Fitbit Versa Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor - Charcoal Woven


  • Not waterproof

    from Victoria, BC on November 1, 2019

    I had my Versa for just over one year, went swimming with it in a pool and the Versa stopped working. Since the Versa specifically has lap tracking and is water resistant up for 50 m I figured I could swim in a pool and do some laps no problem, wrong. When I called customer service they told me that since my Versa is no longer under warranty there is nothing they can do, but they assured me that the Versas have gotten “much better”. I would never recommend buying a Fitbit product again, as they do not stand behind their product and the devices do not work as promised. Save your money on this brand folks.

  • Battery drain just after wattany expired.

    from Calgary on July 18, 2019

    Battery drain just after warranty expired. Best thing Fitbit can do is offer you 25% off new unit. I honestly believe they do not make there products to last mush longer then warranty.

  • Very unhappy with this product

    from London, Ontario on July 15, 2019

    This watch does basically nothing without a constant connection to your cell phone. But if you have a cell phone, none of the features this watch provides add much value. To make matters worse, it can't connect to your phone over wifi even while at home, even there it demands bluetooth, and its connection is shaky and slow. The watch can't even record how far you've traveled, or your average MPH without the resources provided to it by your phone. My hope was to be able to leave my phone at home while I was out being active. As a watch, it is very poor too because the screen saver means the display is always black, so it requires you to use your other hand to press a button for the time to be shown for a few seconds! To top it off, the contactless pay feature did not support my financial institution so that little perk amounted to nothing as well. The only feature that I quite liked was the sleep monitor, but again it was made frustrating by the need to enable bluetooth on my phone in the morning before any sleep reports were shown. The watch has wifi so could well have done everything it needed on its own, yet refuses to do so. i'm returning mine tomorrow, it has been nothing but one disappointment after another with it.

  • Value Is Not There

    from Canada on July 3, 2019

    Pros: Contactless payment Screen lock Accurate step counter Accurate heart rate monitor Custom apps Aesthetic customizations (watch faces, universal band support) Auto-activity tracking Lightweight Water resistant(?) Internal memory Cons: Inaccurate calories burned Fluffy built-in apps (ex: activity selector, relaxation app) Never liked the button feel (no feedback) and layout (awkward) "Premium" band gets awfully smelly if you plan to sweat with it Connectivity to phone is dodgy at best, often had to unpair/re-pair Proprietary customer support is lacking Loading internal memory is impressively complicated Overall a decent choice depending on your needs. My review is sullied slightly due to the watch coming to the end of its life 1 month outside of the warranty period. I was not offered a replacement, instead was give a standardized (low)% off coupon. Hard to justify another purchase.

  • False Advertising

    from Vancouver on April 8, 2019

    They say it has the Fitbit Pay but they only have one major bank supported so basically most people won’t be able to use their fitbit pay in canada. Dont buy it

  • Buyer Beware

    from Carleton Place, ON on February 18, 2019

    Has syncing and blue tooth issues frequently. Follow trouble shooting tips, didn't help. Finally call help desk to wait 30 minutes to talk to someone. Half way through call drops and no return call!! Crap product and crappier customer services.

  • Died after 8 months, not fully compatible with LG V30

    from SK on January 31, 2019

    Great watch when it works. But mine died after 8 months (half screen when blank and became unresponsive). This happened within the 1-year warranty and Fitbit was very easy to deal with replacing with a brand new one. This watch only sort of works with an LG V30 phone. It needs to be constantly reconnected to bluetooth, and text notifications only appear occasionally. 2/5 for me but others might have better luck

  • Poor Stair Tracking

    from Calgary on October 29, 2018

    Had this for about 3 months the stair tracking is terrible when compared to my previous Fitbit charge HR and Charge II. Battery Life is not greatest with normal usage. It's also bulky and a bit clumsy. Fitbit customer support didn't seem to care that it was not tracking properly saying, there are too many variables. would have retuned this had I realized it wasn't tracking properly

  • A very worthy alternative to the pricey Apple Watch!

    from Calgary, AB on May 6, 2018

    I’ve been looking for a light weight smart or hybrid watch to track my activities and provide basic notifications from my phone. An Apple Watch was the obvious fit (no pun intended) as I already have an iPhone, but the cost, weight and poor battery life detracted from the value to me. I actually got the basic Fitbit Versa but wanted the second band and fitpay. This was a great idea as I have used the fitpay multiple times already. Battery wise it’s an easy 3 days, and longer if I reduce notfications etc. The versa has no gps but you won’t miss that if you have your phone. This is my first Fitbit and I am happy with the watch, phone app and community. A definite recommend!

  • Overall, it was what I was looking for

    from West Kootenays, British Columbia on April 25, 2018

    I had been debating back and forth between the Apple Watch or the Versa. I have had the charge HR and the charge 2, and never had a single problem with either of them. I love the Fitbit app, and the Fitbit community! I've been interested in getting a smart watch for some time now and decided to finally make a decision. I'm a very athletic person and I exercise almost daily (minimum 4x per week). I didn't need a high tech complicated device. I always thought the Apple Watch had too many functions, when I really just wanted something that I can track my workouts with and have a couple other cool features like apple pay and music playing capabilities. THE GOOD: - Has all the functions that my Charge HR had and has the same accuracy. - Fitbit pay (my bank isn't eligible yet but I'm sure that will change) - Music storage that allows me to run outside without my phone - Lightweight design: it feels no different than my charge 2 - Mobile notifications can be viewed if within certain distance of phone, and you can also accept or decline phone calls - Waterproof!! I love that I can wear this in the shower! - 4 day battery life! (depending on use) I have had a 3 day average so far. THE BAD: - For some reason the workout data that is displayed on the Fitbit app from the versa is different than my charge 2 and I can't change it to look the same. - Swiping through functions & apps can sometimes lag (rarely) - SO MUCH SYNCING TO THE APP! I feel like I have to sync my versa to my phone every hour so that the weather app etc can stay up to date! With my charge 2 I would sometimes go days without syncing. Even when I have it set to "All Day Sync" and my phone also set up for "Background Refresh" I still have to manually sync all day long. NO BUENO! - The bluetooth function to connect to a wireless speaker still has yet to work properly. OVERALL: The watch was what I was looking for. I wanted something that looked similar to an Apple Watch and had some of the same key functions such as Fitbit Pay, music storage, and fitness tracking. If you want more functions and more of a clean/smooth OS, I would maybe look into a Garmin or Apple product.