Bose SoundLink Revolve II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Triple Black

Model Number: 858365-0100
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Bose SoundLink Revolve II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Triple Black


Whether you're enjoying personal entertainment or creating the ultimate party atmosphere, this Bose SoundLink Revolve II wireless speaker delivers unbelievably immersive sound. Place it in the centre of your space for even, consistent audio or set it near a wall for sound that radiates and reflects. It's durably built for water- and dust-resistance so you can keep the music going, even if it starts to rain.
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Whether you're enjoying personal entertainment or creating the ultimate party atmosphere, this Bose SoundLink Revolve II wireless speaker delivers unbelievably immersive sound. Place it in the centre of your space for even, consistent audio or set it near a wall for sound that radiates and reflects. It's durably built for water- and dust-resistance so you can keep the music going, even if it starts to rain.

  • Portable design is engineered to deliver rich, immersive audio from a compact package
  • True 360-degree sound ensures consistent, uniform coverage around your whole room
  • IP55-rated seamless aluminum body is water- and rust-resistant for lasting durability
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 13 hours of play time and recharges effortlessly with the USB Micro-B charging cable
  • Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts and NFC pairing provide quick and convenient connectivity
  • Speaker allows you to take phone calls or access Siri and the Google Assistant
  • Pairs with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (sold separately) for hands-free operation
  • Combine two speakers together for rich stereo sound or Party Mode playback
  • Multi-connect function lets you connect to two devices to swap who is in control of the music
  • Bose Connect app makes it easy to manage Bluetooth connections, unlock features, and access future updates
  • Threaded universal mount attaches seamlessly to nearly any tripod
  • Auxiliary input lets you connect quickly to other audio sources
  • Compatible with the optional charging cradle (sold separately) that serves as a home base and keeps the speaker charged

Optional accessories (sold separately)

  • 3.5mm male-to-male stereo audio cable (if you want to connect to a non-Bluetooth device)
Triple Black
Wireless Multi-Room Capability
Stereo Pair

Connectivity & Media

Primary Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Connectivity
NFC Ready
Voice Control
Voice Assistant Built-In
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa

Speaker Features

Shielded Speakers


Power Source
Battery Powered
Approximate Battery Life
13 Hours
Device Charging

Physical Features

Microphone Included
8.2 cm
15.2 cm
8.2 cm
Width (Inches)
3.23 in
Height (Inches)
5.98 in
Depth (Inches)
3.23 in
660 g
  • SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker II
  • USB Micro-B Charging Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Adapters
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Sheet

