Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Gaming Headset - Black

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Gaming Headset - Black


Experience immersive gaming and stunning sound quality with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless gaming headset. Boasting a unique 2-in-1 design, it features a removable gaming module with a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller so you can make adjustments in a snap. When you're on the go, simply remove the module for wireless freedom.


Experience immersive gaming and stunning sound quality with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless gaming headset. Boasting a unique 2-in-1 design, it features a removable gaming module with a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller so you can make adjustments in a snap. When you're on the go, simply remove the module for wireless freedom.

  • Over-the-ear headset is made with lightweight materials to ensure long-wearing comfort
  • Removable gaming module provides a boom mic, mic mute, and optional PC desktop controller for on-the-fly adjustments
  • Remove the gaming module for Lifestyle Mode and enjoy wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated voice assistant, and built-in noise-rejecting dual-microphone system
  • Proprietary technology monitors and measures outside noise and cancels it by creating an opposite signal to eliminate unwanted distractions
  • Choose between two levels of active noise cancellation in Lifestyle Mode with the Action button or the Bose Connect app
  • Volume-Optimised Active EQ ensures balanced audio performance at any volume
  • Rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 hours of play time in wired gaming mode
  • Black design and copper accents give the headset a streamlined, modern look
  • Official gaming headset of LoL Esports Global Events
Primary Accessory Usage
PC Gaming
Bluetooth 4.2
Cord Length
Colour Family
32.51 cm
17.03 cm
8.128 cm
249.4 g
  • Bose Quietcomfort 35 II Gaming Headset
  • Travel Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Removable Gaming Module with Boom Mic and Aux Cable
  • 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm Aux Cable
  • PC Desktop Controller

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  • Amazing Bose gaming headset
    Reviewed by JulieD - November 28, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] When it comes to gaming I have a couple of different headsets I use for my Xbox. I was beyond excited to get and use the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming headset because of the reputation that Bose has. When I got them out of the box I noticed they were light and when I put them on they seemed pretty comfortable. I also liked the fact that the mic attachment was easy to take off and put on. For me after playing for a couple of hours they still seemed to be comfortable and not hurt my ears. They also have an excellent noise canceling ability to where I can’t hear my kids screaming and playing in the background. The battery life lets me play for a couple of days with just one charge. There are just a couple of things that I didn’t like as a gaming headset. I didn’t like the fact that they weren’t wireless for my Xbox. The surround sound wasn’t as good as I would expect from Bose and the directional sound for FPS gaming also isn’t as good as I thought it would be because I have a hard time hearing certain movements of things that are nearby me. Those are just a couple of tweaks I would make to the gaming headset. Now when used as just an every day Bluetooth headset they are AMAZING! All in all I think that they are still a very good gaming headset!

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  • Supreme Sound!
    Reviewed by Erika B - December 1, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was gifted the Bose QC35 II Gaming Headset for my honest opinion. I received the item very quickly & it came well packaged. I was surprissed to see all the accessories that are included! With this wonderful gaming headset you have on ear controls along with accessories being a detachable mic, aux cord, 2.5mm cord to connect the headset to gaming system/controller, zippered hardshell protective storage case and optional USB connection with an amazing in line sound controller knob! I was blown away with the quality of these accessories especially the USB connection with a control "knob" to adjust the volume/mic mute for PC use. All of the products included are if exceptional quality and came well protected and packaged within the box to avoid any damages. The Bose QC35 II Gaming Headset itself is of exceptional quality. The noise reduction is amazing. You are completely immersed in your experience with it's out of this world sound quality! The mic is great for cutting out background noise creating crisp clear communication. There is no crackling or muffled sound like you may get using a lower end headset with detachable mic. It has a comfort headband and airy, soft cushioned ear pads that fit perfectly around your ears blocking out environmental noise completely immersing you in your experience. The headset is very lightweight making it able to use for long periods of time. It is extremely comfortable to use for gaming/PC telecommunications work wether at home or on the go utilizing the hard shell zippered storage case. These headphones will meet all your needs. I would absolutely use this as my sole headset doing away with the others I have as it meets any need I may have and beyond! This headset is worth the money you pay for it's exceptional quality. I believe you can get many years of use from the Bose QC35 II Gaming Headset ultimately saving money in the end by not having to replace lower end headphones constantly. This headset will stay the course! I would rate these with many, many more stars if I could I cannot express enough how superb and superior the Bose QC35 II Gaming Headphones are compared to others on the market. Highly recommended for anyone and any need you may have!

