Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)


  • Great, but not perfect

    from Ottawa, ON on November 19, 2018

    I've played and still own every Gran Turismo title ever made for Playstation. This one was purchased to add to my collection and because of VR mode. Bear in mind: This is a simulator - if you're not into hardcore driving physics, you won't like this. The physics are amazing here, especially fun with a steering wheel. The other thing is I feel that this isn't a full-fledged GT game, like what I expect from GT7 to be. This is one of those in-between titles to fill a hole in the line-up while they make Gran Turismo 7. That being said, the game feels limited (but still fun), there's not many cars, you CANNOT PLAY the entire game in VR but only a small arcade mode, and most of the cars are straight racing cars, but they're actually really fun to drive once you get used to them. There's some nice real-world tracks that are missing, such as Laguna Seca, and bunch of original GT tracks, which is a huge let-down for me. There are some brand new tracks here which are really nice though. There is still a lot to do offline, but you need to be online to save game progress. You're not forced to play online against other real players if you don't want to - you can play against AI or split screen too. Great game, but not perfect.

  • A lot of new content added since release.

    from Toronto, ON on April 24, 2018

    I was a tad dissapointed when this game first came out, but they have added a lot of new cars, races, and tracks since. Good fun.

  • Pure disappointment

    from Leduc, AB on November 28, 2017

    I have been playing gran turismo since the very first release from the original playstation and I have to say this is the very first gran turismo release that has completely disappointed me. The offline content is practically nonexistent. I am tempted to return both the game and the console. If polyphony digital does not fix this and bring the offline content back, this will be the very last gran turismo I will be buying.

  • Too Fast.

    from Oakville, ON on November 20, 2017

    They brought out this to fast. Where are all the other cars. Limited cars. Do not buy this game.

  • Excellent Game, The Sport and Online Racing are good

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on November 11, 2017

    I wasn't a fan of the older Gran Turismo since the previous version. I like the new concept of Sport, considering racing as a sport. Like other games, it has some negatives point, but so far, the game are great. Peoples compare the new GT game with the old ones, but it's not really a suite. It's a new game concept and peoples are comparing too much with older Gran Turismo versions. The only bad comment i can give, it's to play with friends, invinting with a 24 digits pin code to enter a saloon for playing together is succks. No other way for the moment.

  • 0 interest, Sony kill this franchise !

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on November 5, 2017

    No G27 support and online required... I'm out of here bye bye Gran turiomo and bye bye sony... Gran turiomo was my favorite game for the last 20 years but not I don't even want to buy it.... - No career mode - Online requiried - no support for logitech G25/G27 wheel I'm sorry to say but you manage to pits off one of your most loyal customer, Good luck with all your BS Sony, I'm out of here (boycott PS4)

  • Competitive online racer, no campaign

    from London, ON on November 2, 2017

    This game is made for hardcore racing players who want to feel the rush against other players online. With the driver ranking and sportsman rating you feel the need to do well and not run into other players unless you want others to drive you off the road in low rankings. There is no campaign in this game so if you are a casual racer this is NOT for you. I highly recommend this game for players who want a super realistic feel with other players online with competitions and championships that last months. Also the driving school is very in depth and will make you a better driver guaranteed.

  • what happend

    from Mississauga, ON on October 24, 2017

    I wish that I have never got it. What a waste of money.

  • Amazing graphics

    from Burnaby, BC on October 19, 2017

    I've been waiting for this game for a few years now, looks great with a PS4 Pro on a 4k TV. I do recommend watching reviews before you purchase this game. This is not the classic Gran Turismo that you're expecting. Game cannot be played without network connection and there is no career mode. If you love to race online competitively, then this is your game.

  • Gran turismo sportt

    from Windsor, ON on October 19, 2017

    If you want to build your own car as in the past forget it.If you want to race your car without a PlayStation membership forget it.I just wasted money on a game that for me is useless.To race your car that you purchase you must have a membership and the cars come already built so you cannot put your own spin on it.I have always gotten the newest Gran Turismo but if this is the direction they are going never again.