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  • Great sound in a small speaker
    Reviewed by GeorgeM77 - April 7, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The speaker feels very solid, it has a nice weight to it. The sound was nice, just as I expected from Bose. Setting up was easy with the soundlink app. The app is also easy to use which I already had been using with my headphones. First time trying it out I listened to music for a couple of hours and had plenty of charge left. I didn't test out the waterproofness using any extreme means but did have it outside for a few minutes in a light drizzle while grilling and there were no issues. My wife likes to play her music off an old ipod so the addition of the aux input is very nice to have. Definitely happy with this bluetooth speaker.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great Sounding Bluetooth Speaker/Speaker Phone!
    Reviewed by dnottingham4 - April 5, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Bose SoundLink Revolve II is a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. This review will be done in 3 parts – features, usage impressions, and pros/cons. Features: The features of this Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone are excellent. The device has an excellent sound that is deep, loud, and immersive. Listening to a wide variety of music including many of the test tracks that Cambridge audio engineers use; I can attest to the fact that this speaker has a wonderful range and great sound. The device has an impressively Saturday feel and at the same time is very portable. This speaker/speakerphone is rated for up to 13 hours of run-time per charge. It comes with a 1m micro-USB cable for charging and the Speaker Unit itself. It also has a tripod mount on the bottom for use with a tripod. The Unit has an array of controls on the top of the unit for power, Input mode, volume up, multi-function button, volume down, and the Bluetooth button. When first powered on the speaker talks to you to get you to select the voice prompt language the volume up and down key allows one to scroll through the languages with English being the default and German, Spanish, French, Italian, Netherlands (Dutch), Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean also being available. Pairing to my phone was quick and easy and straightforward and did not require any special software. The device does work with the Bose Connect app. This app allows for control of the product as well as updating the speaker’s firmware. Settings available in the app are – speaker name, connections, party mode – which allows one to connect multiple SoundLink devices together, Auto-Off Timer, Voice prompts (on or off) and the prompt language, and access to the user manual via web link and product info. The app does require one to have a free Bose ID to use the software. This device retails for $199.00, which some may find high. I believe the device to be an excellent value at this price. Usage Impressions: This speaker/speakerphone is another wonderful Bose addition to one’s setup. I tested this just like I have tested many other audio products by using multiple tracks that were recommended for testing audio systems. These tracks test audio systems across the sound spectrum from deep bass to soaring highs. The tracks allow testing the spatial separation of sounds and the dynamic ranges of the piece being played. From all of these tracks, the sounds were excellent. I also tested with several other tracks that I have listed too including the 1812 Overture with real cannons and Space shuttle ascent imagery – these also sounded excellent. The device also makes for a wonderful speakerphone that allows one to work in a hands-free mode with listening to conference calls or when working in a group setting, the microphones are super sensitive and can pick up a speaker, or any other noise from a respectable distance. The sound of the person on the speakerphone end is outstanding – even from 10 feet. Pros: Audio quality, Batty life, portability, performance Cons: Some may find the price to be a bit high.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great Sound, But Where's The Innovation?
    Reviewed by ryanmcv - April 7, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm a big fan of most Bose products and the sound quality that they deliver. I've mainly used their headphones and earbuds over the years so I was excited to try out the new Soundlink Revolve II. I had heard great things about the first generation Soundlink speakers and was hoping this refreshed model would have some exciting new features to keep up with the competition. The sound quality is excellent, as expected, and there is a slight boost to battery life and water/dust protection. But I'm disappointed to see that not much else is new, and it seems that Bose is starting to fall behind in this category. PROS: - Setup is super quick and easy, especially if you already have other Bluetooth-based Bose products. If you've ever paired a set of wireless headphones or Bluetooth to your phone, you won't have any problems. - There are multiple ways to play audio through the speaker, including via Bluetooth as well as the auxiliary input and a micro USB port. The micro USB port is used for charging but can also be used to play music from a computer. - The Revolve II maintains nearly the same design as its predecessor, so it is extremely lightweight and portable. It has a matte texture that does not show fingerprints or smudges. This easily fits in my backpack and tote bags and will be great for taking to the pool or on a camping trip. - The real strength of this speaker is its 360-degree design: The speaker fires sound in all directions, so there is no distortion or volume drop-off as you rotate the speaker or move around it. - Sound quality is very good for a speaker of this size. I'm surprised at just how loud this can get and it fills my medium-sized apartment with great sounding music. Midrange and high frequencies are clear and crisp, though there is some distortion in bass at higher volumes. Bass distortion is much more noticeable when you are closer to the speaker, but seems to be a non-issue after you get about 8 feet away. - If you happen to own another Bose Revolve speaker, you can pair them together to enable "party mode" or a stereo pair for even richer sound. - Battery life is excellent, rated at 13 hours for the Revolve II. I haven't had a chance to use the speaker non-stop for that long, but battery life has not been an issue at all in the few weeks I've used this speaker. - The dust and water protection rating of the Revolve II has been increased to IP55, up from IPX4 in the previous generation. So the Revolve II adds dust protection and slightly better splash protection. However, this rating is still not high enough to protect from complete immersion in water, so don't drop it in a pool. CONS: Unfortunately, Bose seems to be stuck in the past with its line of Revolve speakers. Here is a rundown of things that could have been improved but weren't: - Still uses micro USB for charging (not USB-C like most newer high-end wireless devices) - No standardized wireless charging support. You can buy a proprietary charging cradle, but it is not included with the speaker and costs an extra $30. - Low dust & water protection rating compared to competitors. Other speakers in the same price range offer IP67 protection which would protect against full immersion in water. - No built-in, hands-free voice control such as Alexa or Google Assistant. - Wireless connection is via Bluetooth only; there is no Wi-Fi or AirPlay support. OVERALL: Sonos, a major Bose competitor, recently announced a portable speaker with all of these missing features -- and it will actually be cheaper than the Revolve II. Given the major advancements from other wireless speaker brands, it amazes me that Bose did so little to update its Revolve speakers. There was practically zero innovation in designing the Revolve II, and I fear that Bose is going to be left in the dust of Sonos and other players in the compact speaker market. Don't get me wrong, the Revolve II is a great-sounding speaker with some nice features, but I certainly don't think it's the best value for the money. I would only recommend the Revolve II if you are already heavily invested in Bose products or really love the sound profile of Bose speakers. Otherwise, I think your money is better spent on a more innovative portable speaker.

    Review originally posted on

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

  • Almost perfect, but one dumb flaw.
    Reviewed by Harrkev - March 28, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First, the most notable thing about this speaker is just how flat the sound is. Not “flat” in a bad, way, but how the speaker just presents the music the way that it was recorded and gets out of your way. There is no “bass boost” port that can cause a resonant “boomy” sound. The bass is present, but is not artificially enhanced. So, acoustically, this speaker sounds amazing for its size, both in fidelity and volume. If you download the phone app, you can easily pair two of these speakers to get true stereo. However, as I only have one, I could not test this. This can also be accomplished by pressing button combination on the top of the unit, but the odds of you remembering the magic buttons are low, so just stick to the app. Second, the small size. This thing is about the same length as a dollar bill, but packs quite a punch for its size. It is a little on the tall side (don’t knock it over), but it is also quite heavy. The design also features a standard ¼” tripod socket in the bottom, so this can be mounted in a more permanent fashion if desired. Being roughly cylindrical, there is no “front” of the speaker, so you get true 360° sound. The battery life is quite impressive. I charged mine when I first got it, and have used it for probably around five hours at moderate volume, and it still reports having a 70% charge. I would guess that the battery life to be approximately 15 hours or more. Now for the one stupid decision that otherwise mars a nearly perfect speaker: it still uses a micro-USB connector for charging. This is 2021, and USB-C is now the standard. This is certainly not a deal-breaker by any means, but is certainly confusing. Bose is a premium brand, and this is not a budget device by any means, so not including USB-C is puzzling. Overall, even including using a Jurassic charging connector, this is still an excellent speaker that I am very pleased to own.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

    Verified BuyerReviewed by Dene - September 25, 2021

    This is a great sounding speaker. Very good sound quality. I use it around the house and outside doing yard work and such. Very easy to use. Holds a decent charge. No extra app needed to use it. Just connect to Bluetooth. If you want to skip to the next song or go back to the previous one there aren’t buttons for that. You need to use your phone. Sometimes when I press the power off button it doesn’t turn off right away. It’s does not have microphone so you cannot talk on the phone but it will announce who is calling. I didn’t purchase it for that but thought that would be a cool feature.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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