EZVIZ C6CN Semi-Wireless Wi-Fi Indoor Pan/Tilt 1080p HD IP Camera - White/Black


  • great little camera

    from Regina Sk on February 16, 2020

    These cameras were simple to set up & offer an amazing quality for the price. Would highly recommend them!

  • Excellent product.
    by praveen

    on February 5, 2020

    I have been using ezviz camera since many years, recently bought a C6CN and have one question? I want to configure c6cn with static IP because it always change when router restart?

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  • Sound is not that clear

    from R2K3T2 on January 11, 2020

    The camera is great but the sound is not clear when you start talking

  • Great 1080p security camera black version
    by Steve D

    on January 10, 2020

    I brought this 1080p camera with a 256 gig memory card. Easy to setup. Great app and more than one person can log into the app using your mobile. Even works on a Amazon Firestick so you can see what your camera is seeing on your tv. Great picture and you can take screenshots and of course record as well. It gives us peace of mind. You can see a very clear picture even in the dark which is awesome. Has all the features you need and then some. Great price as well. I'm going to get a couple more of these as you can have as many as you want. On the mobile app it shows you all your cameras then just click on the one you want too see for a full screen view. They also work with Amazon spot and the Show range which is a better size to watch your camera(s) on. You can name each camera with their own name like Living Room, Kitchen etc.

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  • Good wifi camerat

    from Barrie, ON on January 7, 2020

    It’s a good wifi camera and also good price too. I am writing this after using it For few weeks, pic quality is v clear. Two things which I noticed is pic does take little while to update ( only few seconds delay yet) and 2nd when its one way audio means only listening than volume is hardly hearable .

  • Great camera for the price, works welll.
    by John511

    on January 4, 2020

    Great camera for the money, works well, easy to set up.

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  • Easy to use
    by Techer

    on December 28, 2019

    Not a professional camera, but works quite well. You need play with it a little bit to get the hang out it. Hint, Put in privacy mode to find memory card slot.

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  • Great camera terrible app/service
    by HappyKamper

    on December 27, 2019

    Worked great as my critter cam for night time however app only allows cloud storage at a monthly charge after initial 30 days and the charge is per camera you can place an SD card in the camera but unless you change it daily you will get zero footage. Not worth the prices and not worth the monthly charge per camera for cloud storage.

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  • I liked it so much
    by salam100100

    on December 12, 2019

    Great camera- full of features. I love it. What is good about the camera: PTZ- mic- speakers- wifi connectivity- alarm notification- internal memory and could be connected to NVR- tacking option- recording upon motion or full day long recording- sharing and giving different permissions- play back using the application- live streaming- night vision is very good. Let talk about thing that I wish to have in it: 1. Need to know how much space left in the memory card 2. Tracking does not cover tilting, it coves panning only (L &R) 3. Fast forward in play back mode (2x to 16 x speed) 4. Storing for example 3 locations instead of using the joy stick every time to set it back to the desired location 5. When installing the memory card, the tilting comes out of calibration. I had to do it manually 6. Adding option to delete videos recorded / days 7. Wish to add the flash light to it and could be used as alarm or use it as light Any ways I liked it so much and above recommendations does not affect my opinion, it is one of the best cameras in market

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  • Problems with camera
    by johnwilk

    on October 9, 2019

    When trying to connect to camera keep getting connection error codes and one error code that said something about reaching my maximum connections. Power cycle and it works one time then goes back down. I have had this camera for just a few weeks and already having problems.

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