Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor - Lilac


  • i love it

    from Cambridge, ON on May 11, 2019

    I'm still getting used to all the things it can do. and investigating how it all works but its fascinating and I love that it shows both active and resting heart rates, I like that it prompts me to do things and I like the sleep function

  • Wildly innacurate

    from Edmonton on May 9, 2019

    I was very excited to try the new Inspire HR Fitbit when it came out last month. I had hoped these new units would be an improvement upon the terrible experience I had last summer with a Flex 2. Unfortunately for me, the Inspire HR was no better. If anything, it's been worse. Day 1 was a total disaster. It was so inaccurate, recording hundreds of steps while I was slowly driving on a smoothly paved road. The "exercise shortcuts" feature on the app kept changing my preferences after I saved them. I had set times and reps for "Interval Workout", the app would change the times randomly 1 minute after saving. Then, mysteriously, the "Interval Workout" option deleted itself and was nowhere to be found. Later on, the unit recorded me as sleeping when I was wide awake. And after just 1 week into owning it, my Fitbit stopped syncing to my iPhone 8. I restarted it, cleared the data, turned my phone's Bluetooth on/off, uninstalled and reinstalled the app... nothing has worked. At least when I had a Flex 2, there was the option to reach out to customer support to report inaccurate data. On the new app, it's nowhere to be found. You're on your own. The new app interface that popped up midway through April is also not aesthetically pleasing or user friendly. It looks outdated and is a huge downgrade from the previous version where all of your data and preferences and progress was neatly displayed. Now you have to scroll down a page and go into each individual icon to see your data. Whereas before, you could get a snapshot of your progress as a whole in one glimpse. Very, very disappointed with this product and with the new app. I've been through 3 different kinds of Fitbit and none of them were worth the trouble they caused me. I'm ditching this and getting a Polar again.

  • Worth Every Penny!

    from Ontario on April 14, 2019

    Battery life lasts roughly 3-4 days. Haven't had any issues with the product and syncing to smart phone is very convenient. Recommended it to any friends trying to find a slim, sleek fitness tracker.

  • Not Impressed

    from Kingston, ON on April 8, 2019

    It may just be the lemon in the bunch, but my wife has had no luck with her inspire HR. From the day I purchased and gave it to her, it hasn’t held a charge longer than 18 hours, the screen continually jumps, and it switches from one mode to another. She could be driving to work and it would start a workout or take her into a breathing exercise without any prompting. Again, I only speak to her experience, and maybe this is a fantastic Fitbit model for everyone else. We will be returning hers to see if another Inspire HR acts the same as this one has.

  • Overall good battery sucks

    from Calgary on April 8, 2019

    This Fitbit does everything it says it does well, It’s accurate with steps, heart rate, and keeps me on track with my food intake. I’m not very happy with the battery life though, it lasts less then a day before I need to charge it. Not 5 which I was expecting.

  • Fitbit Inspire HR

    from Calgary on March 29, 2019

    Very disappointing buy. The Fitbit it’s self is petite in style easing to use great features The battery life is terrible only last a day / day and a half then recharge and says last up to five days. I had the older style and it had a great battery life. Don’t recommend this to anyone. Have returned one already got replacement it preformed the same way will be returning this one and going for different model