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HP 15.6" Laptop - Jet Black (AMD A4-9125 Dual-Core/500GB HDD/4GB RAM/Windows 10)

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  • Useless device!
    Reviewed by  - 8 juillet 2020

    I was not expecting much for the price...but this is truly a piece of garbage! It can't even perform simple tasks such as watching Netflix or crave without buffering (and my internet speed is as fast as it gets!) I've cleared cookies and tried everything...DON'T waste money on this because of the HDD space....buy something with an SSD and less storage space...TRUST ME!!!....Ive been loyal to HP for years...but the last 2 laptops have been garbage! NEVER AGAIN!!! whats the point of making a laptop that can't perform the simplest of tasks? BUYER BEWARE!!!

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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  • Great Value for the price
    Reviewed by  - 1 décembre 2019

    I always prefer to buy HP products. I was looking for an inexpensive laptop that I could do work on when away from my home office. I did not want a notebook and wanted something with enough memory for me to download documents to work on. So far, so good.

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  • great bang for your buck
    Reviewed by  - 22 octobre 2019

    so i got this laptop because I had my own money and i needed a pc that would replace my old lenovo desktop and this was the one i chose because i knew that HP is a reliable brand even though it was the first time we had an HP in our house. i got this because it was cheap but not too cheap,was on sale for 349 dollars. although it would be better if it had 8gb of ram it isn't a big issue because i use it for work and i can also run anygame at high settings just fine because i have NVIDIA geforce now which is just cloud based gaming. overall 10/10

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  • Very good Productivity laptop
    Reviewed by  - 7 septembre 2019

    You've probably noticed all of the one-star and five-star reviews here. None of them are accurate or trustworthy,so you can ignore them. It isn't anywhere near as slow as these reviewers are making it out to be. I wouldn't play any games or do something like edit video on it,but it doesn't lag or hang even when I have 30+ browser tabs and open. Uninstalling the bloatware that runs in the background,specifically McAfee,makes things much quicker. This is an excellent laptop for people who use their PC to do things like browse the Internet,pay bills,send emails,watch movies,check Facebook and use Word. I imagine that describes most users who are looking at laptops in this price range. And if you pick it up on sale you won't be disappointed. Shortcomings include a screen that is HD but not "full HD" (you probably won't notice),a built-in video camera that's grainy & washed out (you probably will notice) and a tinny built-in mic.

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  • Just what I was looking for and at the right price
    Reviewed by  - 22 août 2019

    Recently purchased H.P 15.6 laptop on-line from best Buy. The laptop arrived quickly by Canada Post and it was very easy to set up. I currently have an older model laptop and everything was transferred from the old hp to the new HP seamlessly.The price was also right

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  • Terrible
    Reviewed by  - 23 juin 2019

    Super slow returning it tomorrow

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  • Don’t buy
    Reviewed by  - 17 mai 2019

    Makes a lot of noise and extremely slow.

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  • Great laptop
    Reviewed by  - 1 février 2020

    Bought this laptop mainly to browse the internet and stream programs. Although I can often work my way through minor issues with electronic devices, I don’t have a lot of patience to do it. This laptop was very easy to setup. Most can be done by voice. Answering simple questions got me through the process quickly. The device itself is a great size. The screen is large enough to make viewing a pleasant experience. The picture quality is very acceptable. I love the large button keyboard and especially that there’s a separate numbers keypad. So far I’m very happy with my purchase and recommend this product.

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  • Good for the $
    Reviewed by  - 3 décembre 2019

    For the price it works well. It is a bit big if you are moving it around, but doesn't weigh too much. It is a tad slow, but again, I wasn't expecting it to be exceptionally fast for the cost.

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  • The laptop the I bought works perfectly
    Reviewed by  - 27 octobre 2019

    For what I like, the laptop that I bought works perfectly

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