Braun Series 9 Wet & Dry Shaver (9-9293s)


  • Awful

    from London on 28 novembre 2019

    Don't waste your money on this shaver. I have thin stubble and would require about an hour to trim using this product. I have stopped trying to use it and now use a simple $40 shaver that actually works.

  • Awesome!

    from Toronto, Ontario on 24 août 2019

    Awesome! Used blades all my life. I have sensitive skin. However, this does an awesome job. It’s a “tad” less of a close shave then a regular blade but for everyday use can’t beat it. No more irritation!

  • Perfect

    from Kelowna on 4 août 2019

    The best shave so far. My skin much smoother.

  • Best Buy is CRAP!

    from Mississauga, ON on 20 janvier 2019

    I ordered this item online during the holiday sale, after receiving the order confirmation, there was no further communication. Checked in a week or so later and the status was Out of Stock, yet the store level inventory indicated the item was available... After a month of waiting and no communication I check the status online and the Order Status says that Best Buy has cancelled the order!!! What genius decided this was a good customer service model! No longer interested in patronizing Best Buy.

  • Not as good as I hoped

    from Victoria, BC on 13 septembre 2018

    I've been shaving with a Panasonic Wet/Dry for more than 10 years. I finally decided that rather than spending 60ish dollars on new blades and foils I would get a new shaver. This new Braun is beautifully designed and balanced but it doesn't shave my neck nearly as well as the rest of my face nor as well as the old Panasonic. Quite disappointing at this price.

  • So far so good

    from Ottawa, ON on 11 mars 2018

    dog literally ate my 20 yr old rotary which worked fine So when I saw this one on sale I figured I would giver er a go. Had a foil shaver before my last rotary but found rotary worked better Well this thing works better then my old rotary ever did even with new blades. use to get irritation on neck now nothing with this one, probably because it takes less swipes to get everything. had problems under nose, not with this. The wife even commented on how smooth it was and maybe it was a good thing the dog at the old