GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof 5.3K Sports & Helmet Camera FY23

Model Number: CHDHX-101-TH
Web Code: 16009646

GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof 5.3K Sports & Helmet Camera FY23


Capture fun and breathtaking adventures with the GoPro HERO10 camera. This sports and helmet camera boasts a 23MP CMOS sensor with 15.8 effective megapixels GP2 that shoots fantastic videos in 5K resolution. It also comes with a 2.27” touchscreen LCD display for live viewing and convenient settings adjustment.
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Capture fun and breathtaking adventures with the GoPro HERO10 camera. This sports and helmet camera boasts a 23MP CMOS sensor with 15.8 effective megapixels GP2 that shoots fantastic videos in 5K resolution. It also comes with a 2.27” touchscreen LCD display for live viewing and convenient settings adjustment.

Incredible video quality

  • 5.3K video with 5312 x 2988 effective video resolution and 5120 x 2880 maximum video resolution with high framerates and excellent low-light performance records everything in superior clarity and crisp detail
  • 23.6MP CMOS image sensor lets you capture images in true-to-life clarity and colours
  • Hypersmooth 4.0 stabilization with GP2 processor improves footage quality by eliminating shakes and jitters
  • Timelapse video shooting and slow shutter mode supported, so you can get creative with your shots
  • Nightvision allows you to capture pictures and videos during night time and under low light conditions

Underwater durability

  • 10m waterproof design lets you take it into the water for shooting underwater scenes

Wireless connectivity

  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connecting wirelessly to your devices for controls, data backup, firmware updates, and more
  • Cloud connectivity means everything you capture is backed up in cloud storage

Gigantic storage

  • Compatible with microSD cards up to 256GB that can hold tons of footage data
Clip-on Camera

Image Sensor

Sensor Type
Sensor Size
7 mm
Total Pixels
23 MP
Effective Video Resolution
5312 x 2988
Effective Megapixels
15.8 MP
Max Video Resolution
5120 x 2880 (5K)


Electronic (software) Image Stabilization
Manual Focus

LCD & Viewfinder

Display Type
LCD Size
2.27 in


Video Format
H.264 codec; .mp4 file H.265 codec; .mp4 file

Audio Formats

Time Lapse Video
Slow Shutter Mode


Card Compatibility
Max Capacity
256 GB




Battery Type
Lithium Ion

Physical Features

10 m
3.4 cm
7 cm
4.9 cm
127 g
  • HERO10 Black Camera
  • Carrying Case
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Mounting Buckle + Thumb Screw
  • USB-C Cable

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  • GoPro 10 is a 10!
    Verified BuyerReviewed by CaptTrickC - November 13, 2021

