Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Tracking - Black


  • Excellent choice

    from London on 30 novembre 2019

    I have not had time to figure out everything, but, with quick show on screen, it is awesome to see everything, at a quick touch.

  • Good for the money

    from Brazil on 12 novembre 2019

    For the price you are paying, i think its ok. Not the top of the line, but i think its usable for just to track your exercises and sleep. My only complaint is that when you put it in exercise mode to track your calories and heartbeat, sometimes i forget to finish, which i think the app should be smarter and warn (vibrate) when they see you are not maintaining the same pace, or quit running. The bracelet acts like if you are still running.

  • Barely ever syncs to phone

    from Canada on 29 octobre 2019

    Fit bit is overall not a bad product, it shows good stats about your heart rate, steps walked, time slept, active minutes, etc. But one thing about my Fitbit is it will never sync to my phone or it says "device not found" on my Fitbit app. If Fitbit could fix this issue it would be a 5/5.

  • Fitbit Inspire

    from Ontario on 25 octobre 2019

    This one is much sleeker than my last one, which I really like. I love how it gives you a little nudge at 10 minutes to the hour if you haven't moved in a while, and it tells you how many more steps to "win the hour". And when you win the hour, it gives you different inspirational messages. The only thing that's a bit tough for me sometimes is the font. It's a bit small, but I'm 57 now so I do have a magnifying glass when need be.

  • Cheap Product

    from  on 26 septembre 2019

    Inaccurate heart rate monitoring. Measurement go out of wack every once in a while. If you want to buy it and leave it in a box that's fine,don't wear it or the cheap glass will get scratched.

  • Totally satisfied

    from Windsor on 28 juillet 2019

    Works perfectly and fits very well. I don’t like wearing a watch but the Fitbit is very comfortable. Price point is good in my opinion. I would recommend this product.

  • Inspire HR

    from Markham on 3 juillet 2019

    Had it for about 1 week. It keeps me motivated, vibrates when I have been sitting for too long. Keeps track of everything I need to shed this last 10 pounds

  • Fitbit Altra vs Inspire HR

    from ON on 2 juillet 2019

    Myself I use the sleep portion alot to keep an eye on my patterns. I sleep with a bi pap machine so it is important to me. Saying that I found the Altra watch tracked my sleep so much better and alot more accurately. If this could be improved I would recommend it to other ppl.

  • Completely inaccurate.

    from Winnipeg on 23 juin 2019

    The good: app is great. Very well laid out and gives you tons of details. The bad: the unit was totally inaccurate. I drive a semi for a living, and in the span of four hours of driving, I somehow did over 26,000 steps? My resting heart rate was over 200 beats a minute. Save your money. Bought a 40.00 one from amazon, has been great. No issues.

  • Hard to see

    from Ontario on 16 juin 2019

    I had an Fitbit charge before and this is much thinner and not as bulky. It is VERY difficult to read your steps though. It has worked well for me so far but I do find that the notifications are very faint and not as needed to cable as they were on the charge. The reminder to move at ten to the hour is barely noticeable on my wrist so not sure what happened there?