Fido Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB - Prism White - Select 2 Year Agreement


  • Great phone.
    by Blacksmith

    on February 3, 2020

    In regards to the blinking light above the percent sign, everywhere i read it says it's only there when you make or receive a call. All my apps are shut down, i am not placing or receiving any calls and the light is still blinking when my screen is on. So why is it constantly blinking? Thats my question.

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  • Disapointing really
    by BruceHa

    on January 28, 2020

    So I used this phone for the past 6 months and it shuts down randomly for no reason and samsung won't do anything about it so far it happened over 10 times . I performed many resets and even a factory reset which I lost all my photos , for some reason I couldn't download them back from my cloud therefore I lost some 1000 of photo . It's really annoying . Phone battery is strong but I really wish it had 25watts superfast charging just like my a70. As a diehard fan of samsung I wouldn't recommend this phone as much as I loved the phone when they announced it. At the end it was a pretty bad experience and their support let me down baddly .

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  • Very disappointed
    by Addy

    on January 25, 2020

    I've been with Samsung for 10 years. I'm very disappointed with the Galaxy s10+.

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  • Missing features on Canadian models
    by yaysi

    on January 17, 2020

    Phone is great but its sad to see so many features missing on Canadian models compared to american especially when we have the same hardware. for example in samsung health, we are missing the stress cards and other. Phone is still great but with this price, i was expecting the full deal.

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  • Takes awesome pictures!
    by JoJo11

    on January 12, 2020

    I bought this phone in October 2019, and I'm loving it! I highly recommend it to everyone! Message to other mobile users, that use other competitors phones.....come over to this side of greatness!

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  • Good Choice
    by Kim's phone

    on January 8, 2020

    I like the phone overall, but while texting, it often jumps to the start of the message and continues to type there. I have tried stopping mid sentence and waiting, typing nothing, and it jumps all on it's own. Seems to be the length of time the conversation box is active. Quite often, the message won't send and will have to be copy/pasted into a new message to send it successfully. Not sure what the problem is - my S7 had no issues with texting.

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  • Screen broken
    by Brokensamsung

    on January 1, 2020

    First phone I have ever broken the screen on and it was from pocket height with a case on.

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  • Great phone
    by Turbodogbob

    on January 1, 2020

    I bought this phone a month ago. It’s a huge improvement over my Pixel 2. Pros: So much extra (128 GB) memory – no more “memory full” issues. Wicked camera – instantly scans barcodes in any light. Great battery life with several power modes (“optimized” works great) Easily hooks up to Bluetooth devices (compared to a Pixel 2). Impressively loud speaker Other handy features: - Facial recognition - “Do not disturb” schedule - Wireless charging - “Device Care” feature is very handy Cons: The ‘edge’ feature requires protective cases to only protrude past the screen at the ends of the phone, exposing most of the glass. I don’t feel the ‘edge’ feature is worth the added vulnerability and bought extra insurance for the first time. The phones keep getting bigger, it’s almost as big as my wife’s Pixel XL The fingerprint scanner barely works compared to my Pixel. The default expects you to send texts to multiple people, so you have the extra step of selecting “done” every time you text somebody. Websites only have the option of ‘opening with Samsung Internet’, not Chrome.

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  • Worth the money
    by Aali_

    on December 22, 2019

    Had this phone for 6 months, out of box. Has the essential of a phone without the extra commitments. 9/10 would buy again. PS. runs hot after heavy gaming but that just shows I need a break in between.

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  • Great overall phone
    by Khan

    on December 19, 2019

    I bought this 6 months ago, I have over 400 apps and still it hardly lags. I hope Snapdragon 865 can completely fix the lagging and eventually be tied or higher than Apple chips. (A12 and A13)

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