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  • Impressive for their 1st gaming headset
    Reviewed by Freddy - October 2, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is the first time that bose does a gaming headset. The sound is on par with the other gaming headsets I have at this price range. Now where they beat my daily one is the weight and noise cancellation. Just wow. I had them on for hours but it felt like I didn't have anything on my head. They may look small but they pack a punch when it comes to sound. I tried it on pc and ps4. It works for most consoles that support the headphone jack 3.5mm. So what bose did was take their popular QC 35 II and mod it for gaming. You have the bendable boom mic and the pc desktop controller. A very good idea, but can be used without it. The pc desktop controls the volume level and allows you to hear yourself AKA mic monitoring there's a button that sets the level from off to high. But do you really need it.... for me no I can do all that via software on PC. Sadly this device does NOT work with consoles. The removable boom mic is pretty nice though. I tested it out against the built in mics on the headset and wow what a difference. That mic should be made available for the other bose models because it's that good. I compared my daily gaming headset mic to this one. Had noise in the background both did an amazing job of drowning out most of the background noise. My voice was pretty clear and I have issues with mics not picking up my voice because I dont yell when I speak this makes using this feature a pain most of the time me speaking gets cut off and I would have to repeat myself . So thumbs up for the mic boom. It's nice that you can remove it and store it with the case. So for my ps4 I have a usb mix amp I plug the bose headset with the mic on there because I want surround sound. If you plug it into the controller you get stereo and it sounds good. So for both pc and console even if you have the boom mic connected when you turn it on the noise cancelling kicks in and yea it does make a difference while gaming . This is where my daily gaming headset loses. Being in the city you hear sirens and all the other city noise. I honestly didn't hear anything but the game audio and chat. Well done bose it's not a gimmick for gaming, I believe this is the future and should be implemented by other companies if they want to even have a chance to compete with bose. Im honestly using this headset more than my other one that I paid about the same and no noise cancellation. Another nice thing about this headset is you can use bluetooth as well. So it's not just a gaming headset, it can most likely be the only headset you need. I paired it to my phone and tv and wow it's a joy to use. The sound on bluetooth is just as good as wired. One thing I wish that bose did was use USB C, instead they still used the micro one. Also when using the mic it automatically turns off bluetooth which should be left on so I can have it paired with my phone in case I get a text or call. The noise cancelling is top notch so I really can't hear my phone going off. Maybe a software update can change that.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Solid, “semi-wireless” - ANC - gaming headset
    Reviewed by Solrak - October 3, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ============================ >>>>> Bottom Line Up front: <<<<< ============================ The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Gaming Headset adds serious gaming features to an extremely comfortable, well thought-out and proven design. The Bose Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is second to none, and it very obvious that a lot of serious though was placed into improving the original Quiet Comfort 35’s design to make this serious contender in the gaming headset marketplace. That being said, there are some notable drawbacks in the design and operation of the headset that can detract from your user experience; most notably the inability to use your headset in full wireless mode when the mic is plugged in while gaming/in use, a lack of “equalizer” and subjectively bland “App” interface/feature set AND an outdated micro-USB charging port (among a couple of other things) are not in line with other “gaming” headsets offer in the market. ============================================== >>>>> Detailed Observations after a regular usage: <<<<< ============================================== From the moment I took the Quiet Comfort 35 II’s out of their box, I was pleasantly surprised at their careful packaging and well thought out presentation of the headset as I unboxed it (see for yourself in the photos). The headphones come packed inside a decent sized and moderately high-quality travel case so that you can take them with you on the go. Unfortunately, as I looked closer at the inside of the case, I noticed the “Bose” logos where pressed pretty tightly/flush with the padding/lining of the case (see for your self in the photos). It doesn’t affect the sound quality or functionality of the headset in any way, but I do wonder what the “Bose” logos will look like 12 months from now after rubbing on the inside of the case/being carried around in my backpack /bag – not to mention the possibility of the logos “wearing through” the padding/netting. I guess only time will tell. From a functional perspective - I was also surprised by the amount of wires to make the headset fully operational from a gaming point of view. While this headset isn’t overly marketed as “wireless” all over the box – it does state it builds/offers everything the “Quiet Comfort 35 II” has. You get a regular cable to connect the headset to the puck shaped PC controller dongle – a gaming microphone module with integrated cable mute mic, and a very short micro USB charging cable. Sadly, you cannot operate the headset in wireless/Bluetooth mode while actively using the gaming module with the microphone (as you can see in the photos I added). It’s the year 2020, and this is a high-quality device – so I am disappointed to see the headset use the significantly older/and slower charging Micro USB standard. USB