eufy IndoorCam Mini 2K IP Camera - White

Model Number: T8414J21-5
Web Code: 15799258

eufy IndoorCam Mini 2K IP Camera - White


Get the complete coverage for your house interior with the eufy IndoorCam Mini IP camera. With excellent motion tracking and noise-activated 3600 pan, this camera detects any kind of suspicious activity and gives a 2K resolution view of any corner of your house. Its on-device AI makes sure of human detection and cuts off false alarms activated by other movements.
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Get the complete coverage for your house interior with the eufy IndoorCam Mini IP camera. With excellent motion tracking and noise-activated 3600 pan, this camera detects any kind of suspicious activity and gives a 2K resolution view of any corner of your house. Its on-device AI makes sure of human detection and cuts off false alarms activated by other movements.

  • Security IP camera perfect for indoor use and works independently, so you don't need to install a hub to make it operative
  • Wired design ensures improved convenience of fixing it in your preferred spots inside your house
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n to connect easily with your smart devices for easy effortless functionality
  • High-quality camera gives a view with 2K resolution, thus allowing you to see everything happening in your house without missing any detail
  • Wide angle lens with a focal length of 3.89mm assures horizontal viewing angle of 830 and vertical viewing angle of 450for an extended area coverage
  • Advanced night vision gives a clear view of any room even at low-light conditions
  • 24/7 Recording feature assures that your house is being monitored irrespective of the time
  • Omni-directional microphone allows two-way communication between the property owner and the guest
  • Local data storage gives ample space for holding the footages and ensures subscription free security
  • Built-in siren lets you activate the alarm via the supported app to warn the people sneaking into your house
  • On-Device AI Human Detection reduces false alarms by identifying only humans in the frame and notifying you about their presence
  • Reliable Pan & Tilt design makes sure that each corner is monitored to detect the presence of intruders
  • Home Privacy Mode turns off the camera and rotates it to your preferred angle to make sure of maximum privacy
  • Noise-Activated 360-degree Pan feature detects suspicious movements, automatically activates the recording and rotates 360° to ensure that it leaves no blind spot
  • Efficient Motion Tracking follows any kind of movement outside the frame and records it to ensure maximum safety by not missing the details
  • Smart Integration to enable device control via Alexa or Google Assistant with just your voice commands
  • Works perfectly with Android/IOS devices to get the maximum out of your security camera
  • eufy is part of Anker Innovations Limited, one of the leading consumer electronic brands in America
Security Camera Type
IP Cameras
Security Camera Specialty Type
Trail Camera
Number of Cameras Included
Camera Connection
Device Compatibility
Voice Assistant Built-In
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Apple HomeKit
Wifi - No Hub Required
Management Interface
System Requirement
Included Software
Remote Access
Remote Monitoring
Mobile Remote Monitoring
Wireless Standard
WPS Connection
Supported Network Protocols
Antenna Type
Internal Antenna
Network Security
Not Applicable
LED Indicator
Built-In Siren
Pet Mode
Power Input
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 45°C
Language Support

Receiver/DVR Features

Storage Type
MicroSD card
Free Cloud Recording
Local Recording
Search Capability
Not Applicable
Recording Methods
24/7 recording; Triggered Recording
Memory/Disc Full Warning
Alert Method
Yes - App Notification, Alarm Sound

Camera Features

Sensor Type
Lens Type
Wide Angle
Focus Range
Focal length: 3.89mm
Horizontal View Angle
83 °
Vertical View Angle
45 °
Optical Zoom
Night Vision
Motion Detection
Rotation Range
Enviromental Sensors
Two Way Communication
Dome Enclosure
Spy Camera

Video Features

Real-Time Video
Video Compression
H.264; H.265
Max Camera Resolution
3MP Super HD
Video Resolution
2304 x 1296
Frame Rate
15 fps
Video Colour
Video Input/Output
Not Applicable

