Cuisinart Touch to Toast Lever-Less Toaster - 2 Slice


  • Lever -less

    from Toronto, ON on 6 novembre 2018

    Compact , great design , sleek , work's great ......

  • the best thing since sliced bread

    from edmonton, AB on 19 janvier 2018

    I honestly can't believe that somebody could find fault in this product.ive been using this toaster for about a month now.awesome the mess free no crums toaster love it love it

  • Toast Elevator

    from Edmonton, AB on 21 mars 2017

    In this push-button era, why do most toasters still have springs and levers? I could have even got a Cuisinart that looked virtually the same, but had a lever. And what do you even call that knob, ... an ejection handle, ... a toasting lever, .... a sliding catch thingee ?? This unit seemed so much cooler. And so far so good! Browns evenly, has a countdown timer and beeps twice, with a blue light that goes off when not in use. Plus ... THE TOAST ELEVATOR !! The kids love it. They laughed their heads off the first time I showed them how to use it. Why didn't toasters come with this before? The only downside ... Bread consumption has gone up in our house since we got it. (Well, maybe that's not so bad(.

  • Cuisinart Leverless Toaster - 2 slice

    from Peterborough, ON on 9 février 2016

    Toast comes out evenly toasted on both sides and consistent results between batches. Motorized up/down is a nice feature and works very well; but how long will it last? Like most toasters in North America the slots are long enough for only commercial bakery loaves. Artisan bakery loaves usually are too large to fit and must be rotated to complete toasting. Alarm to indicate finish is a nice feature since this is a very quiet toaster.