable, QC 35 II headset, removeable gaming module with boom mic and aux cable, a 2.5mm to 3.5mm aux cable, and the PC desktop controller. The QC 35 II is a superb standard for wireless headset, and this design refresh with the gold accents makes this new configuration really stand out. In wireless mode, you can expect around 20 hours of listening time, in hardwired gaming mode, you’ll get a longer 40 hours of battery life. A quick 15 minute top up will give you 5 more hours of wired gaming for those critical moments. The QC 35 II has multiple levels of noise cancellation so you can decide just how much outside noise you’d like to let in. You also will always be listening with Bose’s signature Volume-Optimized EQ that automatically adapts to your listening level, so you always get a consistently balanced sound. The microphone is Discord and TeamSpeak certified, and rejects noise so no one will have any problem hearing you. The desktop controller conveniently lets you adjust master volume and cycle through 4 different levels of mic monitoring so you can hear just the right amount of your own voice. You also have the Google assistant and Alexa built-in so you can always get the assistance you need without removing attention from that critical game moment. To round it off, you can pair the headset with the Bose app and customize the name, noise cancellation level, or even pair an additional headset to listen to the same thing with a friend. Overall, you won’t find a more comfortable, engaging, and focused gaming headset. If you need something flexible that performs in all situations that you can wear all day long, look no further than the Bose QC 35 II Gaming Headset. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

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  • Amazing Dual Purpose Headset
    Reviewed by Robs - October 10, 2020

    The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Gaming Headset is an excellent product from Bose that accomplishes both being a high quality headset for music and daily functionality and also a high quality headset for gaming and chat purposes. The headset looks sharp, being mostly black with copper highlights. It is surprisingly light compared to other high-end headsets that I have tried in the past, but they also do not feel weak in any way. I wear glasses full-time so I do pay attention to the pressure of the clamping on my ears. With the QC II headset, I experienced no clamping issues even with listening sessions that were hours long. The leather covers over the earcups felt fine. The first thing I did was download the Bose Connect app on my Android. This app allowed me to adjust different settings and noise cancellation features. An interesting capability is that a person could connect another QC 35 headset for dual listening purposes. There are buttons on the headet itself: bluetooth, noise cancelling, volume up/down, one button that contols play/pause/skip/calls, and a button for Alexa/Google. I used this headset on both my PC and my PS4 Pro. It sounded great with both systems. I own a good headset already for gaming but it felt like I could hear my teammates better playing Modern Warfare with the QC II. At one point, I had my son join my team on the PS4 while I played on PC. I asked him how my voice sounded while I had a loud fan running fairly close to me. He verified that my voice sounded crystal clear, verifying that the Bose noice-cancelling technology works incredibly well. With music and calls, the sound is crystal clear. I expected nothing less from a Bose product. One of the unique features of this headset is that it comes with a removable gaming module and an optional PC desktop controller. The gaming module basically is a boom microphone that plugs into the headset via a 3.5mm jack to create what I typically think of as a gaming headset. The boom was naturally in a good position and I didn't notice it once I was in some action. To be clear, there are still microphones in the headset even with the gaming module not plugged in so the headset still has great voice functionality without the module. The PC desktop controller is a nice addition. It plugs into a PC via USB A that is about 8 feet long and has 2 main functions: a volume dial on top and mic monitoring where I could hear myself talk through the headset at various volumes. These additions really set it apart from other competitors that are either mainly for music or daily call functions, or for gaming, but not for both. As a user that splits my time between these two worlds, these additions made it clear that Bose understood what I needed to be successful as both a worker and a player. This headset can be used in a wired and wireless/bluetooth setup. In wired mode, a full charge lasted me about 18 hours. In wireless mode, a full charge has lasted me over 30 hours and I have not reached the end of that charge. To me, that is impressive given the quality of the sound I'm hearing and the features that are present. There is also a quick charge feature that for 15 minutes of charge will provide at least 2.5 hours of functionality. This headset truly does it all, and it does it with all of the Bose quality that I expected. It sounds great, it looks great, it feels great to wear, and it seems durable. It provides everything I need to sound great and hear everything for my work during the day, and then transforms into an excellent gaming setup when I want to use it for that purpose. I highly recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Gaming Headset for anybody looking for a high quality headset for any purpose. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

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