    Wow! A huge step up from my GoPro 7s. I use these to take underwater pics, and being to video at 4K and 120fps is the real deal! Also, the screen is bigger, and you can actually see what’s in front of the camera while you are underwater.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • The best action cam yet!
    Reviewed by xKing - September 26, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] GoPro is a go-to brand if you need an action cam, being a 10th generation of their Hero line - this is the best one to get at the moment! If you have prior GoPro experience and especially GoPro 9 - this update brings a better processor (named GP2) that allows better (double) frame rates (120Hz at 4k and 240Hz at 2.7k), ability to download material from the camera using USB-C cable and much better stabilization. User intercase if way more responsive as well now! Most of your GoPro 9 compatible accessories will work with 10 as well, with one caveat (which is supposed to be resolved some time in November 2021) - Max Lens Mod - at the moment of writing of this review (September 2021) - it's not YET compatible with 10. Mounting adapter is absolutely the same as on any GoPro so any existing mounting accessory works flawless. If you just getting into action cam world - take a good look at available "bundles", this exact kit is just a bare minimum (camera, 1 battery, 1 curved sticky mount, storage case), however there are kits that include mounts (GoPro shorty for example) which would work better for the beginners. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all camera functions such as pre-programmed modes, hindsight, timer, horizont auto leveling, image stabilization, time lapse and time warp, and many many others. GoPro is super versatile and knowing what it can do does make learning curve easier! Camera is waterproof to 33ft or 10 meters (as shipped, some accessory doors may reduce waterproofing), front lens cover is easy to replace (just twist it to remove) if case it gets damaged (it also has hydrophobic coating now so don't lick it!). It's just 2 buttons and a touch screen to control everything, but it does take a while to go thru all the menus! Accessories to get if you are just starting: GoPro Shorty - super versatile tripod/handle, GoPro Media Mod (it adds a better microphone and additional mic input), extra battery and dual battery charger (especially if you plan on filming in 4k 120Hz!). One battery lasts for about 1.5 hours of filming.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Good Things in Small Package!!!!
    Reviewed by Hmirza - September 22, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Ever since I had purchased the GoPro Hero8 I become a fan. I loved the 4K video, image quality, stabilization, and mainly the size and how rugged these cameras are. I just love how compact these cameras are and you can basically use them anywhere and attach them to pretty much anything you want. You can take these cameras underwater, on the road, and even to the sky. GoPro cameras are extremely durable and waterproof. Unfortunately, I lost my Hero8 attached to a drone and flying over the lake and long story short, it’s now swimming with the fishes along with my drone. So, I was super excited when I got the chance to try out new GoPro Hero10 and this time I won’t be flying over lakes. So, lets go over the features, Pros and Cons on the New GoPro Hero10. Setup: The setup process for the Gopro Hero10 is actually very simple, all you need to do is download the GoPro Quik application. Once the application is downloaded it will guide you through the setup process and even updating the camera. The camera needs to be updated before it can be used. At this point the camera is ready to go on your next adventure. You can use the preset modes or take some time and setup a custom mode that that works for you. Features: GoPro Hero 10 comes with a couple of new and cool upgrades from the 8. The 10 now has 5.3K 60FPS and 4K 120 FPS recording along with Hyper smooth 4.0 with three different settings, Boost, High and OFF. The Hero 10 also has a new processor “GP2” and much more responsive touchscreen. The camera lens cover is more scratch and splash resistant. The camera has two buttons, Power and mode on the left, which turn the power on and allow you to toggle though the different video and photo modes. The button on the top serves as the button. There is also a front facing screen on the Hero10 which can be used to display information or match the rear screen for better selfies. The Hero10 comes preset with different shooting modes while also allowing you to create custom ones as well. Another cool feature in the Hero10 is the voice control. You can take pictures, record videos, change between modes, and start time lapses all with just a simple command and I found it to be highly convenient and useful. Usage: So, I decided to attach my GoPro to my bike and take a ride around my neighborhood to test out the video stabilization and 5K video quality. I did some recording in 5K and 4K and did notice that the battery on the GoPro does drain faster compared to recording on the 4k. The hyper smooth 4.0 performed amazing well in keeping the video smooth and stabilized. The difference between the 5K and 4K image quality is minor but noticeable. The image and the videos seemed a bit more vibrant than those shot in the 4K mode. The microphone on the camera did an amazing job filtering out the wind noise from the video while riding around. The options and settings are pretty easy to use. The app allows for live view and control from the phone also allowing you to transfer pictures or video to your phone via WIFI. GoPro has done and amazing job packing this pocket size camera with so much tech all while making this durable and waterproof. PROS: 23 MP SENSOR 5K 60FPS and 4K 120FPS HYPERSMOOTH 4.0 FASTER RESPONSE TIME (COMPARED TO 8) REPONSIVE TOUCHCREEN LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE AND WATERPROOF POCKETSIZE VOICE COMMANDS FOR PICTURES AND VIDEOS TONS OF DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES AND MOUNTS CONS: I HONESTLY COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING THAT I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH. Overall, GoPro has been doing job with the HERO10. They have packed so much technology and durability into such a tiny little package that it still amazes me. I would recommend that you try out this camera for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • GoPro Ups Their Game This Year