Audio Features

Record Audio
2.4 GHz
Audio Input/Output
Not Applicable


5.8 cm
9.5 cm
5.8 cm
Width (Inches)
2.28 in
Height (Inches)
3.74 in
Depth (Inches)
2.28 in
0.2 kg

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  • Solid Contender
    Reviewed by SirGalahad - November 7, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Pros: - Wired camera that supports 24/7 recording @1080p only (to save memory card). For Motion/Human Detection supports up to 2K. I would prefer the option for me to decide if I want to save my memory card’s lifespan or not. Especially, since it doesn’t come with one. - Good picture quality. - The detection works extremely well. It picks things up almost immediately and then tracks them accurately until out of the frame. - I found recordings recorded the entire event over only getting half of it like most of my other cameras. If anything it goes to long which I prefer over too short. - Loading up the live view is quick. - Setting up schedules was easy and works well. - I REALLY like the privacy setting. Where when it turns off it will move to be facing the other way giving you peace of mind. Additionally, the light on the front is blue when on, and red when recording. You can set up exactly where it moves to when off and where it moves to when on. When in live view you can also pan 360 degrees. - Multiple mounting options such as by itself on a shelf, on the ceiling (mount included), or on a wall (mount NOT included). - Night vision looks good and works well. - As mentioned, it has pan/tilt. Where it can pan 360 degrees and pan up and down. - It supports noise detection. Where if it hears something, it will turn on and then pan to that location. From my brief testing this working alright being very hit or miss. - Doesn’t require the cloud and is a completely close system. Meaning no subscription fees! - You can talk through it via 2 way audio. - Comes with a long cable. - Eufy app is relatively easy to navigate. Cons: - Doesn’t support animal detection. I got this mostly to monitor my puppy (6-months) when I’m not at home. So, I have to turn on all motion alerts to pick him up which drastically increases the number of alerts I get throughout the day. As it is quite sensitive and sends me a lot of false positives. - Doesn’t come with a memory card. Adding $16 - $30 to the price. Making it less competitive to other brands. Hopefully, they will make this more obvious on their marketing material. As I wasn’t aware of this when I bought it as it’s kind of hidden. - Tracking can be jerky, is picked up on recordings, and with low FPS can make things blurry. - Not supported by HomeKit. But is supported by Alexa and Google. - Freaks people out as it moves with them. - Alarm setting isn’t very loud (which can be a pro or a con) and for some reason was activated by default when any motion was detected. - Uses Micro USB. Like why?! CONCLUSION: It’s a nice camera and at first I really wasn’t sure I liked it. But after using it for the past week it has grown on me. I get a lot of false positives which can be frustrating but part of that is on me for having “all motion” detection on, instead of having “human detection” on. I could also probably further refine this though the settings as they are currently on default. But them adding at least “animal” detection would be great. As I think most of the target demographic will be getting this to monitor their children and/or animals. There is plenty of customization in the app itself and the pan and tilt function is really neat.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • protect your home with eufy!
    Reviewed by Naztynestor - November 7, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] - Eufy makes great products i’ve been using their door camera for quite a while now and i’ve neever have any complaints or disappointments for choosing to go for eufy security - now to add into my collection I finally have an indoor camera that that’s small, yeah it really is tiny and very light camera to place around your house - indoor cam mini is a 2k monitor which it’s 1440p resolution camera - in the box you have a mount piece, power adapter and about 7inc of micro usb cord that goes along with it - very easy setup using the eufy security app to get it going, a tiny button under the indoor cam mini and the rest can be completed through the app once it’s been fully plugged - once you followed the setup process you should be able to see a small window preview of your new camera, by clicking it you have great amount of option to choose from the main control is the ability to use 360 rotation manually if you choose - there’s tons of option on the view settings, we have record, screenshots, ability to speaker through the camera, the 360 round look and to turn the sound off. dragging the slider up should provide you with even more settings from. you’ll see the event section that list all recording for future viewing, a night vision, also an alarm feature im sure will be handy in the future, last two are tracking and calibration - one thing about this camera is that you have an option to click timeline we’re you can just pick certain section of the recording, unlike their door camera you only have the option to video on the recorded list - from the main setting it’s self they do have privacy mode incase you don’t want the camera recording while you’re home, you have the option to turn it off this setting at any time. - also the ability to turn off the blue light on the front of your camera, which is what I prefer - the motion detection is where im a little bit disappointed, this camera doesn’t have settings to capture just pets, so you either tracking person or just set it to other motion to be able to track your pet when you’re away, would be nice to