C is/has been pretty relevant in the market for a couple of years now and offers a more secure omni-directional connection socket, along with the ability to charge faster – and even potentially serve as a way to directly connect the headset to the PC without having all those wires I mentioned. Then it hit me as I was looking over the instruction pamphlet – this is because they want to maintain interoperability with consoled gamers and their controllers. That’s a tough call to make, and as a PC gamer myself – I would have ditched the 3.5mm cable for the USB C input method if that was ever a choice. I get a little agitated when there is a 6-inch charging cable included as the primary means of charging the any device, let alone a premium device such as this one It would have been nice to maybe have a 8-inch or 12-inch cable so that I can keep my headset charging some place other than literally next to/on top the PC preferably (or having to switch to an 3rd party wall adapter, etc). Lastly, I am a little disappointed in the inline microphone mute “slider” on the gaming module. It feels a little flimsy, and rattles a little bit in hand and detracts from an otherwise solid/polished presentation he rest of the headset and it’s accessories pull off. You can see in the picture the amount of space/air in-between the 2 parts of the slide mechanism for yourself. MOST IMPORTANTLY – the Quiet Comfort 35 II gaming headset delivers where it counts – outstanding microphone input and excellent in game usability with the Bose PC Desktop controller (so long as you’re within the physical limits of those cables I mentioned). It’s nice to know that the mic is Discord certified, and I never had any issues with my colleges and friends while using the mic in teleconferencing or in games. The ANC is phenomenal compared to my other headsets, and the round volume dial control makes it super easy to adjust in game/application volume on the fly. I often use headsets 90% of the time while working on my PC (which is part of my daily routine) – so I have a pretty well-established collection of wireless AND wired gaming and music focused headsets ranging from $15 - $800 in MSRP. A couple of times in the past I gave the “non-gaming” Bose QC 35/35 II’s serious consideration – due to their outstanding ANC, and comfort – but I was never truly “blown away” by their sound quality. Don’t get me wrong – I thought they sounded great all around – but not particularly punchy in the very low frequencies and lacked significant detail in the highs as well. This is purely subjective – but the sound issue is compounded by the fact the Bose connect app does not allow for “EQ” customization of the sound stage in my opinion. I find this odd – since some of the other Bose Models like the Bose 700 actually do. I don’t know if this due to a firmware issue, or hardware/design issue…but if you google search it, you will see a fair number of users asking for this feature on the official Bose forums. It seems as if the official Bose response is that they are still taking all that as “feed back to pass to the developers” but it doesn’t exist as an option at the moment. Personally, I expect a non-user adjustable EQ/soundstage from a $15 headset made by a generic brand, but not with a quality manufacture such as Bose. =========================== >>>>> Closing thoughts: <<<<<< =========================== You would think that I would not potentially think overly highly of the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Gaming Headset based of the list of things I mentioned as not “totally” liking – however – you would be wrong. The headset does so many things right – it’s easy to find little things that could simply use more polish or thought. At the end of the day – it has done everything well – from playing intense games, to serious teleconference work - while I have them. I wish they would have used USB C and ditched the 3.5mm cables (as I pointed out above) – but I get why they didn’t. Unfortunately, Bose is not alone in the “gaming” headset market space. MANY other companies have solutions that address the shortcoming of this headsets design approach – but NONE of them have the same phenomenal ANC that BOSE is known for. As a “wired” gaming headset with mic; this is a solid 4-star product…..however as a “wireless” ANC headset with no microphone – I would say it is a 5 star product.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Fantastic headphones for both music & gaming.
    Reviewed by optimummind - September 29, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] = Summary = The Bose QC35 Series II Gaming Headset delivers the goods. It has a simple yet stylish design, it's light and comfortable, the out-of-the-box sound quality is head and shoulders above most competitors, its ANC technology works well and seamlessly, and its gamer-centric additions make gaming more enjoyable. Some aspects of the headphones, unfortunately, are still stuck in the past, such as the micro-USB charging port, use of the older Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, and the inability to use the add-on microphone when making Bluetooth phone calls. If Bose had implemented noise cancellation for the outgoing voice as well, then the QC35 Series Gaming Headset would've become my ultimate headset for gaming, music listening, and phone calls. With that said, it's still a very solid package that will make most people very happy with its excellent audio fidelity and ease of use. _____ *Pros: -Excellent ANC for both gaming and music listening sessions. -Delivers excellent bass and a wide soundstage. -The hockey puck-shaped PC desktop controller rotates smoothly (volume control) and offers multiple levels of mic monitoring. -Light and comfortable to wear for hours on end. -Folds down neatly into the case. -Long-lasting battery. -Google Assistant worked perfectly. _____ *Neutral: -Charges up via micro-USB and not USB-C. -Uses Bluetooth 4.2 and not the latest 5.0 standard. -The noise-rejecting mic didn't work that well. -It's on the expensive side for older ANC technology. _____ *Cons: -Can't use the attachable microphone with Bluetooth phone calling