Geek Squad Home Membership


  • Great service every time

    from Ontario on November 23, 2019

    Read the other reviews and couldn’t figure out why they are so negative. It’s a great deal. Anti virus, fast support and your computer fixed for $10 a visit. You make one visit to get your computer sorted and you are ahead. Highly recommend this service.

  • Always Helpful

    from Burlington on November 19, 2019

    I have had a Geek Squad membership for a year and have used the remote desk top support many times. They are always helpful. Sometimes it takes a little while to sort out the issue - not all agents can be experts in all things - but they always try and I have never been left without some sort of solution.

  • Horrible Service - Should be ZERO STARS

    from Milton, ON on November 5, 2019

    Second time trying to use their services for home installations. Had I known there would be zero customer service from the Geek Squad team then would have never signed up! In the store they're great but there is a major disconnect between store front and geek squad. Spent over 5 hours trying to correct an over charge because of the wrong sku apparently selected for an installation we wanted done and the tech put us on the spot to pay more or would not complete the work on the day of the installation. Just got off the phone with geek squad customer service after requesting another 3 installs in store. Wanted clarity to confirm which install was occurring to avoid issue from previous experience of additional blind payment. They could only re-iterate the sku info from the store. They couldn't even tell me what actual production installation service was to occur. Wish I had checked the reviews before signing up.


    from  on September 14, 2019


  • Works for us

    from Ottawa on August 4, 2019

    It seems to me that the people who are calling this a fraud were attracted by the suggestion that they could sign up, then cancel the service but still benefit from the services. I can’t see why they thought they could game the system and then when they learned that they couldn’t they decided that the company’s attempt to thwart their attempts at fraud was fraudulent! You get nothing for free. Our experience has been quite different. Fast service, they cleaned up a messed up computer bu remote access, cleared out malware, and sped the device up significantly. We recommend it.

  • SCAM and FRAUD

    from Toronto, ON on July 12, 2019

    They won't tell you that after a year of membership you need to call to cancel, and they will keep charging the credit card till you notice and have to call. Please beware!

  • Zero Stars

    from Scarbirough on June 12, 2019

    1. Had to speak with 6 agents today just to understand one "benefit" on this scam of a package and all they managed to do was to give conflicting information. 2. The sales person at bestbuy who literally 'forced' me into subscribing to this LIED on my face about benefits and cancellation policy on the below; a) being able to cancel anytime after 10 months without a penalty, b) 10%+ discount on any future electronics purchases from bestbuy, c) being able to use bit-defender for the full year even if I cancel the subscription at 10 months, d) having access to 1TB cloud storage for 3 years after cancelling the subscription e) if I didn't purchase the plan at the time of sale of my laptop, it would be more expensive to buy it later And now I'm trying to cancel it, not only I have to pay a PENALTY, I also lose access to bit-defender AND could storage IMMEDIATELY. Extremely disappointed with the disgraceful sales policy ( I was new to canada and the sales person used that fact to fool me - which - shame on me- I fall for) , and the lack of education their own staff have on their products. Its such a shame when 6 people you speak with completely contradict each other! In short, don't fall for this

  • It's a FRAUD!!!

    from Saskatchewan on May 18, 2019

    I will give ZERO star if I can!!! It's a FRAUD!!! My father purchased a laptop and returned it right away 2 YEARS AGO! He got signed up UNKNOWINGLY ever since until he recently checked his credit card bill and found out about it. He was charged for 2 YEARS even RETURNED the product 2 YEARS AGO! Called to cancel the subscription and only refunded 39! 2 YEARS of NO service, NO knowledge of the service and NO laptop!!! It's how you treat your ELDERLY customers by tricking their money! Well done Best Buy!!!

  • Good luck

    from Oshawa on April 25, 2019

    Good luck trying to cancel... you just get an endless run around


    from Pointe-Claire on April 25, 2019

    So much benefits with this program and happy I get my own tech support for my devices.