have just animal to avoid getting too much recording while at home, without this, if you have the camera on while you’re at home, it will constantly record and it’s just too much recording to delete back and forth - storage option you can add up to 128GB of micro SD card, eufy shows in the app that 128GB should store for abo it 288 hrs of footage (12 days). - you also have an option for cloud save there’s a 30 day trail that i’m checking out at the moment, but you won’t be able to use 2k video recording while using cloud and it’s lock to only 1080p resolution which it’s still great quality. - indoor mini offer a great amount of options to customize your camera best suited for you, I just wish it offer a dog/pet tracking, this should also need to be the norm when it comes to home security. the thing I personally did not like was the 7” cord, would like to see 10 or even a tiny bit longer to give the user enough headroom when planning to use the camera. - overall still satisfied user, I love eufy I think it’s a great budget camera that offer tons of option and optional subscriptions service for protecting your property, and still have an option to not opt in if you choose.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Nice camera if you don’t use a Eufy Home Base
    Reviewed by JMan - November 6, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This Eufy indoor cam was a breeze to set up because I already use a Eufy system and have the app installed on my phone. I opened the app, selected add new device, and followed the easy setup steps which generated a QR code for the camera to scan. I pointed the QR code at the camera, it scanned it and joined my wifi network. It was good to go from there. Even without an existing system, new users would download the app and set up the camera the exact same way. The kit includes the camera, a micro-USB power cable and mounting brackets and hardware. You are asked if you have a micro-SD card during setup. If not, it offers other options. If no storage is available, it can still be setup to stream without saving. Video quality is good. It’s clearer, brighter and sharper than my existing battery operated Eufy cams. Night vision is also particularly good quality. It’s crisp, bright, clear and sharp on the static areas of the room and furniture. It’s a little less sharp with people and movement but still exceeds my expectations. Available recording and streaming resolutions are 1080p and 2k. It also has a water ark option that will stamp the date and time on each recording. The camera can also record and monitor sounds and the app allows two-way intercom communication with the camera. Other features include manual video recording, snapshots and sounding an alarm. Unlike my other Eufy cams, there is no camera off option in the app. The only way to power off the camera is to unplug it. I do not want to risk corrupting the SD card, so I always try to make sure the camera is not recording before unplugging. It’s a little inconvenient and would be much nicer if the app allowed me to power off the camera like the others. The pan and tilt feature is useful for checking an entire area. I can sweep and see the entire room 360 degrees. The camera does make a low motorized sound when moving but it’s near silent and nothing I would consider disruptive or annoying. I like that this cam is AC powered because one of my battery operated Eufy cams has a faulty battery and needs to be recharged every month or two. It’s been that way since the beginning. The other camera works fine and goes 3-4 months between recharges but neither battery lasts remotely close to a year as stated. AC power is much more reliable. The only downside to AC power is the cord may stick out and it limits placement choices. It provides about 7-8 feet of cord to work with. The good thing about the cord being micro-USB is I’ve seen third party micro-USB cables available that measure as long as 15 feet. I do have one enormous complaint with this camera as an existing Eufy user. I do not like that it seemingly does not appear to be compatible with the Eufy home base that manages and stores recordings for my other Eufycams. This camera seems like a totally independent device that merely shares the Eufy app to an extent. It does not store to the home base like the other cameras and requires either a micro-SD card, a NAS, or a cloud storage subscription. It doesn’t even save events in the app’s event tab with the other cameras. I have to click on the camera in the device list and find the events there. Other than live streaming the only footage it archives without an SD card is the last taken snapshot. It doesn’t even save the most recent few snapshots beyond the last one. It feels disjointed and inefficient to have two Eufy cameras storing to the home base and one separate Eufy camera storing totally independent of the others on a locally inserted SD card. It’s especially frustrating that even the events are logged and accessed separately in the app. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this to owners of the home base system unless they need an AC powered or totally separate camera that merely utilizes the same app. I do feel this is a decent camera for those without a Eufy home base and would rate this a 4 star in that regard. My review and rating are from the perspective of a home base user. Both ratings took into account that like a Nest cam, this is essentially worthless without optional storage. However, unlike a Nest cam, this camera at least provides a free local storage option. Well, aside from the cost of a compatible SD card. A card whitelist is provided within the app for reference.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • It has Night Vision
    Reviewed by LuvsDaSun - October 13, 2021

