eufy Cam Pro Wired Outdoor 2K IP Camera - White

Model Number: T8441121
Web Code: 15446937

eufy Cam Pro Wired Outdoor 2K IP Camera - White


Secure indoors and outdoors from unwanted strangers with the eye of the eufy Cam Pro 2K IP camera. Its 3MP super HD camera resolution and 2K vivid video resolution provides clear and detailed images that can be viewed in its optimal quality through the eufy app. The night vision facility ensures thorough monitoring even in dim lit conditions.


Secure indoors and outdoors from unwanted strangers with the eye of the eufy Cam Pro 2K IP camera. Its 3MP super HD camera resolution and 2K vivid video resolution provides clear and detailed images that can be viewed in its optimal quality through the eufy app. The night vision facility ensures thorough monitoring even in dim lit conditions.

  • OneIP camera with wired connectivity provides maximum security in both indoors and outdoors
  • Reliable wired connectivity ensures steady network signals and easy battery replacement
  • 8x digital zoom offers a closer look of the monitored subject
  • Wi-Fi network support enables easy-setup and maximum convenience
  • 3MP Super HD camera resolution ensures top quality footages
  • 2K Vivid video resolution (2304 x 1296) displays even minute details on the screen at 15fps
  • Wide-angle lens with 3.1 mm lens focus, 112-degree horizontal view, and 58-degree vertical view lends thorough surveillance in every direction
  • Night vision doesn't miss out any incident even in dim lit conditions
  • CMOS sensor lets you trigger the motion sensor to track movement and trigger the integrated spotlight for stopping intruder entry
  • Remote monitoring through the eufy Security app alerts you things about the Ai Human and Pet detection on your smartphone
  • Local recording with a 32GB Micro SD Card (Included) provides an end-to-end encrypted local storage in the camera via eufy home app and does not require any monthly subscription for usage or access
  • Integrated siren scares away unwanted strangers
  • On-device Ai Human and Pet detection enables the AI to identify whether the object that's being tracked is either a human or not
  • IP67 rating shields against wind and rain for indoor or outdoor monitoring
  • Compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant lets you use your voice for activating or dimming the floodlights, so that you can check what's happening indoors or outdoors
  • 20ft. power cable and magnetic mount inclusion lets you easily setup the camera and start operation quickly
  • eufy is part of Anker Innovations Limited, one of the leading consumer electronic brands in America
Security Camera Type
IP Cameras
Security Camera Specialty Type
Trail Camera
Number of Cameras Included
Camera Connection
Indoor & Outdoor
Device Compatibility
Voice Assistant Built-In
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Apple HomeKit
Management Interface
System Requirement
Included Software
Remote Access
Remote Monitoring
Mobile Remote Monitoring
Wireless Standard
WPS Connection
Supported Network Protocols
Antenna Type
Internal Antenna
Network Security
Not Applicable
LED Indicator
Built-In Siren
Pet Mode
Power Input
Operating Temperature
-4°F to 122°F
Language Support

Receiver/DVR Features

Storage Type
Micor SD card built in
Included Storage
32 GB
Free Cloud Recording
Local Recording
Search Capability
Not Applicable
Recording Methods
24/7 recording; Triggered Recording
Memory/Disc Full Warning
Alert Method
Yes - app notification, alarm Sound

Camera Features

Sensor Type
Lens Type
Wide angle
Focus Range
Len focus: 3.1 mm
Horizontal View Angle
112 °
Vertical View Angle
58 °
Optical Zoom
No(8x digital zoom)
Night Vision
Motion Detection
Rotation Range
Not Applicable
Enviromental Sensors
Two Way Communication
Dome Enclosure
Spy Camera

Video Features

Real-Time Video
Video Compression
H.264/ H.265
Max Camera Resolution
3MP Super HD
Video Resolution
Frame Rate
15 fps
Video Colour
Video Input/Output
Not Applicable

Audio Features

Record Audio
2.4 Ghz
Audio Input/Output
Not Applicable


Cable Length (m)
6.1 m
6.6 cm
6.6 cm
5.79 cm
Width (Inches)
2.6 in
Height (Inches)
2.6 in
Depth (Inches)
2.28 in
0.3 kg

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  • Love this Camera!
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Victorytab - June 15, 2021