    Reviewed by BADog - September 29, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] GoPro has recently released their new action camera, the GoPro HERO10 Black. It has a number of tech features that will help your video come to life on your 4K TV. The package comes with the camera, a short USBC-to-USBC cable, rechargeable battery, slightly curved stick-on base, attachment hinge, bolt connector, carrying case, and some paperwork. It comes with a 1-yr manufacturer's warranty. Rather than go over every single spec of the camera, I will mainly go over my experience as the end user. The specs are already available on this product page. This will be my 2nd GoPRO HERO camera. I also have have the HERO4 Black so this is quite the upgrade for me. PROS: --------- * There are a crazy number of resolutions available, but at 5.3K, this unit can handle up to 60fps and at 4K, up to 120fps, down to HD (10800) which can handle up to 240fps. That's incredible resolution for a small action camera. Clarity on a full 4K TV is quite good. * The simplicity remains with 1 button start/stop and the 1 button mode select + ON/OFF. Everything else is on the nice and laid out touch screen with good finger sensitivity and responsiveness. * Initial setup was a breeze with my V60 microSD card inserted. A minimum of a V30 microSD card is recommended if you record at the 4K+ level due to write limitations of the card. Go for V60 to future-proof yourself. * As with the last few iterations of the HERO, the connection flaps fold up into the body to keep from having to use a camera holder like older models. * The biggest PRO for the GP10 is the new GP2 processor based on the emails I have received from GoPro direct. The previous processor apparently had issues with freezing and couldn't keep up with the better tech the camera had to offer. The GP2 has solved many of those issues. * Video stabilization works really well. After attaching to my 4-wheeler and going on trails, the video is quite smooth compared to this feature being off. This feature is called Hypersmooth 4.0 and it a great upgrade from the last versions of the Heroes. * The hydrophobic lens helps significantly with water-shedding off of the glass. * It's waterproof to around 33 feet without a scuba casing. * Has a forward-facing camera so you can see what's being filmed if using a stick or other extension accessory. * Quik app connects to the camera wirelessly as it has done in the past. It has an adequate editor, but obviously, you may opt for a premium PC version. * It has the ability to attach various GoPro mods that make the camera a bit better for audio, lighting, connections, etc. CONS: --------- * I have found the battery compartment to be incredibly difficult to open though it is very sturdy. This is done to keep the unit waterproof. * The 1-yr GoPro subscription discount is a bit deceiving giving $100 off the initial price. If something happens to your camera, and you want camera replacement, there is a $99 service fee, and the yearly fee is $50 and will be renewed until you cancel. There are some other perks like live streaming, unlimited cloud backup, and discounts on accessories, but I'm not so sure the value is worth it, at least not for me. For those that take a crazy amount of video, perhaps this program could be a benefit. OTHER OBSERVATIONS: ------------------------------------ * The case is a nice touch; you'll want to remove the inside camera holder to open up the storage area. Keep the camera in a wash cloth inside the case so other accessories don't damage the camera while in transit. * Once you get inside the battery compartment, this is where you'll find the USB-C charging connection/data port and the microSD slot (see picture). * I know I'm a few iterations behind (HERO4), but I hate that I have to buy new batteries since the old batteries do not fit the new camera. The good news for Hero9 users is that those batteries will fit the Hero10. Batteries used prior to the Hero9 are not compatible. CONCLUSION: ============ Overall, GoPro listened to the complaints from the previous GoPro, the Hero9. This camera needed a new processor, and GoPro upgraded to the new GP2. After using about 2-3 hours, the camera has been stable the entire time and has not frozen up or had other issues. Using a V60 microSD card, I have had NO issues with video recording smoothness or color. I'm totally impressed with the solid build of the camera, but do wish the battery compartment was easier to open. I understand it's tight in order to keep water out. Perhaps GoPro can work out a better mechanism for opening/closing that door that gives the same waterproof security. Ultimately, the performance of the camera is what matters along with the final video product. For me, it works great and did not overheat or give me any real issues. Nice work GoPro.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • They just keep getting better!
    Reviewed by AncientGeek - October 8, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is my 4th GoPro action camera, having used the 4 Silver, 7 Black , and 9 Black previously. I like having two GoPro cameras for versatility and I really wanted two GoPro cameras that use the same batteries and charger cables. The 7 and 9 shared charger cables, but didn’t use the same batteries. The 9 & 10 share both. Since I take these with me when traveling, it is really handy to have two cameras sharing a single system for accessories. Setup was simple. I started by charging the battery fully and inserting a compatible fast microSD card. Then I opened the app which was already loaded on my iPhone. The app allowed me to add the Hero 10 while keeping my other camera profiles, and immediately offered to update the firmware. Once the firmware was updated I was able to test it. The controls are simple and compatible with prior GoPro Hero models. Image quality is excellent and there are options for both resolution and angle. What really impresses me is the image quality and stabilization. I took a selfie and did a 360° spin in my yard. My face was extremely stable in the video. It was as if the selfie stick was permanently affixed to my body. Very cool. Cinematic mode is just beautiful. The microphone is really good. Even distant bird sounds came through clearly. My voice was very clear on videos. All shooting is easy with the Hero 10. Select the mode and press the button. GoPro has a quick start (rabbit) setting which allows me to start a video or take a photo with a single touch. This allows me to react to photo/video opportunities really quickly. There many options for photos and videos. Resolution, field of view, image stabilization, time lapse light sensitivity. The image will auto rotate unless you don’t want it to do that…it is just a setting. I have a number of GoPro accessories and just ordered a few more. I keep them in a GoPro case (actually two cases now) so I can just grab these and go. I keep the batteries out of the cameras unless I’m using them, since certain modes keep the Bluetooth and/or wifi active when the camera is “off”, so the remote or phone app can tell the camera to turn on. I also like the tripod accessories that allow me to connect the GoPro to a standard tripod 1/4” 2.0 screw mount. I have a monopod that I can use as a walking stick and a GoPro mount at the same time. When traveling, I usually take the GoPro 3-way selfie stick, mini extension pole and the hat clip in addition to the tripod mount. That way I have choices about how to hold the camera based on the situation. I love this camera (and those that came before it). I have the best GoPro setup of my life (and one of my relatives will get a hand-me-down 7 Black in mint condition, that they will also love). I definitely recommend the GoPro Hero10.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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