Euro-Pro Sales 7057169 NV501 3-N-1 Professional Vacuum Pod & Canister


  • no good
    by ineztapia

    on 17 novembre 2019

    very good to clean carpets this is the second that I bought because the previous one was broken I bought another one and I had the same broken problem and it is almost new

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  • Doesn't work
    by Jane

    on 15 novembre 2019

    I've had my shark for 2 years and spent alot of money to purchase it. I didn't think I would have a problem turning it on. There is something in the switch. I'm not going to ever buy a shark again.

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  • was good up until hose releash latch broke
    by Joann

    on 14 novembre 2019

    Have owned this for several years and now the ELBOW RELEASE LATCH, that holds the hose, broke, Am I able to get this part, did not see it in your parts replacement, or do I just have to use tape until I buy a new vacuum

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  • It's a No for Me
    by Ginger

    on 11 novembre 2019

    Do not waste your time, energy, or money buying this vacuum. You will feel very cheated and furious when you think of the empty promises in the incessant infommercials. I purchased the Rotator Professional with the hardwood floor attachment for my 700 square feet apartment a little over a year ago. When I first purchased it, it was mediocre compared to other vacuums that I have owned in the past which managed to have for 18 years! The rotator was the replacement vacuum. Upon first impression, I was irritated that it did not work well from floor to carpet so I purchased the attachment. The dissatisfaction continues a year later when the SUCTION DOES NOT WORK and simply pushes dust around. I barely used this relatively new equipment. This is the biggest buyer beware gimmick. Do not spend one coin on this loud piece of junk and all of its junk attachments.

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  • Great vacuum
    by Courtnie

    on 10 novembre 2019

    Excellent product. Exactly what I was looking for.

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  • Blown Away!
    by Anna

    on 10 novembre 2019

    Excellent vacuum! So happy I researched and picked this vacuum. Very powerful and works great on my stairs. Has not disappointed!

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  • Great while it lasted
    by Kendra573

    on 9 novembre 2019

    This has been my all time fav vacuum. But the last couple months it seems like everything just falling apart. I've had this vacuum for 2 years and I have told so many people to buy it! Because it was so good. Then it started clogging every 10 minutes and I would have to constantly take the hoses apart to figure out where! And it was just basic (my hair, dog hair, dust...) Nothing that should be clogging it! Mind you I generally vacuum once a day so there wasn't much. Then my power button broke. I had to rig it to stay on and just turn on/off with plug. Last night it is officially done! The hose fell apart, won't suck up anything, plus my power button is taped down. I'm disabled and can't mess with it any longer. My mom's power button broke as well so it may be "a thing" about it. Wish it would have lasted longer.

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  • Best shark vacuum!
    by JamesD

    on 7 novembre 2019

    This vacuum is by far the best vacuum I have come across. After buying two of these vacuums for my cleaning business and seeing what a great job they did, ease of use, and how long they lasted without anything breaking on them. I decided to keep buying them for all my cleaning accounts.

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  • Good Vacuum for pets
    by PuckZ07

    on 27 octobre 2019

    Got this vacuum to clean up after my 2 cats. Works great. The tube to use the wand could be a bit longer, and it blows a lot of hot air. Other than that it's a great Vac.

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  • a great all around vac
    by pooh246

    on 26 octobre 2019

    This is my second vac of this model. Love it. The only thing i did not like, was that the caddy (and car kit) was not included like my first one, and the electrical cord was a lot shorter. Was going to order a caddy, but was a bit more expensive that i expected, so i will just make do with the one i have. But overall it is a great vac. I've had the first for approx. 10 yrs. and still using it. But wanted to get another in case it quit. I have cats, so i vac almost every day. I had the chance to use a dyson, would not change even if i was given one. The dyson was way more bulky and heavy, and just more trouble to use in my opinion.

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