Google Home Mini - Chalk


  • Painful Setup

    from Vancouver on May 16, 2019

    Setup is a pain, get ready for an hour or more work. But after successful setup, the speaker is good enough for a small suite, features are interesting; such as playing music from your apps, control of smart Hue lights, and all other daily tasks like weather, news, even reading stories and telling jokes! However, she can hear you 6-7 times out of 10, and don't count on an effective range of 5 m or maybe even less. Does not connect to more than one phone, but others can be invited from the main account as dependant users. Voice is a very good human like. Calling her to start tasks with a long phrase "ok Google" is weird compared to Alexa and Siri. All in all a nice speaker/home assistant. Have fun!

  • Amazing product way better than Alexa !

    from Mississauga on April 22, 2019

    I bought this at first just to do simple things control my lights in my house and now I have it running my computer by voice command and fans coffee machines everything you can think of. If you do have an apple phone like me you have to be inclined to know how to get phone calls to work and text messages through ifttt. It can turn my volume down control my thermostat stat and set routines with one simple phrase like bed time it will turn all lights of and ask me to set an alarm and also play music or whatever you like. Works fantastic with free yes free Spotify I would recommend getting chromecast with this device it helps a ton !

  • Waste of money and time, expensive paperweight

    from Winkler, MB on February 25, 2019

    I bought this after hearing such good things about the mini,boy was I disappointed. The functionality is so limited on apple devices. It is unable to complete most simple tasks or requests. I’ve asked it to verbally remind me of event or calendar item and all it can say is I’m sorry I can’t do that right now. It will not make calls for my or read messages I receive. Again I get the I’m sorry I can’t do that right now. It should state in advertising and description that the functionality with Apple devices is extremely limited. 95% of the time it’s a expensive paper weight. The only thing it will do on a regular basis i is turn my light off and I could do that within the lighting app. Now I’m off to shop for ALEXA products

  • Very useful more than I thought it would be.

    from Surrey, BC on November 4, 2018

    The Google mini and it's bigger brother the Google home are surprisingly useful. I originally purchased them as I was curious about their usefulness for those with physical disabilities but who could speak clearly. My personal disability Is cerebal palsy. . Currently I have five smart lights and a smart TV under their control. I soon plan to have at least one set of smart blinds connected to them as well. I know the technology is still evolving. It is quite liberating to be able to do simple everyday tasks with just your voice. It is good enough that the entire group home I am living in is considering implementing Google home in a few of their other Apartments. Additionally Google home and the Google mini are a lot of fun! All of the smart devices are in a continuous state of evolving and being updated. This technology is very promising. Highly recommend the Google mini. The sound quality for its size is also surprisingly good.

  • Limited functionality

    from Winnipeg, MB on September 5, 2018

    Great product but not on it's own. You need to have paid subscription for music and it does't support apple music. It's also not apple devices friendly. For home lights, thermostat and other voice command functions you will need to purchase hardware and they are not cheap currently. Does't have GM key fob functionality like Alexa. Unless you are willing to switch to google products or already are using them it has very limited functionality.

  • Terrible experience

    from Beaconsfield, QC on July 7, 2018

    Product would not update and google service was not able to help. Best Buy was great took back the return without a hassle.

  • Garbage

    from Toronto, ON on June 22, 2018

    I returned it as it's so slow compared to Alexa. Anything you ask Alexa she answers with maybe 1 second or less delay. Google Home is more like 2-3 seconds every single time. Alexa also is more useful in that she only responds saying Okay, such as "Turn on the kitchen light." Google Home never shuts up, it's "Okay, turning on the kitchen light for you, here you go!" Or if she misunderstands you "Sorry I don't know how to help with that yet, but I'm always learning." OMG like shut UP so I can repeat myself!

  • Me and a friend

    from Etobicoke, ON on June 8, 2018

    I received a Google Home Mini as a gift (something I never saw myself buying) and I love it. Works seamlessly with my phone, chromecasts and Lifx smart lights. My best friend's kids had so much fun with it, I ended up buying one as a gift for his family. And Best Buy always ships super quickly. Can't recommend this enough.

  • Easy and funny

    from Montréal, QC on May 24, 2018

    i have buy this little google home and i am very happy about it. Easy to setup and require to pay for music but thats a good feature to have.

  • Very Useful

    from Uxbridge, ON on May 17, 2018

    Bought this device after relative raved about it. Light and easy to set up. Was somewhat confused about setting volume but eventually reduced it. Changeable components include volume, temperature C to F, voice recognition. Interesting device with many tasks. No jack though, which I find strange.Other than that, you just plug in, download app and make minor changes. Very simple.