HP LaserJet Pro Wireless Colour All-In-One Laser Printer With Fax (M177FW)


  • Was ok at first. Life span is about 2 years on this machine.

    from Toronto on June 7, 2019

    Gets a paper jam every time. Won't clear jam status unless I turn the printer on and off. Very frustrating.

  • Printer

    from Best Buy US on August 29, 2018

    This all in one printer is fast and easy to operate

  • First laser printer.....

    from Langley, BC on August 31, 2017

    After using inkjet printers for the last 20 years I thought it was time to try a laser printer especially as the cost has come down over the last 5 years. Main reasons to switch to laser cheaper cost per page to print also the cartridges last a lot longer. Inkjet cartridges are expensive and even if you don't print much if you leave the cartridge for too long in the printer you get the message the cartridge is past it use by date and even though it might be full you have to buy a new one. Set up went quickly just follow the easy instructions ( I did need to download some extra stuff for my desktop as it runs Windows Vista) . Now the family prints from our IPad and iPhones plus desktop and Laptop ( running Windows 10 ) all from Wi Fi connection. Have had no issues , prints much faster than my old inkjet.Quality of black prints excellent , Colour prints very good. Works well as a home use printer or very small office printer .👍🏼

  • Very Slow

    from Saint-Laurent, QC on July 14, 2017

    I just installed this printer and it is sooooo slow in printing, even in black and white. I'm going to have to return it for this reason

  • If it works, it's good

    from Ottawa, ON on March 11, 2017

    We have two computers set up to use the printer. It took us several tries (over several weeks) to get them both to print AND scan with the option to go to either person. But when it prints - it looks very good. The hinge for the scanner part broke with the second use. So we have to carefully support it when lifting it to scan a document. It refused to print with ink, we replaced it but it didn't register and continues to give us the low ink warning. Currently it's refusing to print the lesson plan I need for today.


    from Saint Catharines, ON on March 10, 2017

    its prints a page fast (about 1~2 sec), but it delays about 15 sec between each papers.. wow.. HP sucks hahahaha..

  • Locks up and noisy

    from Winnipeg, MB on March 2, 2017

    Worked ok (but slow) for a year, now locks up have to shut it off and restart it before it will print. Called HP customer service and was on the phone for over an hour, then it worked for a couple of days then back to how it was. It also just started to creek as it is feeding paper. It sounds like it is about to die altogether. It is barely 18 months old now. I wont buy another HP

  • Scanning Function only works from Computer

    from Ottawa, ON on February 3, 2017

    Bought it yesterday, returning it today. The printer set up fairly easily and worked wirelessly. It was nicer looking than the Brother I was looking at. I use the scan function for monthly expenses, and my receipts are often plentiful and various sizes (thus I can't use the feeder). Having 16 pages of receipts to scan, and finding out I have to stand between my printer and scanner and go back and forth to press + on the scan app on my laptop each time because you CANNOT scan from the printer itself is ridiculous. I am only upgrading to get colour, and I am very disappointed that it is not clearly labelled that you must use a computer Scan app to actually scan...the touch screen on the printer doesn't offer it...How silly. Back to the store it goes!

  • Fantastic!

    from Best Buy US on December 24, 2016

    This printer works perfect! I did not want a white case. This printer was black and fit the application.

  • good for printing checks

    from Best Buy US on December 2, 2016

    I purchased this printer to have on my desk to print checks. It is working very well for me.