Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey


  • Was good while it lasted.

    from El Paso, TX on 3 septembre 2019

    Extremely disappointed with fitbit!! I've been a loyal customer for many years and their items quality are worse now than ever. My Ionic just died on me one day, got a replacement and the replacement is so glitchy! It won't always sync and the buttons and screen freeze. But because it's not a constant issue, it's considered "working". So much money for junk. I love the battery life but I am switching over to a different brand because it's not worth the hassle.

  • Do not buy this watch

    from Alberta on 25 août 2019

    2 Ionics have died on me since Jan 2018. Since the 2nd one has no warrenty Fitbit offered me 25% off. Are you kidding me. Why would I buy a 3rd one??? The watch does have some neat features when it works but I always had sync issues since day 1. Some days I would get notifications others not. All in all the build quality is not there. I will look at a different brand.

  • Dont waste your money on any fitbit products

    from St. Catharines on 1 août 2019

    Had my Ionic for less than two years and it just died Had the same problem with my previous 2 Fitbit products Guess I'm a slow learner

  • Fitbit Ionic

    from Edmonton, Canada on 31 juillet 2019

    Waste of Money.... Very Very Poor Quality......don't become fooled by brand name. Dead after little bit more then a year of usage. Very expensive garbage.

  • Waste of Money.... Very Very Poor Quality......don't become fool by brand name

    from Montreal on 18 juillet 2019

    Normally I don't write review, just wanted to write this review to beware others. I bought this watch in January 2019 and it stopped working in June 2019. I have same problem with Fitbit Charge 3 which I bought for my spouse. Quality of Fitbit is worst and its really not worth spending more than 250 CAD for such a cheap quality. Fitbit is just spending money in marketing rather than improving quality of product. After spending 250 CAD anyone expect tracker will last at least 2 to 3 years without any issue but it completely stopped in less than 6 month. I do not see any display. Another important thing is result, result of fitbit tracker is not very accurate if comparing Google Fit in your mobile. I would suggest to rather than buying such a costly tracker and regretting, buy any good cheap tracker and use it. If you are not fancy and just want to track your steps, running activity than Google Fit in your mobile is 1000 times better and accurate than this ugly piece. You may try MI band which has heart rate tracker and cost is very less. It gives same results like fitbit. Anyway if you are super rich than you may buy Fitbit.......

  • Purchased new and lasted 3 months

    from Mission on 3 juillet 2019

    Be warned quality control is a problem with these watches... mine failed after 3 months under normal conditions, i was sent a replacement. The replacement lasted nearly 5 months, i was again sent a replacement. I ended up selling it straightaway. That's 2 watches in less than 9 months under normal use....i do not recommend this.

  • Had 3 Replacement in 1 year

    from TORONTO on 27 juin 2019

    Had 3 Replacement in 1 year, All eventually shutdown. An no repair service, you will be forced to buy another one if you did not purchase the extended warranty

  • Fitbits are decent but plan to buy one every year

    from Oshawa, on on 27 juin 2019

    Fitbits work. Are they apple watches? Not even close, but they do fitness well. So if you exercise, and want to buy a Fitbit, you will enjoy it....... For 13 months. I have owned a few of them. Typically one a year and I am very careful to look after my electronic devices. They simply are not built to last. So if you want a fitness wearable, fitbits are okay, but they are pricier than brands that will have similar apps for half the price and they are all basically throw aways. Buy an Apple watch or a wear os device. Avoid Fitbit unless you are okay with annual purchases.

  • Fantastic!

    from Montréal on 24 juin 2019

    Ignore all the bad reviews. Amazing product.

  • Better than Charge 2

    from Vancouver on 23 juin 2019

    Fits nicely Can barely tell it’s there. Fits better than the charge 2. Extra safety latch which is good. Lots of options. Built-in GPS works well. Fitbit pay doesn’t work with my bank. In fact only three banks in Canada currently work with Fitbit pay so I’m a little disappointed about that