Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer - White


  • Hell to take it back..

    from Maple Ridge, BC on 29 mars 2019

    I have a very similar issue as Sharon below. The problem is with my drawers though.. it is not aligned properly and now I have to somehow bring all of the pieces back to Best Buy so I can exchange/get a refund. Not something I wanna do at 7 months pregnant and working full time!

  • Easy to assemble, but heavy which means good quality

    from Burnaby, BC on 22 février 2019

    Great quality Crib. Love that it helped save space in our otherwise small nursery.

  • Significant Manufacturing Defect

    from Thornhill, ON on 13 juillet 2018

    Order # 661440068 Name on Order: [refer to order] Order Date: June 17, 2018 Product: Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer – White Manufacturing Defect: We have received the Graco Remi 4-in-1 Crib and have assembled the product to find that the pre-installed drawer rails for the changer are misaligned. This has resulted in all three drawers appearing to be inset on the left side by 5mm (+/- 2mm). Regarding the middle drawer, the front side of the right pre-installed rail has been installed 5mm (+/- 2mm) higher than the back of the same rail resulting in a misalignment that doesn’t allow the drawer to close (the top corner of the front hits the bottom of the drawer above it, leaving the middle drawer sticking out). I have attached pictures of the crib, drawers, and the rails with my level (pay attention to the bubble in the middle tube) atop the rail/drawer to show the misalignment. Customer Service Call: I have called into your customer service line and spoke with Shawna, who informed me of the basic options available to me for defective products: - Disassemble the product, repackage, and either ship the item back or return it to a best buy store for a full refund. Problem with Customer Service Solution: The disassembled crib weighs approximately 120-140lbs and includes a lot of styrofoam and soft packaging (by volume approximately 30% of packaging materials to 70% of crib parts). The crib is built sturdy so there are many pieces to the crib installed using a mix of screws, dowels, and combination screw/bolts. To disassemble and repackage this crib would involve two people working at the minimum a full day with a lot of effort involved. I don’t believe that this is a practical or cost effective solution for us or Best Buy Canada so I am very disappointed that this was the only solution offered to us by the customer service representative (an option that I had available through the website). Alternative Solutions: The fact is that the crib has 4 rails that need to be realigned. This involves disassembling the 4 rails, aligning them properly, drilling 8 pilot holes for the rails, re-installing the rails, and then checking to ensure that the all 6 rails are now aligned and the drawers close properly. 1) You have Geek Squad staff who routinely go to customer’s houses to install wall mounts for tv’s and other accessories that are far more labour intensive than the solution required for our crib. Best Buy Canada could dispatch a Geek Squad representative to our home within a reasonable timeframe to make the installation adjustments mentioned above at the expense of Best Buy – along with a possible instore credit for the trouble and inconvenience that this experience has left us with. We would be happy to keep the product since the drawers would be functional, and the baby would be grateful to Best Buy Canada for providing us with exception trouble shooting and customer service. 2) I can call in a repair person and have them make the repairs mentioned above. In the meantime, Best Buy can credit us a portion of the cost of the crib back to our credit card to cover the cost of hiring a repair person and for the trouble/inconvenience of this entire situation. This would be a hassle for us and the credit may not align with the cost of the repair so while this is an acceptable solution, it would not be the ideal one. Conclusion: Given that the crib is intended for a newborn, this issue has to be resolved as soon as practically possible. I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years and have not encountered any significant issues – but as this issue involves my child, it is troubling and inconvenient to say the least. We would appreciate a quick response and speedy resolution to this issue. Please get back to us at your earliest convenience. We appreciate your time and consideration. I will gladly remove this review once my concern is resolved and replace it with a po

  • Good buy for your buck

    from Toronto, ON on 7 novembre 2017

    Got it on sale and overall good quality for product. Strong and sturdy, best for compact spaces. Don't forget to buy mattress separately.

  • A little disappointed

    from Port Moody, BC on 4 août 2017

    I wanted this crib so badly and I jumped when I saw it on sale. I love the concept of two-in-one to take up less space. In that aspect, I'm still very happy about the purchase. On the plus side, it's very durable and looks beautiful. Rather easy to put together too. But a few things were disappointing: 1) The highest setting is only midway so for newborns it's not very good given that you have to bend into the crib to pick up baby. 2) The drawers make a clank sound when you open and close them. If only one did it I would think we did something wrong, but they all do it. I think it's the open close mechanism so it doesn't fall out but it's not very good if baby is sleeping. 3) The change table comes with its own pad, but it's a bit thin and the standard one we bought doesn't fit. I'll have to shop around and see if I can find the size, so this gripe might be a little too early, but it's worth mentioning if you're considering purchasing one. Make sure you measure before ordering a different change pad.

  • Amazing crib and change table in one!

    from Toronto on 2 mai 2017

    Saved my husband and I the headache of buying two pieces (crib and change table). The crib was also very easy to build/put together and looks great in the nursery. Very sturdy material. We are both impressed and excited to put it to good use! Highly recommended (even though we bought it on sale last round for half this price :p)