Insignia 55" 4K UHD HDR QLED Smart TV (NS-55F501CA22) - Fire TV Edition - 2020 - Only at Best Buy

Model Number: NS-55F501CA22
Web Code: 15224199

Insignia 55" 4K UHD HDR QLED Smart TV - Fire TV Edition - 2020 - Only at Best Buy


Experience movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts, and video games in beautiful high definition with this 55" Insignia ultra HD Smart Fire TV. Featuring quantum dot technology in 4k high-definition resolution and Dolby Vision high dynamic range, it also boasts DTS Virtual-X speaker technology, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of colourful images and exceptional quality sound.


Experience movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts, and video games in beautiful high definition with this 55" Insignia ultra HD Smart Fire TV. Featuring quantum dot technology in 4k high-definition resolution and Dolby Vision high dynamic range, it also boasts DTS Virtual-X speaker technology, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of colourful images and exceptional quality sound.

  • 55-inch TV screen brings entertainment to a higher level, making your movie experience similar to what you would usually enjoy at the theater
  • 4K Ultra HD quantum dot technology boasts true-to-life images so you can imagine yourself in the movie, and in real time action
  • DTS Virtual-X speaker technology allows you to immerse yourself and enjoy sounds like if it was your first time hearing
  • Relax, sit in your couch, and get ready for a perfect movie night with Alexa at your command, so you don't have to launch apps or search indefinitely for movie titles
  • Fire TV puts your favorite broadcast TV, streaming channels, gamimg console, and other device front-and-center for an enhanced entertainment center at the tip of your toe
  • Compatible with VESA pattern 300 × 200 for simple and safe wall mounting
  • Supports HDMI ARC and HDMI eARC, removing the need for an extra cable
Model Year
Demo Model


Screen Size
54.5 in
4K Ultra HD
TV Display Technology
Backlight Technology
Direct Lit
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
IMAX Enhanced
Motion Enhancement Technology
Yes, Motion Enhancement
Colour Enhancement
Video Modes
Standard; Movie; Dyanmic; Natural; Game; PC
Panel Shape


Audio Enhancement
DTS Studio Sound
Speaker Configuration
Speaker Output Power
2 x 10W


HDMI Inputs
MHL Inputs
Component Video Inputs
Coaxial Cable Inputs
1 - Bottom
Optical Digital Audio Outputs
1 - Side
Stereo Audio Outputs
Headphone Jack
1 - Bottom
USB Media Port
1 - Side
Internet Connectivity
Wi-Fi and Wired
Bluetooth 5.0
Works with Apple AirPlay
Chromecast built-in
DLNA Certified
TV Operating System
Fire TV
Preloaded Apps
Motion Control
Voice Control
Voice Assistant Built-In
Amazon Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit
Typical Consumption
110 W
Energy Saving Mode

Physical Features

Cabinet Colour
Wall Mount
Wall Mount Specification
200mm x 200mm

Dimensions With Stand

Width with Stand
123.5 cm
Height with Stand
77.2 cm
Depth with Stand
30.3 cm
Width with Stand (Inches)
48.6 in
Height with Stand (Inches)
30.4 in
Depth with Stand (Inches)
11.9 in
Weight with Stand
13.5 kg

Dimensions Without Stand

Width without Stand
123.5 cm
Height without Stand
72.6 cm
Depth without Stand
9.8 cm
Width without Stand (Inches)
48.6 in
Height without Stand (Inches)
28.6 in
Depth without Stand (Inches)
3.8 in
Weight without Stand
13.3 kg
  • Power Cable
  • Bag
  • Remote Control
  • Battery

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  • Definitely Worth Trying
    Verified BuyerReviewed by PictureThis - December 7, 2021

    Well what can I say… I purchase the Insignia 55’ Qled 4k tv for my bedroom. I need a bigger tv since my room is bigger. I was looking at Samsung and Lg Qled Oled tvs when I ran across this tv at bestbuy for $399. I was very hesitant to buy this tv because of the low price and the name but I said for $400 dollars which was half the price of Samsung and Lg so I took the chance and boy I am very glad that I did. I normally don’t write reviews but I’m sure there are people like me who will be hesitant because of the name and would probably pass because of it. But let me tell you that it’s definitely worth the try. Upon turning on the tv right was not please at all. The picture quality out the box was very bright and the color was saturated tremendously. I was so ready to pack it back up and return it. But something told me to try to adjust the pricture quality. That’s exactly what I did. I put on a 4k movie (coming to America) which has amazing Ing colors I went to each picture setting 1 at a time adjusting contrast, color, tint and sharpness. Noting where it was at first then adjusting to my liking but I still wasn’t satisfied until I got into the advance settings. This is where you really get the best picture quality out of this tv. There’s so many adjustment within this setting that will make this tv come alive to your liking. You jus have to be patience and compare different settings then you’ll see the big difference in picture quality. I am very satisfied at this point that I got a Qled tv for $399 and it’s no difference from the high end brands. But please note that you done get all the bells and whistle like the higher end tvs but if you’re on a budget this can work for you. The remote is nothing more than a fire stick remote. No numbers but if every had a fire stick you’ll be ok. I can’t comment on the sound because I hook it up to my sound bar but overall everything is okay

