Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator - 396 Wh


  • Not solar

    from Calgary, AB on 29 août 2018

    If I have to plug it in to charge it up,then it is not solar powered.

  • Great item ! 5 star

    from Edmonton on 30 janvier 2017

    Great item ! Will do what it's ment for .Don't be fooled it won't power your house or even a space heater at that but will charge phones and laptops and lights like it's supposed to among other items it's power rated for .great handy tool.

  • Very handy, if pricey and heavy

    from Vancouver, BC on 24 janvier 2017

    Do not listen to the lone negative reviewer; the Yeti 400 is a great product for camping, the cabin, or backup lighting when the power is out. Perfect for charging electronics, also. @ 33ah, the minimum recommended solar input to keep up with use is around 37 watts; optimal is 74+ watts, so a pair of chained Boulder 30 panels is the ticket for regular use. Much more heavy than its little Yeti 150 brother, yet worth it for the extra capacity and inverter power.

  • Great Generator

    from North York, ON on 5 janvier 2017

    i bought it for one purpose, to power my smart car charger(trickle charger) , cause where i live there are no plugin wall outlets in the basement in my condo, so i plug the car charger into this goal zero 400 yeti and the other end to my cigarette lighter and it charges my car battery in full, i do this every 3 weeks when my car battery goes low, its great! , got it on sale which is a bonus, very satisfied.

  • Generator by definition only

    from Steinbach, MB on 10 décembre 2016

    33Ah at 12V, 40-80 hours to charge with solar panel. Is this thing a joke? It does have everything you need except for the energy output. Don't mistake this for a generator, it is a battery/inverter.

  • Great little Generator

    from Wapella, SK on 27 octobre 2016

    Easy to use. Good read outs. Very portable. Can't beat the price.

  • Works like it should

    from Surrey, BC on 28 juillet 2016

    Goal Zero products are well engineered and just work. Free shipping was a bonus. Silent, good size, can use indoors. No problem whatsoever.