HP 15.6" Laptop - Jet Black (AMD A4-9125 Dual-Core/500GB HDD/4GB RAM/Windows 10)


  • should have more ram

    from edmonton on November 6, 2019

    even though it works just fine for me, i just wish it had at least 8 gigs of ram so that it could be a bit more faster.

  • Very slow

    from Brampton on October 30, 2019

    Just got this laptop, works fine but i find it very slow for my liking. Reason i gave low rating.

  • nice tech

    from winnipeg on October 30, 2019

    suits my needs and i am able to do all the stuff that i need to do such as homework and watching netflix.

  • The laptop the I bought works perfectly

    from Metropolis at Metrotown on October 27, 2019

    For what I like, the laptop that I bought works perfectly

  • great bang for your buck

    from  on October 22, 2019

    so i got this laptop because I had my own money and i needed a pc that would replace my old lenovo desktop and this was the one i chose because i knew that HP is a reliable brand even though it was the first time we had an HP in our house. i got this because it was cheap but not too cheap,was on sale for 349 dollars. although it would be better if it had 8gb of ram it isn't a big issue because i use it for work and i can also run anygame at high settings just fine because i have NVIDIA geforce now which is just cloud based gaming. overall 10/10

  • amazing product easy to use

    from  on October 2, 2019

    amazing and easy to use

  • great performance and looks great

    from  on September 24, 2019

    Like others have said,I have not seen any of the issues that the other customers are facing,they need to understand that when it comes to tech you really have to know what you are going to be using the tech for,if its going to be something that you would use for programming or whatever you should maybe look at other options. But anyways this laptop suits my needs because I am a student and i dont really play games as much and if i do they are just some light games that this laptop runs just fine. i also really like the color on this laptop,i really think that its a nice and lowkey design,not too flashy.

  • Great computer for the price.

    from  on September 18, 2019

    As others have stated,this computer is nowhere near as slow as some have made it out to be. I was a little hesitant at the time,but decided to try it out. The price was great and I wasn't going to be using it for gaming,so I didn't mind if it was a little slow. I've been using it for close to a month now and I've had no problems of any sort. It's great for doing things like internet browsing,email,watching videos,etc. I'm glad I took the chance on this laptop and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a computer for simple day-to-day usage.

  • Low weight

    from  on September 10, 2019

    The computer I purchased is really good- after so much of burden I got the right one. And easy to carry. I would recommend this computer for students specially.

  • Very good Productivity laptop

    from  on September 7, 2019

    You've probably noticed all of the one-star and five-star reviews here. None of them are accurate or trustworthy,so you can ignore them. It isn't anywhere near as slow as these reviewers are making it out to be. I wouldn't play any games or do something like edit video on it,but it doesn't lag or hang even when I have 30+ browser tabs and open. Uninstalling the bloatware that runs in the background,specifically McAfee,makes things much quicker. This is an excellent laptop for people who use their PC to do things like browse the Internet,pay bills,send emails,watch movies,check Facebook and use Word. I imagine that describes most users who are looking at laptops in this price range. And if you pick it up on sale you won't be disappointed. Shortcomings include a screen that is HD but not "full HD" (you probably won't notice),a built-in video camera that's grainy & washed out (you probably will notice) and a tinny built-in mic.