Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera with 18-135 IS USM Lens Kit


  • Great camera for beginners or serious enthusiasts.
    by Tomasso

    on November 23, 2019

    The automatic mode handles everything with little experience. I am slowly learning to use the more advanced features that have all worked very well.

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  • Canon 90 D purchase
    by 969sparky

    on November 9, 2019

    It was a gift for my son; an avid camera enthusiast. It is the latest by Canon. He owns other Canon cameras and accessories.

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  • Great purchase price and takes great pictures!
    by Lokie

    on November 6, 2019

    This particular Canon has a great lens captures perfect close ups and perfect moving objects. I feel I made a great purchase!

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  • Best camera yet......
    by Yakybird

    on October 31, 2019

    A very good camera to learn on. Feels good when holding it. I am really enjoying the manual mode now more then ever. Looking forward to buying different lens. My interest are macro, black & white, birds.

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  • Simple and easy to use
    by WilliamT

    on October 21, 2019

    THis camera is very good for amateur photographer because it is easy to use. Pictures come out perfect as a professional photographer taken. You won't be disappointed buying this one.

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  • Awesome Camera
    by CanonBoy

    on October 14, 2019

    This camera takes the most awesome pictures. It’s awesome for taking multiple shots.its programable settings make it the one to buy.

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  • Great camera!
    by KB559

    on October 6, 2019

    1st Canon I purchased and I'm not disappointed. Easy to use, great picture quality

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  • My NEW goto Camera!
    by David

    on October 5, 2019

    Easy transition from 80D. Wish it was 4K 60, but 1080p and color match nicely with the 80D. Slow-motion test was great. Image quality in photos is superb!! Of course, I have a solid 80D for a backup and secondary now. My new go to camera for Weddings and Cinematic Car Videos!! 90D. WOO HOO!

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  • The last DSLR you should ever need.
    by AlBro

    on September 25, 2019

    After EXTENSIVE research on which camera to purchase, I've decided to go with the newly released 90D. 4K video recording at 29.97fps, Canon's improved Dual Pixel AF, and the included headphone jack for audio monitoring were HUGE selling points to me. I also went with the 18-135mm lens simply to have more range when it comes to shooting, vs being stuck with the 18-55mm kit lens. But I'll soon be purchasing more lenses anyways, this lens in particular is better for people who want an "all around" lens. Pros- 32.5 MP, DIGIC 8 processor, Dual Pixel AF with 45 all cross type AF points, non cropped 4K video (yes it is an APS-C sensor so it already has a 1.6x crop but there is no additional crop when shooting 4K like older DSLR'S) Feels great in the hand (good grip, good build quality) and Canon's easy to use interface is always a win. Cons- Although lighter than the 80D by 29 grams, it's still a heavy camera compared to modern day Mirrorless cameras. Being just released a few weeks ago at the time of this review it's pricey. Assuming the price will fluctuate when people see this review, I paid $1,599 for the 90D, 18-135mm lens, battery, and the battery charger. Would have been nice to see a creator bundle (mic, extra battery, carrying case!!!) Conclusion: The market is slowly moving to mirrorless cameras, but this DSLR still has some things I need as a film maker and photographer that a mirrorless camera still doesn't have at a reasonable price. This camera even has many features that new mirrorless cameras have! It's the best of both worlds. Grab yourself a 90D if you're looking to upgrade, or get it as your first camera like me.

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