Google Nest Wifi Router with 2 Points - 3 Pack


  • Simple Set Up, Great Results

    from Great Vancouver Area on 25 novembre 2019

    Our internet provider is Shaw, and the extender pods they offer are not capable of carrying the high speeds that Shaw can reach. With that in mind, I picked up the new Nest Wi-Fi (Router and 2 points). Set up was so simple using the Google Home App. Once the router was connected to the modem, which was set to bridge mode, you then set up your network and password and your off to the races. You simply add each point on where you want it, and follow the instructions on your Google Home App. It was so easy to do including naming each 'point', testing, and getting the Google Assistant in each one ready to do its job. You can also use the Google Wi-Fi App, which is a separate app, for more fine tuning and features should you wish. Having the flexibility to do so is handy and highly useful for those tech heads who might want to use it. Our house is approximate 2800-3000 square feet, and Google says that I would only require the router and 1 'point'; however, we have three floors, so I wanted individual coverage on each floor. I have noticed that speeds on each floor have been substantially increased, most days hitting the actual speed of our internet package. Sure, there are some days that are not the exact speed, but the strength of the signal all over the house has improved, along with the aforementioned speed. We have many devices on the network at the same time (there are two adults and two kids) eating up the bandwidth, and there has been nary a hiccup. We even have multiple video game consoles running at the same time without issue. At this juncture, if you are looking for a easy, but solid, way to increase your Wi-Fi signal throughout your whole house, I highly recommend the Nest Wi-Fi, as even a guy like me could set it up and get it running with ease and very good results.

  • Exceptionally efficient...

    from Etobicoke on 16 novembre 2019

    Easy to install and does it's intended job with excellence I'm happy with the purchase... Also the speakers on the points sound great.

  • Excellent. Better in every way.

    from Waterloo Region on 2 novembre 2019

    I recieved this product 4 days in advance. Friday November the first. First impressions were really good. It looked nice, clean, and most importantly new. Setting up was really easy but just know you will need the Google home app for basic management and the Google wifi app for more advanced management. I could say without a doubt that this is worth the upgrade from the old Google wifi. It has far better range then the previous and as an added bonus google homes built into the 2 small mesh links. Really convenient but my only problem is that google requires you to share a bit too much information to be able to fully utilize the Google homes. Overall great product though. Improved new and nicer design. Technology is definitely better and worth the upgrade!

  • Don't Hesitate

    from Calgary, AB on 2 novembre 2019

    Pre-ordered these and got them early on Nov 1st. Work really great! Had tried Netgear Orbi just a week ago and had terrible signal. For the same price pack of three works crazy well. Forgot this is what reliable wifi feels like. Best purchase.