Fender Acoustasonic 15W Guitar Combo Amp


  • Mic input

    from Brampton on 2 avril 2019

    Somehow my Mic needs an XLR Adapter to work? Do others have this problem?

  • Issue with B-Band T35 pickups

    from Ottawa, ON on 4 janvier 2017

    Be careful if you own a guitar that has a B-Band T35 pickup. It hisses with this amp once the volume control is turned past the mid point on the amp. We tested other guitars with different pickups and those were fine so it looks like it is an issue specific to the B-Band T35 pickups only.

  • Fender Acoustasonic Combo Guitar Amp

    from Kapuskasing, Ont. on 22 mars 2016

    We have a little group that meets every Wednesday evening to jam. This little amp gets lots of use both for an acoustic/electric guitar & my microphone. Very pleased with it. Good quality for the price.

  • Fender acoustasonic 15 guitar combo amp

    from St. John's, NL on 2 janvier 2014

    Great sound, easy to use, portable, everything I expected