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Bright, bright, bright!
    Reviewed by Winger81 - August 29, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Insignia 55-inch QLED Smart Fire TV has an excellent picture quality along with some pretty helpful features for a connected smart home. The integration with Alexa and Amazon's many services is outstanding - with very little initial time spent setting that part of the TV up. But, wow - this TV is BRIGHT! Right out of the box, the TV's picture almost seemed distorted because it was nearly blindingly bright - but, that is easily managed through settings. This is my first Fire TV and I seem to learn more each time I use it. Pros: - Great picture, once adjusted for your viewing preferences; my family likes it in Movie (Dark) mode to counterbalance the very bright initial setting - Intuitive and relatively straightforward set up for most apps - A whole host of available apps (I believe Android-based) - Outstanding remote with Alexa button built in - Instantaneous Alexa and Works-with-Alexa functionality for all devices connected to your Amazon/Alexa account -- Side note: if you use Ring Video Cameras in your smart home -- you will LOVE how easily you can pull up any of the cameras connected to Alexa. This is perhaps one of my favorite features - Rich sound from the built-in speakers, including virtual surround sound and ARC support for a sound bar. - 4K QLED (not quite OLED) picture with little - if any - stuttering on the majority of channels (see con below re: older, non-4k video) - Nearly frameless bezel; in a darkened room, it almost looks like the picture is floating Cons: - Packaging: the first TV arrived totally destroyed. I don't fault Insignia or Best Buy for this ... it would appear the delivery company did not handle the box well. When the first TV arrived, there were literally pieces of the box and parts of the TV screen falling out of the mangled box: Recommendation: have Best Buy install it (or deliver it) or pick it up yourself as the packaging seemingly cannot handle the everyday parcel services and the way they toss boxes around like basketballs. - There is a bit of lag when starting up and some apps are slow to launch. Be prepared for software updates and a lot of waiting... - We've experienced a few lock-ups with the TV which seem to resolve themselves (the TV just reboots itself) - On older channels and standard definition DVDs, there is a bit of stuttering with the picture. It's barely noticeable to some, but can be a bit of an annoyance - A small, but notable design issue: the power cord plugs in at the bottom left of the back of the TV (when facing the back) and is not only very awkward to get plugged in by pushing it up into the socket, but it's fallen out of the power socket a few times. a better design would be a flattened "L" shaped power cord as found on other brands. Overall, I give this TV a thumbs up. The screen clarity and ultra-4k clarity are breathtaking once you've set the display to settings you like. Sound is well-above average for a TV at this price point. The Alexa/Amazon integration is absolutely fantastic. I would - and do - recommend this product and am already considering a second for our den.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Impressive for the price
    Reviewed by MrLowNotes - September 1, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] If you’re looking for a QLED TV that won’t break the bank and delivers a superb picture, this hits the target. Especially if it’s on sale!! But factory picture presets are a bit over the top brightness and color saturation wise. Just tone them down a bit and you’re good to go. Let’s get to the good stuff right off. Outstanding picture quality for the price. Very bright at the highest backlight setting. Rich vivid colors and excellent color accuracy. Input wise, 4 HDMI, 1 composite video and audio, USB and ethernet. Down firing speakers that sound good with EQ and DTS options and a headphone jack. Also ARC and optical audio out for use with a soundbar. It has a bluetooth remote with Alexa integration that worked perfectly for me. Have security cameras linked to Alexa? This TV will display them! USB in for photos, video and music. The OS is snappy and things load fast. TV has 12GB of RAM for apps, Dolby Vision, DTS, Bluetooth, WiFi. Plenty of settings to adjust to customize picture and sound. See overview and specs listed above for details. Not only did I compare this TV to my 4K Samsungs which are basic models, I went to Best Buy and some other retailers and looked at what the competition was offering and talked to the sales staff to get their take on brands, features and reliability. From what I found online, supposably Hisense makes TVs for Insignia and Toshiba. That’s not a bad thing. The sales people I talked to spoke favorably of them. So how does it compare to the TVs costing hundreds to thousands more? Not too bad. Remember, it’s not competing with high end OLED TVs or QLED TVs with backlit screens with a matrix of LED backlights that dim or brighten for a deep HDR picture. But it will get a picture that’s much closer to those than a typical LCD TV. For those that may not know this, All LCD screens are backlit with LEDs nowadays. Either from the edge or behind. OLED screens are where every pixel is an LED that emits light. LCDs are a light valve that lets the back light shine through. Unboxing is easy. Do follow the instructions on how to remove the TV from the lower part of the box after you take the top off. It’s in a plastic bag with handles to make it easy. You can mount it on the wall or use the included aluminum feet. Setup was easy. Once you connect it to the internet it will look for updates and download them and install them before letting you proceed. After that you will need to log into your Amazon account if you have one and set up a profile and log into whatever streaming accounts you have. If you do not have an Amazon account you will need one to use this TV since it is an Amazon Fire TV. Navigating the screen was easy and snappy. Apps loaded fast too. I have 600 mbps fiber internet and an Asus gaming router so that might have something to do with apps loading fast. Your mileage may vary. First thing you will notice when you get set up and going is this thing is Bright and the Colors are Hot! To the point of being overwhelming. Especially the reds. Like all TVs of late it has several picture presets like Standard, Dynamic, Movie, Game, Natural, PC and Custom. They change picture settings for brightness, contrast, color and other things that would take too long to list here. But I noticed they all were all higher than necessary in the brightness and color saturation department. So I highly recommend you adjust the settings to your liking for brightness, contrast and color. Sharpness will help too. There’s an advanced picture settings menu too. It has settings for things like “debanding”, “Skin Tone” and such. Most seem pretty straight forward to what they do but not all. I searched in vain online for information on what some of these settings do because the manual doesn’t cover them. Maybe they will post it later on. So yeah, you will need to tweak the picture settings to get the best picture out of this TV. Don’t let that scare you because it’s not that hard to do. Just leave the TInt setting and RGB levels alone. If gray looks purplish or greenish then contact BB as may not be something you can fix yourself by changing settings. My TV is pretty dead on for color balance and yours should be too. Do note that the Color Temperature settings are there to give a warm (think incandescent lighting) or cool (think daylight) look to the picture. I tested my TV by streaming from Amazon Prime, Hulu, Ruko, Discovery Plus, IMDB and YouTube. For HDMI input I used Dish Network, Sony UBPX700/M 4K Blu-Ray player I reviewed a while back and an Asus gaming laptop I recently reviewed also. For the average person it all looks Great! For the more discerning person the Sony Blu-Ray with a 4K disc will provide the absolute best picture quality. Especially if your Blu-Ray player has Dolby Vision. I literally synced up Alien on Prime in 4K and 4K Blu-Ray I have of the movie. The Blu-Ray won as expected. Better color, lighting and detail. Yes, it was noticeable but not night and day. Next up was the Blu-Ray of The Last Jedi in FHD. Not sure if the player or TV upscaled it but it looked great. Also keep in mind that streaming services do vary in picture quality. I didn’t notice any lag that some other reported. See photos of Blu-Ray Stills. Lastly I connected my laptop to see how it looked and attempted to use my color spyder to color calibrate the screen. Even after I set the picture settings to comply with the calibration software the TV would switch to the Game preset automatically no matter what I set the picture preset to and I found no way to disable it from doing it. That made it impossible to do a color calibration and check the TV’s color gamut. All TVs have a service or setup mode for techs and I probably could have hunted online how to get into it and to run the calibration but that’s beyond the scope of my review. I also took a photo of the TV with my thermal camera to show where it’s warmest. The devices below the TV are a Dish Joy and the Sony Blu-ray. As you can see in the photo the TV is lit from the bottom. The specs say back lit too but the thermal camera doesn’t quite confirm that. So draw your own conclusions there. Note: All photos taken with a Canon EOS R and not a smartphone. Except FLIR. Conclusion: I highly recommend this TV.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Excellent tv, excellent price!
    Verified BuyerReviewed by NewFridge - March 27, 2022

