Evenflo Symphony LX Convertible 3-in-1 Car Seat - Paramount - Only at Best Buy


  • Very comfortable, dislike head rest
    by Chaukae

    on December 31, 2019

    I love this car seat so much, we had to get one for our daughter after trying this out for our son. We got the black and red one with a different infant insert though. This one I feel has a poorly designed infant insert, (it is easily removable, which is what we did) it has a bottom piece and a head piece rather than being one long insert, so the middle part where their back goes has no extra padding like their butt and head do, making their head tilt forward too far no matter how far back you tilt the car seat. We actually turned the head rest upside down so that the longer ends are facing up, and we put it behind her back, evening out her posture as if she was using a normal insert that is one piece...other than that, it is very comfortable and very well padded, we love it and wouldn’t go with anything else.

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  • Love this seat

    from Winnipeg on December 19, 2019

    This is the second seat we bought. We had bought this for my older daughter last year and loved it so much we purchased for youngest when transitioning her out of a bucket. Would recommend and buy again.

  • Great buy

    from  on October 16, 2019

    This is my second Evenflo Convertible 3in1 car seat. First one I bought for my daughter and I liked it so much I bought another for my son. I like all reclining options and how it can be used as booster so I don’t have to buy so many seats as they grow. The only down fall is that they are a bulkier car seat so if you have a small car then this might not be the car seat for you,I drive a 2018 Tahoe and they both fit in the back seat great. I like how it has extended head rest coming out from the sides in case there where an accident I know they have great head protection. I give this 5!

  • Worth every penny
    by Grammyof2

    on October 5, 2019

    As a Grammy (and a very picky one) my grandchildren’s safety and comfort is my first priority. I was “that Mom” - my car never moved until my boys were buckled into their carseats. How I wish we’d had a carseat this easy to use and as comfortable for them! We’d have eliminated a lot of screaming battles! I purchased this seat for my granddaughter 2 years ago and for my grandson just this weekend. I love the ease of installation - it is truly the easiest on the market. I say that with confidence as I remember the struggle it was to install my boys’ carseats (30 yrs ago) and I was not looking forward to that angst again. My granddaughter never complains about being uncomfortable in this seat and it even has secure cup holders for her sippy cup and snacks which keeps my vehicle cleaner during our outings. Win-win! I highly recommend this carseat to my Grammy/Mimi/Gigi/Nana friends - it’s worth every penny.

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  • Great product!
    by MeghanK09

    on September 25, 2019

    We have been using this car seat for a couple of years now. We absolutely love it. I really like being able to take the buckles and put them in the little slots available so they do not get hot and my son will not get burned by them. It is comforting to know that this model has been side-impact tested and has the impact protection next to my son's head. It has an angle indicator feature on the side that tells you exactly how your car seat should be sitting in your vehicle depending on your child's height and weight. It's so nice to be able to have a carseat that can be both rear and forward facing. I have enjoyed using this carseat for my son and feel like it is definitely one of the best and safest carseats out there. My son has always seemed it's so comfortable while riding in it. He uses his cup holders often. It's nice to have holders that have a strap on the side for cups that are a little bit bigger so it can stretch for the perfect fit. This carseat has provided us with so much peace of mind. It has been a dream and we plan to continue to use it until our son outgrows it.

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  • Great Safety Seat!!
    by Chadwick

    on July 5, 2019

    Great car seat (once you get it to install). My wife purchased from a difference company and she keeps taking my vehicle because she prefers my elite car seat! What makes the difference is the hip belt tightens vs the chest straps! Installation was difficult because my vehicle does not have the quick connect brackets. Had to take it to a car seat installer. Couldn't be happier with it though!

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  • Purchased three of them!
    by Emzz

    on June 18, 2019

    I love this car seat so much I have purchased three of them and will soon be getting another. It’s beyond simple to use because of the infinity slide harness and it’s super easy to tighten and loosen! It’s also super padded and comfy for my kids.

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  • by jazz30a

    on May 23, 2019

    We had this make and model for our youngest and my husband got in an accident so we had to replace it. We got the same exact one, but while we waited for it to show up we bought a cheap one and my son would cry every time he seen the cheap one.When the new one showed up he was so happy no more tears, he loves how comfortable it is. His reacting showed me I made the RIGHT choice in a car seat. THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING CAR SEAT.

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  • Easy To Install
    by stinkerbelle592004

    on May 17, 2019

    When My Daughter Outgrew Her Last Car Seat I Purchased The Symphony Sport, And I'm Glad I Did. It fits Securely In My Car And Looks Comfortable. We Love It So Much. Thank You For A Excellent Product .

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  • Easy and secure install
    by Callmegranny

    on March 26, 2019

    After reading many reviews, we decided on the Symphony Elite. We needed a car seat for the times we pick up grandkids. I love that it adjusts easily to the different ages we have to accommodate. The install was easy and the seat is very secure. In fact, my daughter was impressed and is going to turn her car seat in for this model. Great job Evenflo.

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