Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker - Sangria


  • Love it

    from  on October 21, 2019

    Helping me increase my activity levels. Just wish I could add the glass of water on the wrist piece.

  • love my fitbit

    from Guelph, Ontario on September 3, 2019

    I wish I bought the one that records your heart rate

  • Inspire - Sangria

    from Chatham on August 26, 2019

    So far I really enjoy my inspire tracker. The app and tracker itself work great with my phone and connect fairly well. The only thing I did notice is that there is a short limit (distance wise) as to how far they'll connect, in order to receive message alerts; however, this can easily be explained as wall barriers (working inside a school-like setting) preventing the connection to be as strong. Ie. if I'm just outside the building and my phone is in a room nearest to that side of the building, it won't connect due to the outside wall I believe. My only other complaint, which isn't so much a complaint but something I didn't thoroughly think about when purchasing, was the colour of the tracker piece itself. The bands are changeable; however, that being said.. most bands look better (fashion wise) with the black or white tracker part vs. the sangria colour. There are still some bands that might look alright with it.. I haven't purchased any as of yet though to know for sure. This is just something I wish the staff at the store would've been a little more helpful with.. along with explaining more about how the app connection works from phone to watch. Overall, the watch appears to be good quality.

  • Love it!

    from Burns Lake on July 10, 2019

    I absolutely love this watch! The only thing i wish it had was the heart rate i ordered the wrong one. Woops! My fault! But i love it!

  • I am loving my inspire Fitbit.

    from Hamilton Ontario Canada on June 26, 2019

    I have a goal ever day to try to make.

  • Love it!

    from Toronto, ON on April 14, 2019

    Easy to use and great at tracking steps. I love the reminders to keep moving so you reach your goal!

  • It’s awesome I love it!!!!!

    from Best Buy on April 11, 2019

    It’s awsome I love it!!!!