Brydge G-Type Wireless Keyboard for Google Pixel Slate - Midnight Blue


  • great purchase
    by Vicki M.

    on January 9, 2020

    I didn't purchase a keyboard for my slate because of the cost but didn't realize what a difference it would make in the useability of the slate. Good price and really changed my opinion of the slate.

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  • Good keyboard for Pixel Slate

    from Edmonton on January 4, 2020

    The Pixel Slate is a pretty good tablet, but would be a great Chromebook with the right keyboard. The G-Type Keyboard is better than the Google OEM keyboard...and worse. The main plus: it is solid and acts like a traditional laptop base, so you can use the Pixel Slate on your lap and not worry that it will flop all over the place. The key feel is OK - keys are a bit loose compared to say a Thinkpad or Google OEM Slate keyboard. It's not super tight in the grips - tight enough to be confident using it, but it did loosen up while in my case. It'd suggest keeping it in a snug case or sleeve so it doesn't come apart. In comparison, the original keyboard that Google sells is a great keyboard - wonderful key feel and touch pad. Very handy that it turns the Slate on and off when opened or closed. It's two main downsides is that it's design makes it hard to use on a lap - it's only good on a solid surface. Since the hinge is flexible it also slides and shifts when closed. Not confidence inspiring. Also needs a sleeve. If you do a lot of computing sitting on the couch or in bed, I'd recommend the G-Type keyboard - it just works better on these uneven surfaces. If you work at a desk and value great key feel stick with the OEM Google keyboard.

  • Not worth the money or hype
    by Chaitanya T.

    on December 17, 2019

    I got this keyboard for my Google Pixel Slate based on the reviews but turns out to be a bad experience. First off let me start with delivery, Fedex dropped off my package at a different location which realized when tracking some other package. During this time, I have send a note via the email thing on website but no one ever got back to me. Based on the delivery timeline, I have returned my Slate keyboard from Google which was way better and amazing compared to Brydge G-board. Here are my main issues with the keyboard 1. Slate wont stay in place - the hinges wont grip the tablet in place and keeps sliding off when put in a backpack resulting in scratching my Pixel Slate screen. When I have contacted Google, they refuse to replaced under warranty as it has been caused by a 3rd party accessory. Now I am stuck with a tablet with a big noticeable scratches. 2. Battery life on this is terrible - claims to hold 6 months but failed to hold it for 2 weeks with a moderate use.

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  • Good keyboard
    by Peter L.

    on November 19, 2019

    Very nice keyboard with good feel. Trac pad works very well. Back lighting is excellent although did take a while to figure out how to turn on.(alt Brightness key). First unit had some dead keys but Brydge quickly made it right with a replacement unit that works great.

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  • Exactly what I wanted!
    by Zach B.

    on November 6, 2019

    Long story short, this turns the Pixel Slate into the Chromebook/Laptop you want. I enjoy my official Slate keyboard/folio from Google, but I prefer the Brydge 10/10 times. Highly recommend - excellent customer service too!

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  • Prospective Buyer
    by Cassaundra D.

    on November 5, 2019

    Can this keyboard be used with the Samsung Tab A tablet series?

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  • A perfect fit
    by Vinson M.

    on November 1, 2019

    Being that it was made for Pixel Slates, you removed the stability issues faced on my Google keyboard. Pairing was especially easy and input shows no lag. Battery life gets high marks. Overall great execution of a Bluetooth keyboard with a sale price that made it a must-buy.

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