Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera (Body Only)


  • The same, but better.
    by ailurus

    on 25 novembre 2019

    Wasn't too surprised when my old Canon 60D finally gave up after almost daily use over 8+ years. Not being ready to go mirrorless or full-frame and no reason to switch systems (have always used Canon gear), sticking with latest version in the line made sense. Handling is virtually identical (but feels more solid and smooth) with a couple controls moved and added, so the transition was easy. A minor thing, but the shutter/mirror mechanism seems quieter and more "substantial" sounding. With the 33 megapixel sensor (vs 18MP in the 60D), image quality is a very noticeable step up (as are the file sizes). Much higher frame rate (10 fps) is nice to have available. I don't shoot much video but the 90D offers a lot more flexibility for that when I might need it. All in all, a more capable camera in a familiar package and very happy upgrading to the latest.

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  • Good Amateur, or Pro entry point Camera,
    by ADMonty

    on 24 novembre 2019

    In a head to head comparison EOS 90D to 7D MK-II after much testing at ISO 100, 500, 1000, same Tamron Lens, same focal length, same Time value, with VC enabled and a constant architectural subject, it is my conclusion that the Canon 90D has about twice as much noise as the Canon 7D MK-II when images are enlarged in PS CC to 200% and more. At 100% (normal) magnification, the noise difference is perceptible but doesn’t distract from the overall image quality, making the 90D a good camera at the price point for the casual photographer. I personally like the color saturation of the 7D MK-II but that’s a personal choice and easily adjusted in PS on 90D images. Bells and whistles the 90D has it all over the 7D MK-II. Conclusion: for the Professional the 7D MK-II wins hands down. For the amateur or aspiring Pro the 90D is a good entry point. In retrospect, were money not an issue when I got into digital, full-frame is the way to go and despite it’s age my choice would be the Canon EOS 5D MK-IV, but my lens investment keeps me with Canon APSC sensor EOS-S lens mount systems. I tried adaptors but constant lens focal ratcheting, even when not actively focusing, proved a disqualifier. The GOOD rating is a little generous because of the noise issue, which for me is a BIG issue in my photography

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  • Great camera
    by Bob871

    on 22 novembre 2019

    I waited over a year for this camera to hit the market and I'm glad I did. There were moments when I was tempted to just buy the 80D but now that I've used the 90D I'm glad I waited. The camera is comfortable in my hand, the images are clear and sharp. The high speed continuous shooting is excellent. No videos at this time but will update after shooting a few. Great Camera, highly recommend.

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  • EOS90 is one of the most advance camera.
    by tkzaag

    on 9 novembre 2019

    I bought this EOS 90D to replace the 7D mark ii. I have a mixed feeling about it perhaps I was new at this camera. It said this camera is capable 10 frames per second, but compare to the 7D mark ii it seems to be slower than the 7D mark ii, but the 32.5MP images are far better than my old 7D mark ii However the EOS 90D is most reliably so far when used it. Optical view finder and face detection in auto focus make moving subjects easy to be focused. It also offers excellent Raw image quality and usable full-width 4K in a well-built, weather-sealed package with fabulous ergonomics. The most advantage of thi EOS 90D is LCD touchscreen features a vari-angle design allow me freely to manuveur it in the position I wanted. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow me to pair my I phone with the camera to wirelessly transfer files for sharing my photos and video clip online. This unit is one of the most advance camera for Amateur photographer

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  • Excellent investment !!
    by zerocaries1614

    on 6 novembre 2019

    Camera is great!! Easy to use, exceeded my expectations, very happy with my purchase.

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  • Great Camera
    by jackezra

    on 25 octobre 2019

    This is an excellent camera for beginners and videographers!!

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  • Great Camera
    by Carebear

    on 20 octobre 2019

    This is a great camera! Pictures are crisp and clear. Easy to set and manage on manual and auto is great too.

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  • Nice upgrade
    by iamunited

    on 19 octobre 2019

    Easy to use. Light weight and fun touch screen! Has all the features I was looking for.

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  • Great Camera
    by Campingmaniac

    on 14 octobre 2019

    This is a great camera with many functions. HDR, 4K video, High Speed Continuous all included as well as many other great features.

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  • Great Upgrade

    from  on 12 octobre 2019

    Great,clear pictures,better autofocus and selection of focus than my DF60. The Touch Screen and feel of the camera is fantastic. Really does justice to my 24-105mm,and 100-400mm F4 "L" Lenses. Great Glass with a Great Camera.