Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer


  • Horrible printer

    from Toronto on August 16, 2019

    I have had this for a year and it is non-stop issues. I wish I didn't buy this one.

  • Cannot write review as I am having difficulty installing it

    from brampton on June 26, 2019

    Have 2 computers one is an XP for my card programme and am unable to install. Cannot print from emails

  • Canon PIXMA TR7520

    from Victoria, BC on May 13, 2019

    Online order and home delivery good. Printing quality very good; not too difficult to set it up and align printheads. Found loading the paper holder annoying; not the simple operation on my older Canon model. Not sure why, but it insists on printing everything as two sided documents. No doubt I can change this, but not sure how. It does not appear to handle legal size paper which does not bother me, but could be a drawback for other purchasers.

  • Pretty good so far

    from Toronto, ON on September 1, 2018

    I had to replace my MX860 because Canon seems to refuse to provide updated drivers and it wasn't responding as well as it used to. So I got the TR7520 on sale; as it frequently is if you wait around. I am a light user; so far all I have done is print documents and scan a few times. It has worked very well. I am a senior and had no problem setting it up. A new trick of Canon is that if you are using genuine cartridges, you have access to some online printing stuff like cards, etc. Of course, the idea is to use more ink! And on that subject, there are NO substitute cartridges available yet for this series that I can find. There are so many different models of gotta wonder if it's just to keep them exclusive. I will keep the cartridges and maybe fill them somewhere. On the other hand, like I said at first, I do so little printing it really won't break me. I did notice that this printer is quite a bit faster than my MX860, which was 8 years old ! Overall, I am happy with this one. One slight irritation is that to print wirelessly from another room, or my smartphone (which is very easy to do), you have to have the folding control panel pulled up! So you might have to go to the printer anyway...... Also, for some reason, there is a little cover you are supposed to put on the front end of the paper tray; don't really know why. I forgot it once, and it still worked. I am pleased that it is a little smaller than the huge MX860. Overall I am very satisfied with it.

  • Wouldn't Print from Computer

    from Burnaby, BC on August 15, 2018

    Bought this printer last week. Followed all instructions to connect wireless to my computer. Many time when I turn it on, computer would not be able to find the printer. A lot of times the printer would freeze when I cancel print jobs. So I need to restart it, which leads to the problem of it not connecting to the computer AGAIN! I think it can only connect to my computer every full moon. I missed this month's cycle already so I have to wait for another 30 days. If you hear howling next full moon, it's not the werewolf, it is me, shouting NOOOOO into the air for not being able to print a simple PDF from my computer.