Fitbit Versa Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor - Black


  • Love it!!

    from Winnipeg, MB on October 10, 2019

    I had a Fitbit Blaze before this Versa. The Versa is much better. Love it!

  • Unusable after 2 months

    from Montreal on September 24, 2019

    Not worth the money. I bought Fitbit thinking it would outlast cheaper alternatives, but the screen went completely black after a couple of months (of normal use, basically just walking around) and doesn't react to restarting, rebooting or anything else. Really disappointing.

  • Not worth money

    from Guelph on September 9, 2019

    I owned this product for 15 months. I loved the features and such. Then while swimming in the pool last week it completely fell apart. The screen dislodged from the watch and fell to the bottom. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it before that and clearly was a defect issue. A watch of this cost should last longer than just over a year. Fitbit is unwilling to do anything beyond offer a 25% discount. Why would I pay that much again for something that barely lasts over a year? I will spend my money on a different brand.

  • Mediocre Product, Atrocious Customer Service

    from Hamilton, ON on September 6, 2019

    My Fitbit is not receiving notifications as it should. It is still covered under warranty. I have done all the troubleshooting with the live support chat twice, with no resolution. They are refusing to honour my warranty and are not giving me a replacement. So they don't honour their warrants or stand behind their products.

  • Faulty

    from Alberta on August 28, 2019

    Picked one of these up yesterday. It wouldn't pair with my earbuds in the gym that afternoon. Crapped out at 1.02 km on my walk that evening. Put on 700 steps standing in front of the mirror this morning getting ready for work. Need I say it's going back to the store today :(

  • Faulty Device

    from Ontario on August 20, 2019

    GARBAGE Got the versa last may, last few months it has been not syncing to my phone. had to reset the device, and can no longer set up my fitbit, it will not connect to Bluetooth on any phone and connect through wifi, the connection component of the device is clearly broken, and just after the warranty was up. They have poor customer service when trying to deal with them, They have troubleshooting instructions to help you on their website, and if it doesn't work it says to call so they can further investigate. There was no investigation only taking me through the same non working steps over and over again and then to tell me i need to purchase a new one, with a poor discount they offered. They steal your data, con you out of money, all for a CRAPPY product. This seems to be a world wide issue with everyones fitbit, And they are not coming up with a solution.. just hey "your gonna have to buy a new one" ... Will not be purchasing any more of their products. (no one should)


    from Kanata, Ontario on August 1, 2019

    FITBIT IS A SCAM. DO NOT BUY. \ I bought a Fitbit versa through best buy (Kanata, Ontario) which turned out to be faulty. I spoke to Fitbit Customer service and they agreed to send me a replacement as the watch was still under warranty. I received the replacement in 2 days but I was *SHOCKED* to see what I received: 1. They send me a REFURBISHED item as replacement when I bought a brand new one in first place 2. The refurbished watch still had data from the old user. It was not totally erased. I called the customer service about the new issue and they said as per our returns policy, we send out refurbished items as replacements. Wow. So I bought a brand new watch which turned out to be faulty and you replace it with a refurbished one? That too with previous owners data on it? I am taking this case to court. They are playing with our money and they are stealing our data. They are in violation of privacy for millions of users.

  • Battery will last 13 months and then die

    from Canada on July 4, 2019

    LOVED my versa while it lasted. At exactly 12.75 months, once the warranty had run out, the battery died. Fitbit says that they are 'working to fix a battery issue that is affecting some devices' but won't offer me anything other than a meager coupon for a new versa. Um ya. No thanks.

  • Boy

    from Fycyc on June 22, 2019


  • Loved the idea of it

    from Ottawa on June 17, 2019

    14 months and it's broken, 2 months out of warranty. It's a known versa issue (pixelated screen). Not to mention the sync issues it has with any newer android phone. I had to run an older app version for it to sync. No help from fitbit. This is my 6th fitbit in 8 years, and my last :(