    This is the best Camera we've used so far. We have Arlo, Ring and a couple cheaper units that you can move the view with your phone. The Eufy gives you a snapshot of what activated it to record. It tells you if it was a Human or pet. You can set up zones to record or ignore. It has an alarm you can activate. I don't have to purchase any plan to store recordings. It comes with a micro SD card.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • Great Indoor Outdoor Camera
    Reviewed by Posted1 - May 17, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'd never heard of Eufy before but when this opportunity came up, I figured I'd give it a try. I am not disappointed. In the box is the camera, 20 ft power chord, mounting hardware and 32g Micro SD card. Unboxed everything and discovered a pretty clever magnetic mounting device that came with several mounting options. I downloaded the app, created an account, powered the unit on and within seconds of getting it on my WiFi, it was up and running. Easy as could be. Started messing around with it and it has simple interface that allows for multiple settings including microphone, motion detection, camera orientation, recording options, storage and notifications. Simple. A couple cool features are the 2-way audio that you can have a conversation with whoever is near the camera. It also allows for live viewing. The spotlight is a hit or miss. I personally don't have it set to on, but some people may prefer that. Depends on user and environment. At first glance, it has a blue light that is on constantly until you record and then it switches to flashing. I personally don't like this because it draws attention to the camera. Some may prefer this. Good news, they give you the option to turn that off. You can add multiple other devices from Eufy so future expansion is quick and easy. End of the day, this is a solid unit and I would easily recommend it to a friend. **PLEASE NOTE*** This was provided to me in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This review is exactly that, unbiased and honest.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Feature Rich and Easy to Setup
    Reviewed by Samrio - May 15, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is my first leap into the eufy smart home device ecosystem. I was drawn by the need to add some coverage to my backyard that doesn’t need a “monitoring” service, as this was mostly to keep any eye on my dogs, and is IP67 weatherproof for outdoor use. Inside the package you’ll find the camera, a USB cable, USB adapter, a magnetic mount base and metal mount with a 3M sticker for easy placement, a couple of screws with anchors, a Sandisk (your result may vary) 32GB micro SD card, and a quick start guide. It’s important to note that while this doesn’t require you to subscribe to a cloud service, you’ll still need to create an account to setup and use the camera with the app. The eufy security app is available both on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. I appreciated the weatherized cable connection, the USB cable fits snuggly into the cable end on the back of the camera; helping to keep out moisture near the USB plug. The USB adapter for power isn’t really designed to sit outside in the bare elements, so keep this in mind when plugging it into an outside recepticle. My outdoor plugs have a nice plastic cover, which helps keep water from falling directly on the plug. I’ve installed other cameras outside with similar plugs, and none of them have failed over the course of three years. Setup with the app simply requires that you login, add a device, and use a QR code generated in the app to assist the camera with connection to your WiFi network. The app is straightforward, offering some helpful tips for setup and placement, and the setup process took less than 5 minutes. There is also a nice loud voice prompt that does a good job of letting you know when things are progressing. The speaker is surprisingly loud, and the voice prompt is really clearly understood during this process. There was a small update that installed, but took less than a minute to finish. Afterward, it was just a matter of placement and determining how best to mount it. I opted to install this camera near a dog run area in my backyard. The current “beta” feature in the app allows for pet detection, and shall I say it works really well, even capturing small thumbnails within the notification. You get an extra benefit if you’re wearing an Apple Watch and have notifications on for the app. Every time the app detected a person or pet, it would immediately pop up a notification with a quick screen grab. During the course of my use over a day, I never once received a false notification, even with bugs flying around all night long. You will need to walk through some additional steps in the apps settings for the camera if you'd like to take advantage of continuous recording. I’d also highly recommend going through and setting up activity zones if you’re placing this near a busy area. This helps narrow the motion detection area of the camera, and minimize false notifications from passing cars or people in public areas. Compared to other cameras in this price range, I was surprised with how easy and responsive the app was. Any settings being made were almost instantly saved and the camera quickly viewable. I set mine to continuous recording, but you have the option of only capturing alert clips by default. I was also surprised to find the camera supported exporting video recording to a local network attached storage server. This option can be found by tapping on the settings button of the individual camera, and selecting the “NAS(RTSP)” option. This allows for use of the “Real Time Streaming Protocol” to save video directly to your NAS. If you’re not sure how to set this up, I’d recommend checking the reference material of your NAS server or searching online for some setup advice. Most users won't use this feature, but it's great