Breville Sous Chef Plus Food Processor - 12-Cup - 1000-Watt


  • Great product

    from Victoria, BC on September 23, 2017

    We were looking for a food processor and were debating over the similar sized kitchenaid/cuisinart one. But ultimately decided on this one, mostly due to others' reviews. It was worth the extra money (on sale). It meets our everyday needs of chopping/mincing veggies, has a lot of power, and is quite quiet (surprisingly). Looking forward to trying out its other capabilities. I would definitely recommend if you have the budget for it.

  • Best Food Processor - Perfect size!

    from Vancouver, BC on June 15, 2017

    I was initially looking at the 16-cup processor, since that seemed to be the 'ultimate' model with every possible attachment - and priced not much higher than this one. Was going to order online, but luckily went into the store (Best Buy) to have a look. There, they had both models on display sitting right next to each other - which is when I realized that the 16-cup was WAY too big for my needs. The bowl was huge - which meant washing it would be a hassle; the inner (smaller) bowl was quite big and the blades weren't as close to the bottom as I liked; once assembled, the bowl and base would not fit under my cabinets and the attachment case was gigantic! I found that this model Sous Chef Plus, had all the most useful attachments and came in a more manageable size. It fits under my kitchen cabinet (just barely) and so can stay on the counter. Plus the attachment case fits in a drawer so it can be kept out of sight. Very happy with the speed and processing power of this model. The 12-cup seems big enough for most tasks - and cleanup is a breeze. The blades in the smaller cup sit very close to the bottom and so it works very well, with minimal scraping required. It is extremely fast - and surprisingly quiet. I had always thought of a food processor as an unnecessary gadget - since it's easy enough to chop veggies, but the thing about this is that it inspires you to make dishes that you normally wouldn't - because of the grating or chopping involved. One very minor peeve is that water drops get into the handles when you wash the bowls, and there's no way to wipe it off - it's not an issue since that part never comes into contact with food, just a bit irritating. Excellent purchase! Always been super happy with Breville products.

  • Bowl is too delicate.

    from Pierrefonds, QC on June 7, 2017

    After 6 months the Bowl exhibited a crack around the spindle within a couple of weeks Breville sent me a new bowl no charge and no questions asked, after another 2 months a crack again has appeared, this time Breville has told me I have to buy a new bowl. We have used the processor as per manual we have not washed it in the dishwasher and I see elsewhere online that we are not the only ones with this problem.

  • Best Food Processor on the Market

    from Pointe-claire, QC on December 24, 2016

    We have been using this unit for the last few weeks and are very pleased with the performance and high quality. The unit is solid, the accessories are also very sturdy and well designed. The accessory case holds all the blades and slicing discs in one handy case. It chops and blends food with ease, with a low level of noise output. We will definitely use it for soups, sauces , and many other recipes. I recommend this unit very highly, you will not be disappointed.

  • Makes excellent nut butter, but the spatula is very poor quality

    from Vancouver, BC on November 9, 2016

    This food processor performs very well. I've made nut butter 3 times, the first and third time for peanuts, the second time for roasted almonds. On the second use, the spatula broke down and a piece got into the butter while I was using it to empty the main container. I've submitted an urgent feedback to Breville 5 days ago but no response except the automated acknowledgement. For nut butter, most recepies recommend heating the nuts before processing to help release the oils. The spatula is cheap plastic, not silicone, and I think the heat I'd the mixture caused it to break up and a piece also broke off. If you make nut butter with warmed nuts, don't use the supplied spatula. Go out and buy a better silicone spatula that is safe for temperatures as high as 400 degrees F.

  • Best Food Processor

    from Scarborough, ON on August 23, 2016

    Amazing food processor, the adjustable slicer is fantastic. Best purchase ever.

  • Super achat!

    from Montréal on January 5, 2016

    Nous avons acheté ce robot il y a quelques semaines et ne sommes vraiment pas déçus de notre achat. Le robot en tant que tel est lourd, mais est très puissant et solide. Je n'ai vraiment pas peur d'y mettre des noix, par exemple. Rien n'y résiste. Il se nettoie bien et est facile d'utilisation. Nous aimons beaucoup la boite de rangement pour les accessoires. Cela fait en sorte que c'est plus sécuritaire et bien rangé en tout temps. Je le recommande!

  • Outstanding!

    from Ottawa, ON on November 29, 2015

    This is my very first food processor. Lovely gift (as requested) for my birthday six weeks ago. I had always avoided recipes that recommended (or required) the use of a food processor for best results. Well, no longer! After much online research, I chose this unit based on its overwhelming number of positive reviews. So far, I've made almond butter, flax eggs, potato chips, and orange marmalade. I've sliced carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Clean up is easy peasy if you rinse each part immediately. Clean as you go has always been my motto! Was a little disappointed that no french fry blade is included. So, I either hand cut french fries, or make potato chips instead! Tastes the same whether a fry or a chip! Overall, I would enthusiastically recommend this item! Best Buy also had the best price when on sale.