    We really enjoy this tv. Picture quality is outstanding, and compared to the f30 series 50” we bought for our son, this f50 series 55” comes with noticeable improvements (for only $100 more for Black Friday!) . Biggest is the Dolby vision - watching Disney+ on this tv is wayyyy better than the other tv. Also, picture settings for color/contrast have more options to adjust how you enjoy them. Sound is good for built in speakers, and the tv is “smart” enough to know to change the hdmi input for when I’m using the game console or direct tv box. Being an amazon fire tv, it works very well with a prime membership, lots of apps already ready to go, quick to download other apps (HBO max, for example), and signing in is easy as well! Most apps I can just open the app on my phone and tv sees that and signs me in on the tv. Crispy pictures with no lag or pixelation when watching live sports as well - the SUPERBOWL WAS AWESOME TO WATCH!

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Price and Quality
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Quality - December 14, 2021

    I bought this on Black Friday, I have the same TV but a 50” Insignia that’s just the 4k UHD, that I bought back in 2018, but this Qled is where it’s at!! I wasn’t sure if a Qled would make that much of a difference. I did a lot of research and decided to pay the fee. I went with Insignia because the other one I have is awesome and was my favorite tv, but now this Qled is the one! It’s only 5” bigger but with that bit of difference and the quality it gives, makes it worth it. Can’t wait to play the PS5 on it! The price, and the quality it gives makes it 5 stars.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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