Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor - Black/Graphite


  • Not what I thought it would be

    from Windsor,ON on November 21, 2019

    It was difficult to set up and the charger is not easy to attach. The readout for my daily steps on my Charge 3 does not correspond with the daily info on my app. I had a Garmin previously and it was easy to read where the print on the Fitbit is more difficult to see without glasses! I’m getting used to it but must say I prefer my old Garmin.

  • FitBit not Suitable to my wrist or iPad or iPhone

    from Caledon on November 18, 2019

    FitBit did not convey all it’s info to app on iPad. Had an old phone so OS not able to talk with FitBit. Watch gave unpleasant sensation on top of the wrist, unable to wear for any period of time.

  • Don't buy it. Did not last more than a year.

    from Whitby on November 14, 2019

    I bought two watches, and both of them failed after a while, one was replaced by Fitbit and the other one Fitbit offers me a 25% discount for the same product, I can't buy a product which in my experience fails a 100% of the time.

  • So far so good.

    from Lloydminster AB on November 11, 2019

    Really like it so far. Holds a charge very good, been wearing it for 7days and still at 45%. Just learning all the features.. Good buy

  • The band material is cheap!

    from Milton , Ontario on November 10, 2019

    My sister and I purchased this fitbit charge 3 for our father last Christmas. It’s almost been over a year and the wrist band for the Fitbit has snapped twice! My dad doesn’t wear it while sleeping or even do heavy lifting and we don’t understand why it keeps snapping! But besides that it was overall a good product, I’ve seen better ones on amazon for cheaper, but, if you do plan on purchasing this product go check out other ones!

  • Very satisfied

    from Edmonton on November 10, 2019

    Comfortable fit and holds a charge for a long time, also charges really quickly. I did have to learn that the circle fills as I get closer to my step goal, at first I thought the digital display was cutting out! Happy with this Fitbit and highly recommend, used it out of the country and syncing worked great.

  • second replacement

    from Edmonton on October 30, 2019

    Bought Geek Squad warranty , first Fitbit ,strap broke , replaced by Geek warranty , second Fitbit went black no display , Geek warranty expired with first replacement , Best Buy replaced it again , mainly because my written warranty did nor specify only one replacement . Fitbit acknowledged this is a known issue , If this one fails I will not purchase another.

  • Garbage

    from ON on October 24, 2019

    January 22, 2019 Hi Benedick, Thanks for your reply. I was looking after reinstalling my husband's Fitbit Charge 3 this week. Even though it may have appeared on your end that it was only unpaired on Jan 20, the last time it had synced was December 30. It would not sync manually, so I proceeded to follow instructions on the Fitbit app and the Fitbit website. I did all those things you suggest MANY TIMES AND MORE including: - restarting the Charge 3 - uninstalling the Fitbit app - reinstalling the Fitbit app - making sure All-Day Sync was selected in the app - restarting the smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 - which worked perfectly with his previous Charge HR) - turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on after 10 seconds - turning off Bluetooth, restarting the phone, then turning Bluetooth back on - checking the version of the Smartphone - checking for uninstalled updates on both Windows 10 computers where I also tried installed the Charge 3 - checking the version of the Fitbit app - testing the Smartphone's Bluetooth to make sure it worked with something else I tried connecting the Charge 3 using a smartphone and two computers (Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, an ACER laptop and an HP workstation both Windows 10). The Fitbit app would not finish pairing with the Charge 3 on any platform after I tried multiple times and even left it running overnight. These steps literally took me hours and then when I called Fitbit Support yesterday, I had to go through it all again. This has been a totally frustrating major inconvenience. I have a Fitbit VERSA and had no problems setting it up with both my computer and my smartphone. Your reply with such basic connection instructions leads me to believe that you did not even get a record of yesterday's call, where I was on the phone with Fitbit Support for 45 minutes. I ended up returning the Charge 3 to BestBuy yesterday because it was obviously faulty. The new one is now paired with the Smartphone. I have purchased a three-year extended warranty for this piece of junk. You may close the support ticket. October 24, 2019 Received "gift card" from Geek Squad for defective Fitbit Charge HR as the screen has now, after only 9 months, gone completely black. The refund covers the cost of the original Fitbit (which was on sale) plus sales tax. I'm still out the Geek Squad 3-year warranty which cost $50.

  • Good product

    from  on October 1, 2019

    bad customer service,Upon arrival to the store,there was no staff to be found in the electronic area where these watches are kept. I knew what I waa looking for but they didn't have it on the shelf. I walked around the store and finally found a group of staff gentlemen who were standing there talking not paying any attention to what was going on in the store. I approached them and asked them if they can look in the back to see if this was stored there as there wasn't any on the shelf. After he grabbed it from the back I was disappointed and already looked at accessories of things I could purchase with the fitbit ( there was a very skeletal like stock available). He didn't even try to upsell this opportunity just escorted me to the cash register. He was then rude and walked away without saying a word,after giving the cashier the watch. I don't have his name but as you can see the date and time of purchase and cross reference with the security footage - all I recall is he had blonde hair that was longer on one side,short on the other. Overall I love this product. I've never had any issues of allergic reactions to rubber of any sort but I am noticing some hives on my wrist with using the original band. However I know I can switch it out which I plan on purchasing through Amazon.

  • Charge 3

    from Kamloops, BC on August 31, 2019

    Used the fitbit charge 3 for 9 months -very satisfied with the performance until recently when the face went blank but results were still displayed on my PC. Received a quick response from customer service but device refused to display. Was offered a new fitbit charge 3 or 50% off any other fitbit product. Decided to stay with the same device. Thank you Fitbit - excellent service. George