for those having more advanced security or monitoring that supports this method of storage. The image quality is really dependent on your network connection when viewing through the app. If there isn’t a connection strong enough to view the live feed, you’ll see some degradation of picture quality. However, this doesn’t affect the local recording quality, since it’s being recorded directly on the devices installed MicroSD card. The video easily bests an older outdoor wired camera from 2 years ago, and the night vision works really well in low light conditions. If you have some lighting available in the area, it does a great job bringing color to life at night, which is lacking from my currently installed smart cameras. This didn’t require any additional setup, and was simply based on the lighting conditions of the viewing area. The built in spotlight does a great job of illuminating the area at night, when motion is detected, and makes capturing the clip in color easier on the camera. The “Auto Spotlight” option turns on any time motion is detected at night, and helps the camera capture in color. You can even set a spotlight schedule, if you have a particular time of day you want it to enable the spotlight for motion. If the light is too bright, simply use the app in the same menu to turn down the brightness. I actually did this to light up a smaller area, as it’s mostly my pets setting off the motion and didn’t want to blind them. Overall, for the price, the ease of setup, the app experience, night time video quality, and the feature set it’s hard to pass this up. I also appreciate the consumer choice of this camera over other network connected offerings, and the ability to skip subscription services all together. Most of the higher priced cameras from the bigger companies require a subscription to access additional remote features, store longer clips, and don't offer the storage expansion flexibility found on this camera. The motion alerts work well, the speaker is loud enough to be heard by my neighbors or talk to my dogs, and the siren will scare away most anything when it sounds. Just make sure you have somewhere to plug it in!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Eufy’s Ai Camera Is Great!
    Reviewed by Txstatesal - May 18, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We just set up our Eufy Outdoor Cam, the pups keep getting into the yard and eating grass. So we want to be able to see them in the bamboo and the grass. It will hopefully also help to deter intruders if that were to happen. We were excited about Eufy's feature of local storage and how secure the camera could be. We will see how this pans out. Installation and setup were done in a jiffy. Overall it probably took about 10 minutes to mount the camera, download the app, set up a profile, and tailor the view using all of the features. Of course we turned on the pet feature because of the two bulldogs! The difference with Eufy's camera and others is the magnet is strong and so easy to adjust which we love because based on the time of year we'll be able to move it easily. Another great feature is the prong to connect the camera to power has a small rubber connector that protects the wiring from getting wet. The actual wire provided is quite lengthy and thin so it gave us the ability to run the camera as far as we needed and we'll be able to disguise or subtly hide it along the side of the house. It is pouring here in Texas today so it was the perfect day to test the humidity factor against the weatherproofing factor. It has held up pretty great so far and unfortunately you won't see the dogs because they refused to go potty and get their paws wet! A great camera for your backyard and lastly, if you do find yourself capturing an intruder it was so neat to see the facial recognition component and how the app zooms in and creates a cutout of the person's face! Very, very impressed!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Good app and interface along with a crisp picture
    Reviewed by JKinSYR - May 20, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] In search of a subscription free home security camera, and this is the one for me. The Eufy Security 2K camera has been great. The camera is simple and easy to use and install. The picture clarity is nice and works efficiently. This camera offers 2K resolution along with a built in spotlight for auto sensing or manual activation. It has a lot of nice features that keep this feeling like a premium product for home security. 32GB micro SD card is included with this to help keep your on board memory storage for viewing purposes. This is a wifi camera, but will need a power outlet to keep it powered and fortunately it comes with an ample 20 foot power cable, and the magnetic mount to hang this up against your home. The microphone/speaker allow for a 2 way conversation to occur and the spotlight can help to deter intruders. I have this set for outdoor use and have been able to keep an eye on my front entrance. The IP67 weather resistant design gives me peace of mind to be able to use this outdoor. The app can be customized with the various features to be able to detect motion, person detection, pet detection. The app also allows you to set a customized zone to make that your hot zone to keep track of things happening within that area. This camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and both Android and Apple devices. This app has been a really user friendly app to use and provides good notifications with small thumbnails of a person if that's what has triggered it. The camera itself is compact and looks pretty nice without being bulky or intrusive. Overall a great camera and user experience. I'll recommend this to others and will be adding more Eufy cameras to my ecosystem.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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Smart home products
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30 days