Insignia 4.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (NS-TWM41WH8A) - White - Only at Best Buy


  • Happy with it
    by sarbonn

    on 9 novembre 2019

    Bought it as an upgrade to my previous washer and dryer. Pretty happy with it.

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  • Barely lasted a year.

    from Nepean on 7 novembre 2019

    Drain sensor started cause problems after 8 months and progressively got worse. It got to the point that the washer would not run because the faulty sensor was forcing it to drain whenever it was on (or off). Hard to believe best buys stands by a product like this.

  • Works great
    by Melissa

    on 4 novembre 2019

    Energy efficient gets clothes clean. I love my washer.

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  • So much malfunctioned
    by Bear

    on 3 novembre 2019

    I've used this for 3 months, but it had a lot of problems. 1. It doesn't work properly. When it was left only about 10 mins, it worked again and again so the time increased to 40-50 mins. It happened so many times. 2. When I want some laundry to be drained and spined, I setup it 'Drain&Spin'. But it works rinse. 3. The noise is very severe. Whenever I use this, my neighbors call to the apartment office to stop my washer. It is very stressful.

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  • good W machine
    by RLEE1

    on 2 novembre 2019

    The best very good wash machine and quiet when changing to settings you can fit a lot into a load

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  • Love this machine
    by seacarole

    on 1 novembre 2019

    I love this washing machine. It is large and the clothes come out smelling so clean and fresh. It is a little noisy, but I don't mind it - just shut the door on the laundry room.

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  • Great washer
    by Nods

    on 26 octobre 2019

    Love this washer works wonderful. Easy to use. .

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  • Works great.
    by Pepe

    on 25 octobre 2019

    Washer works great. Although it took over a week to show up.

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  • Great washer!
    by ohMomma6

    on 25 octobre 2019

    As a family of 6. I was worried if this washer could keep up with our laundry. Many sports and activities are done by kids. And then there are the baby's clothes. I am very impressed with how well it washes. Seems like I'm saving on detergent. This washer is so easy to use even my husband can use it!

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  • Very Loud
    by Frank

    on 24 octobre 2019

    Not happy with this machine at all. Although it seems to wash clothes well. It can not handle a heavy load with out going into an error. Then you have to pull out some of the clothes or realign how they are in the machine for it to run. It is extremely loud when spinning and rinsing. Not happy with it. I would return it if i could. Sometimes it's so loud when spinning i have to close the laundry room door to be able to hear the tv. Really not a lie. It's that loud.

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