Brassex Eclipse Ergonomic Vinyl Gaming Chair - Black/Red


  • Excellent! (warning

    from  on September 15, 2019

    is it a small chair),I found it perfect for me,it was easy to build and they include the screws and a hex key. You don't need anything else to build it. Instructions were clear an visual. The materials seem good,not premium but also not cheap. Very smooth and i feel like it has the perfect lumbar support. JUST ONE WARNING. This is a "small" chair. i find it perfect for me because i am skinny and i am just 5.2 feet tall. But i think maybe someone that is taller than 6¨ would find it a bit uncomfortable.

  • good

    from here on August 27, 2019


  • Looks good but not comfortable

    from Toronto on June 16, 2019

    Not sure if I just got a poorly made one but I found the seat cushion to be very, very thin. After a minute of sitting on it, it felt like I was sitting on a wooden bench. It certainly looks nice and was sturdy but not a good buy. At least the delivery was fast and hassle free

  • Good Deal on Sale

    from Vancouver on June 6, 2019

    Bought this for my son and he loves it. I find it comfortable as well and quality seems OK. A bit of a challenge assembling it by myself but I managed. It goes on sale frequently so worth the wait and buy during the sale.

  • Decent.

    from Ontario, Canada on April 29, 2019

    It was relatively easy to put together, though attaching the back piece to the seat is a hassle on your own. I scuffed it up a little assembling it, but it wiped clean. It's pretty comfy and cushion-y, but I wouldn't recommend it for very large people (tall/wide/both). I do wish the arm rests could be adjusted for height. Also, I'm not sure how the "tilt" mechanism works, it doesn't seem to do anything, but maybe that's just user error. Otherwise, it's a chair, and it matches the rest of my set up. I work from home and play a lot of video games, so I'm in front of my computer nearly 24/7, we'll see how it holds up.