Dyson Ball Multi-Floor 2 Upright Bagless Vacuum - Yellow


  • Does it's job well enough

    from Ottawa on 9 décembre 2019

    Overall it does the trick. Picked this up to replace a rather old and underwhelming v6 cordless vacuum. The suction is really powerful. We had vacuumed the day before, and one quick test run over a carpet with this thing pulled so much old cat hair and grit out of it to really make you question how clean your house actually is. As far as doing it's job this thing is certainly worth 5 stars. It does however feel kinda flimsy and cheap. The plastic handle when rotating and manipulating the vacuum always feels like it's flexing just a bit more than it should. Furthermore the attachments that attach to the "handle", while they work well, the actual cord itself when removed from the vacuum is almost too firm, so you any manipulation of it leads to the vacuum falling over, you basically need to carry it like a suitcase with an extendable armature. Generally speaking, if you really need a new vacuum, and it's on sale for $350 or so then it's certainly worth it. I knock a few stars off for the general feel of build quality, and the fact it feels like it was "over engineered" to have so many features, all of which don't really end up feeling that well thought out.

  • Dyson Floor Ball 2

    from Edmonton, Canada on 3 septembre 2019

    I love the Dyson corded upright vacuum. Powerful suction. Easy to maneuver in corners. Easy to empty the waste container. ♥️

  • Dyson lives up to its reputation

    from Cambie street in Vancouver BC on 18 août 2019

    I like this product because it includes accessories to purify the air when using the vacuum. The sales rep from Best Buy and from Dyson were both very helpful and knowledgeable when answering my questions and demonstrating how to maximize all of its functions.

  • Do what it has to do!

    from New Westminster on 8 août 2019

    Incredible how clean it can leave the carpet.

  • Great Vacuum

    from Halifax, NS on 26 août 2018

    Love this vacuum. It's so powerful - my son had ripped apart styrofoam and the floor was covered in those little styrofoam balls that get full of static and stick to everything. It cleaned them up instantly and anything else it comes across. The canister is easy to remove and empty, the plug is long enough so that you don't every have to unplug and replug in a different sport. The hose to clean the stairs is also long so that i don't have to try to sit the vacuum on the stairs while cleaning the top stairs. I highly recommend this. Only negative is that it's loud.

  • When it works, it is FANTASTIC; unfortunately it doesn't always work

    from Heritage Pointe, AB on 3 juillet 2018

    We picked-up this vacuum on 6/30/18 as a stopgap until we replace our built-in. On floors and our area rug, the Dyson did an exceptional job. On our 10 year old pile carpet, the vacuum runs for 2 to 10 feet, then the beater bar stops, and the head sucks down into the carpet. We have to lift the vacuum off the floor and restart the beater bar. Then it works for another 2 to 10 feet. According to Dyson Support (couldn't call until the 3rd), there is a problem with newer pile carpet. Apparently the carpet's backing does not allow enough air to flow up from underneath. The causes a seal that leads to the head issues. The issue is not limited to this model--the help desk lady could not recommend any Dyson model as a replacement. If you have better-than-average quality pile carpet, then this may not be the vacuum for you.