    Just got this so not much time with it. -Night Vision: yes! Similar to other indoor cameras, you can toggle it off/on. Without night vision & my bedroom doors closed, it is pitch black. -Storage: local micro SD card on the camera. Does NOT connect to homemade. It's a stand alone camera, you do not need a Home Base for it to work. -Privacy Mode: you set the default point the camera sits at & a point you want it at when you toggle privacy mode. There's an Eye-shaped icon on the camera feed in the devices section you use to toggle it manually. Can also change settings in Home Mode. -Motion Tracking: yes! You can toggle this on to move the lens to track any motion it sees for as long as it detects it. In my small bedroom it worked great. Have not tested its range. -Sound, Noise: can turn on noise alerts, also do a 360° pan to check for movement. In a small bedroom with a hollow core door, it alerted to me knocking 3 times with just a knuckle. -Mounting: can put upright on a shelf or upside down on a ceiling. You can flip the video 180° if mounted on a ceiling. Recommends a separate *NOT included* ball joint mount (the ones used for outdoor cameras) to put camera sticking horizontal from a wall. -Continuous Recording: yes! But only in 1080p, similar to other cameras. See screenshot. Says it's to prolong micro SD card. 128GB card can last for 288 hours or 12 days & cards can usually be rewritten 500 times. -Includes camera, *micro USB charging cord, USB wall charging adapter, mounting sticker for screw holes, flat mounting bracket, screws, camera, & quick start guide. **Not much time with it. The guide says you need to rotate the camera to connect the mounting bracket but the one in the box is just 2 small posts that slide up/down which doesn't match the picture in the guide. They likely didn't correct the guide after a change. **don't like it's $60, feel like competition has better pricing

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • Simple to use and great indoor camera
    Reviewed by SimpleLiving - November 9, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have a good outdoor camera system around the perimeter of my house, but I needed a good quality indoor camera with a couple of valuable features. The Eufy indoorCam Mini comes is great to satisfy many needs of an indoor camera. The main features are noise and motion activation, clear night vision, and extremely fast notification. The pan of 160 degrees and the up/down tilt covers enough angle of view; it can cover a large area of a room if placed on the right location, center wall of a room. The home privacy function is great if you want to avoid recording when someone is home and when set, the camera will pan around to a set position, like facing a wall for privacy. The AI human detection and pet detection works as expected. Set up is straightforward; download the eufy security app, sign up, add the device to the app (indoor cam mini), and follow the illustrated instructions. Note, save yourself time by making sure the camera connects to the app before attaching it to a wall. Every time you open the app, you will view the most recent snapshots events and view the clip; click on the image to view the event details. You can do two-way talk during live view, and it works great for me when I want to listen and play with my pet pug. The daytime video quality is excellent for 2K, and the auto night vision, the camera has four infrared LED lights, does a decent job during dark recording. The motion alert notification speed is fast, and I get them within a few seconds. I like the most of this product because I have the option for subscription-free recording with a micro SD card (not included) and that it is compatible with Google Home devices, great to view the camera on my smart TV. If desired, there is availability for cloud storage subscriptions. Overall, I am satisfied with the product.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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Smart home products
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