at the same time (only VOIP). = Design & Comfort = The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset, which has an identical design to the original QC 35 II from 2017, is just as stylish, light, and comfortable as I remember it. Although I've replaced my original QC35 II with the Sony 1000XM3 as my go-to headset, there are days when I missed the simplicity of the QC35 II, its well-balanced package, and use it once in a while. Now that I have the QC 35 II Gaming Headset, my respect and adoration of Bose's solid build quality, intuitive button layout, and easy control have resurfaced. At just 8.3 oz, the headset is light, very well-padded, and offer long-term comfort. Even without ANC turned on, the earmuffs offer excellent passive noise cancellation and never caused any ear soreness or achiness. It folds down easily into a compact form-factor that slots into the case with no fuss or frustration. The button layout is intuitive, button presses are tactile and responsive, and just the right amount of padding is found everywhere where your head and face make contact with the headset. The QC 35 II was always an ergonomic win and I'm glad Bose didn't mess with the formula for the Gaming Headset edition. If you spend hours every day listening to music or playing games, the QC 35 II Gaming Headset (GH) is your faithful and ideal companion. Speaking of gaming, the removable gaming microphone that only adds 1 ounce to the total weight, is a great accessory I found to be very useful. The flexible stalk can be easily adjusted to your preference and it's nice and thick, promising long-term durability. The boom microphone simply snaps onto the left earmuff and to take it off, you just have to pull back on the tab and yank it straight down. Simple stuff. The same can be said about the hockey puck-shaped module Bose refers to as the PC Desktop Controller. The large rotating knob actuates with nary a sound and moves about like it's completely slathered in high-quality grease with no wobbles or scratchy resistance. The Mic Monitoring button, which is big and slightly recessed in, can be pressed anytime to cycle through three levels of voice volume control (low, medium, and high), emitting beep sounds that correspond to each level (2 beeps for Medium, 3 beeps for High). At just $30 over the original QC 35 II, the QC 35 II Gaming Headset is totally worth the extra coin to get the excellent microphone and desktop controller. = Audio Quality & Noise Cancellation = The ANC technology found inside the QC 35 II GH may be 3-years-old now and eclipsed by Bose's own 700 headsets, but it's still no slouch and quite a performer. When the ANC level is set to High, pretty much all of the background noises magically disappear and you feel like you're inside a quiet room all by yourself so you can just focus on and enjoy your music or game. You'll no longer get bothered by rumbling delivery trucks, the neighbor's barking dogs, gardeners working their power tools, and kids crying. :D Having quality ANC is all good but it wouldn't matter if the audio quality was mediocre. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that at all since the out-of-the-box tuning from Bose delivers an excellent aural experience that still can't be matched by most competing brands. From bass-heavy to full-range songs, such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, the QC 35 II GH performs like a champ. Even the deep and low rumbling bass that is difficult to capture in lesser headsets in such a compact form-factor is executed superbly by the QC 35 II GH. One aspect that did disappoint me was the lack of progress when it comes to noise filtering when making Bluetooth phone calls. Although the headset does an excellent job filtering out background noise and preventing it from reaching me, it doesn't do as good a job when filtering out the noise for the caller on the other end. They were able to hear pretty much all the noises around me as I talked to them, such as the toilet flushing, my wifey and daughter talking to me, and the clicking sound of my lighter as I used it to light my cigarette. Using the removable microphone when doing VOIP calls (because Bluetooth gets shut off when the microphone is attached) made no difference for the other person. Although Bose claims the microphone utilizes "noise-rejecting" technology, my callers certainly didn't feel that way and neither did my gamer friends during heated CS:GO sessions. They could hear all of my sniffles and smacking of my lips as I sat in my chair trying to mow down the terrorists on the other team. XD Hopefully, Bose will release a firmware update in the future that will enhance the potential of the microphone. = Other nitpicks = Since 2020 is a crazy and wild year and it has been 3 YEARS since the release of the original QC 35 II, I feel like nitpicking about a few things is justified. First, I wish Bose had changed the charging port to USB-C instead of keeping it micro-USB. With the exception of most of my bicycle and e-scooter lighting accessories, most of my gadgets are now USB-C-based and it's annoying now to use a micro-USB cable to charge a headphone. Second, I wish Bose had upgraded the Bluetooth protocol to 5.x. The 5.x Bluetooth protocol has been out for years already and it offers tangible benefits such as improved range and faster transmission speeds. To be fair, though, the sound quality from the QC 35 II GH is excellent and I don't know how much performance Bose would've been able to extract from the headset by upgrading to Bluetooth 5.x. = Conclusion = The Bose QC35 Series II Gaming Headset, despite some head-scratching design choices and underwhelming ability of the noise-canceling boom microphone, is still a good buy and it's something I can comfortably recommend to friends and family. It looks sleek and stylish, its ANC quality is top-notch and still very relevant compared against 2020 standards, it's super comfortable and light, and the audio quality is simply great - there's no need to tinker around with EQ levels or graphs. I rate it 4.5 stars.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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