Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor - Small - Black


  • Programmed obsolescence

    from Montréal on April 27, 2019

    My device suddenly stopped working after only 1 year and 4 Months. Fitbit will not replace it, because it is over the one year warranty, though a device like this should function for long over a year. Likely do to programmed obsolescence, as apparently many other people have been experiencing the same issues.

  • Room for improvement.

    from Ottawa on April 16, 2019

    Holds a charge for over 5 day, also continues to count steps if it the battery does die. I like the fact that it has a silent alarm, however without an actual button to turn it off, I am rapidly trying to tap the touch screen to try & turn off the alarm. It doesn’t count stairs. I also wish it was swim proof & had swim tracking. Overall, I am pleased with this watch.

  • PSA: Does not count "stairs climbed" like product description claims

    from Toronto, ON on April 1, 2019

    Product does NOT contain an altimeter and cannot track stairs climbed. The description is simply wrong.

  • Don't buy

    from Toronto, ON on April 19, 2018

    Does not turn on display when it's supposed to. Does not charge properly if at all. Returned it and bought a Charge 2 and am now very happy.

  • Great Quality

    from Utterson, ON on February 21, 2018

    My favourite Fitbit so far. Good features and quality, holds a charge for a long time, and the bands are easily interchangeable.

  • Wildly Inaccurate

    from Vancouver, BC on June 18, 2017

    The heart rate monitor does not sync with other tracking apps like Strava or Endomondo, so you can't actually add your heart rate to your activities... Even though it says it syncs with those apps... What it means is that it pulls data FROM those apps, but it will not share TO those apps. And the actually FitBit app itself offers very little interesting information about activities. No map overviews. No matching with trails, etc. It generally says my resting heart rate is around 53 bpm, which is Olympic athlete level. I am not an Olympic athlete. When I am completely red lined doing an activity it generally says I am dead (no heart rate available)... This is of course the time when I would like to have it the most. When I have completed a full 5 hour high demand activity, it generally says I never even touched my "peak" heart rate zone once, which is impossible... In a mountain bike race, I'm sure I'm hitting peak heart rate a few times. So if you think you are buying a useful heart rate monitor, think again. The step counter regularly congratulates me on reaching my goal of 8000 steps per day... while I'm riding my bike, and all I did was probably 100 steps walking to the car before the bike ride. It only syncs with 1 messaging app. So if you have friends that use different messaging programs like: SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, SnapChat... Well you only get to pick ONE. Email notifications don't seem to work at all. The sleep monitor feature seems to be fairly accurate at measuring when you actually fall asleep & when you actually wake up. So it is nice to have a machine telling you that you didn't get enough sleep... But you probably already knew that information anyway. 100% Gimmick. Do. Not. Buy.

  • Good product

    from Oshawa, ON on June 10, 2017

    I really like this heart rate monitor and exercise tracker. It works really well in tracking your foot steps. After my workout I can check the exercise levels that I achieved and my heart rate, which is important to me. I can Keep track of my water intake, weight, resting heart rate, etc. It's a great tool to have to keep you on the right track to fitness. Overall rating is a 5.