Gyrocopters Flash 2.0 Portable Electric Scooter - Solid Rubber Tires - 25 Km/h Top speed - 20 Km Range - Smart Portable Design


  • powerful

    from Barry on August 29, 2019

    Was not expecting this scooter to be this powerful. You stand on it and it pulls you pretty fast. 25 KM is very fast when you are standing on 2 wheels. But I love it.

  • Works as advertised

    from Barry on August 20, 2019

    Works as advertised. Speed can reach 25 Km and the range is about 20-30 KM No complaints from this amigo

  • Great scooter!

    from Edmonton on August 10, 2019

    Drives really nice very responsive and fun! Highly recommend!

  • Smooth ride

    from Missisauga on July 23, 2019

    It lasts for a week, I travel about 2 KM every day. My experience with this scooter is good. If they can make one more scooter which goes over 25 KM I would buy that too.

  • Bus killer

    from Brampton on July 20, 2019

    This thing is a killer. I was taking the bus every day to go to work and now I am cruising on my scooter saves time and money. No more bus lines and tickets to buy. If you do the math it saves time and money. Thanks

  • Great Price

    from Toronto on July 15, 2019

    I was looking for a scooter from last 2 months. Finally bought this scooter for my daily commute. So far its been great. The range is about 20+ km as advertised. Air-filled wheels are smoot on roads and sidewalks. Overall it's a great product.

  • Long range

    from missisauga on July 6, 2019

    very impressed with the long-range battery life. exceeded all expectations. Lasted for about 26km and needed to charged again for 3 hours.

  • Very steady built

    from Hamilton on July 2, 2019

    I bought this based on the specs of the scooter. I have a hoverboard from Gyrocopters but wanted to try out their scooter as well. Scooter is well made and it goes fast. I have reached 25 km speed and do not want to go faster than that. The battery lasted for 3 hours continuous run time.

  • Bought this for my daily commute

    from Toronto on June 29, 2019

    Bought it for a daily commute to work. Avoiding short bus ride. It has never failed me and saved so much time. The ride is very smooth and the battery last for about 2 hours.