Google Pixel In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Just Black


  • Great ear buds

    from Best Buy US on 20 juin 2019

    Purchased as a gift. They really like the ear buds good quality.

  • almost

    from Best Buy US on 3 juin 2019

    The sound quality and features were excellent. I found them to fit my ears well. I thought the battery life was sub par, and I couldn't keep them in place around my neck when I didn't want them in ear.

  • Really wish they were truly wireless...

    from Best Buy US on 20 mai 2019

    My only gripe with these earbuds is that they are not truly wireless. I like the integration with my Pixel 3, battery life is slightly above average and the sound quality is good in my opinion.

  • Google Pixel Buds

    from Best Buy US on 15 mai 2019

    Bought this for my phone and it works very well. The price is fair

  • Really wish they were truly wireless...

    from Best Buy US on 29 avril 2019

    The Pixel Buds are a solid option as a wireless Bluetooth device for those that don't mind a wire in between the earbuds. That is really my only complaint. Sound quality is good. I like that the earbuds don't go into your ear so you do get an ambient sound that I don't mind. Battery life is what you would expect from similar devices. A good buy for Pixel fans such as myself.

  • Uncomfortable and Ugly

    from Etobicoke, ON on 26 avril 2019

    I bought these because they're one of the few wireless "buds" on the market besides the Air Pods. I can't stand the in-ear headphones that go directly into your ear canal, so these seemed like a good option. These things just simply aren't comfortable. I can always "feel" them in my ears. A good pair of headphones, you should forget you're wearing them. They would be better if they were just the buds and didn't include the ridiculous touch sensors that make you look an idiot wearing these things.

  • google buds

    from Best Buy US on 22 avril 2019

    they sounds great and perfect, just not for running

  • Uncomfortable!

    from Best Buy US on 20 avril 2019

    I really wanted to love these. I have the pixel for a phone so they would have been the perfect headsets, unfortunately Google gets an F on comfortability. They hurt my ears almost immediately after putting them in. I tried to suffer through the fist day hoping I would get used to them but they ended up bruising my ear! Very disappointed!

  • Good sound but not great headphones

    from Best Buy US on 19 avril 2019

    I have the Pixel 3 was looking to use these along side. They sound good and the asistan features are great but I do not find the comfortable enough to leave in hours on end unlike the Bose ones that I still use primarily. theses ended up being my backup set also they do not allow pairing of multiple devices simultaneously i know that this is not an extremely common use case but for me it is almost a must have since I carry 2 phones 90% of the time and use headsets 80% of the time while at work.

  • Good quality headphones

    from Best Buy US on 30 mars 2019

    The only thing that could be improved about these is the comfort the sound is great battery life too. Just not the most comfortable for me but for others they might be the most comfortable