Chicco Bravo Stroller with KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Indigo - Only at Best Buy


  • Average

    from Edmonton on November 26, 2019

    The car seat is very very heavy compared to other car seats, I like that its sturdy but its really hard to carry and place in and out of car. The car seat does not sit that well into the stroller. everytime its a challenge getting the seat to "click" into the stroller. and when it does fit perfectly, the baby is almost upside down with body flat and legs high at an angle

  • Just what we needed

    from Ontario on June 24, 2019

    This travel system has worked great for us! The car seat base has a level to help make sure that everything is aligned properly in the car, and the car seat easily transfers from stroller to car, which really helps when we're on the go with our four month old. While I can't say the stroller itself is very light, I haven't had any trouble loading it in and out of cars, or even getting it up or down short flights of stairs with help. My only complaint is that sometimes the wheels don't align properly when folding the stroller, so you have to unfold it, move the wheels out, and then refold, but it doesn't happen all the time, and it's only been a minor inconvenience. Overall I've been really happy with this travel system

  • Difficult to manoeuver.

    from Montreal on May 23, 2019

    We bought this stroller and car seat sets because the stroller folds in half which means it takes less space but it is very hard to manoeuver. Definitely not easy with one hand but even when driving with both hands, sometimes the wheels are not always align and it just doesn't want to go straight. Also when you get off a sidewalk for example (from a step), the front wheels crush and don't roll. It's very frustrating.

  • Cabopy doesnt fit

    from Montreal on April 21, 2019

    One of the two side pieces of the canopy that clicks onto the stroller isn't angled properly so impossible to fix to the stroller. We bought the set when it was in special and now getting it ready for baby's arrival it is very disappointing

  • Love this Travel System

    from Ayr, ON on September 20, 2018

    We did a lot of research on travel systems and this one came up number one for our needs and is on a lot of "top 2018 lists"! The model we received was not a recalled one, as it came with two tiny black foam pads that need to be installed which were included in the box. This is all the recall requires, the product is not faulty and the quality seems great. Not a big deal for this sharp looking, easy to use travel system! The folding ability with this stroller is top notch plus parent and baby cup holders, safety ratings, car seat base with levels, ease of use and look sold us. The Indigo colour is also gorgeous and works great for both genders. Cannot wait to bring my little one home in this car seat!