Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Tracking - Lilac


  • Great Thus Far

    from Ontario on 11 août 2019

    I started out with the Fitbit charge 2. Had it nearly two years, then the screen literally broke off which is apparently not very common. I had a warranty for it, and used it to get the charge 3- which is extremely buggy. I went through 2 of these in a few months and finally replaced it via warranty with the Inspire Hr. I will make relevant comparisons to the other models. Pros- -lightweight, sleek design. Much less bulky than charge 3 and a lot more comfortable to wear. - lilac colour is extremely beautiful. Even the screen, plastic underside and clasp has a purple tinge to it. - charge for me is holding 5 days or so. I don't have text or any phone notifications set up- which would deplete battery a lot faster. - tracks all the essentials for a cheaper price than charge 2/3- steps, heart rate, sleep, exercise etc. - nice options to customize the screen display in the app. Cons- - charging cable is ridiculously short- shorter than charge 3. It also has no clasp-its magnetic. I haven't had any issues with that though. - in direct sunlight, it may be hard for some people to read the screen. I still could, but especially if you use one of the screen settings with smaller font... Could be difficult for some. Easy to read out of direct sunlight. - purple tinge to screen may not look nice if you choose to switch out the wrist straps (depending on the colour). So far no issues with charging, syncing, battery depletion or anything. A lot more comfortable than the charge 3 and I think the design is much more attractive.

  • Good buy

    from Toronto on 10 août 2019

    Does what was advertised. No issues and happy with the product.

  • My Fitbit

    from Melfort on 9 août 2019

    I love my Fitbit

  • Fitbit

    from Edmonton on 15 juillet 2019

    Very happy with the Fitbit Inspire HR , had a little trouble at first setting it up , but otherwise very happy 😁

  • Step tracker

    from Vaughan on 14 juillet 2019

    Like it, but I think the step tracker, which I am wearing on my left wrist is tracking way more steps then I actually did.

  • Thought I would try something bew

    from Mississauga on 23 juin 2019

    I bought this and have been wearing it for 5 days. It has a modern look to it. I love it!! Wear it like a watch The step count and calories shows up every moment encouraging you. It buzzes when you receive a call and and text messages. I am not used to wearing a watch to bed so loosened the strap . It was still able to track my sleep cycle... very interesting! The charging cord is so short not sure why it was made that way. Other than that it's perfect!

  • Charger is terrible.

    from Calgary on 23 mai 2019

    I love Fitbit! This inspire is no different. The charger however is awful! The magnet is not strong enough and the bit falls off it even when it’s propped up!

  • Not overly impressed

    from Surrey, BC on 22 mai 2019

    I had the fitbit alta hr but after a year started having issues, so after a lengthy ordeal with warranty I was able get a new Fitbit and decided to go with the fitbit inspire hr. A few things I don't like are one the charge. I have had thus now for a couple of and have had to charge it 4 times already and the charging cord is too short. I do like how it shows calls and text messages. Haven't accessed the other features yet but believe it to inaccurate for my steps as it will congratulate me at meeting my daily goal when I am driving. I feel it us too sensitive. I kinda wish I had just went with the alta hr again it had better battery life. This one has some nice features but really needs improvements no wonder it was cheaper then the alta hr.

  • i love it

    from Cambridge, ON on 11 mai 2019

    I'm still getting used to all the things it can do. and investigating how it all works but its fascinating and I love that it shows both active and resting heart rates, I like that it prompts me to do things and I like the sleep function

  • Wildly innacurate

    from Edmonton on 9 mai 2019

    I was very excited to try the new Inspire HR Fitbit when it came out last month. I had hoped these new units would be an improvement upon the terrible experience I had last summer with a Flex 2. Unfortunately for me, the Inspire HR was no better. If anything, it's been worse. Day 1 was a total disaster. It was so inaccurate, recording hundreds of steps while I was slowly driving on a smoothly paved road. The "exercise shortcuts" feature on the app kept changing my preferences after I saved them. I had set times and reps for "Interval Workout", the app would change the times randomly 1 minute after saving. Then, mysteriously, the "Interval Workout" option deleted itself and was nowhere to be found. Later on, the unit recorded me as sleeping when I was wide awake. And after just 1 week into owning it, my Fitbit stopped syncing to my iPhone 8. I restarted it, cleared the data, turned my phone's Bluetooth on/off, uninstalled and reinstalled the app... nothing has worked. At least when I had a Flex 2, there was the option to reach out to customer support to report inaccurate data. On the new app, it's nowhere to be found. You're on your own. The new app interface that popped up midway through April is also not aesthetically pleasing or user friendly. It looks outdated and is a huge downgrade from the previous version where all of your data and preferences and progress was neatly displayed. Now you have to scroll down a page and go into each individual icon to see your data. Whereas before, you could get a snapshot of your progress as a whole in one glimpse. Very, very disappointed with this product and with the new app. I've been through 3 different kinds of Fitbit and none of them were worth the trouble they caused me. I'm ditching this and getting a Polar again.