Insignia Battery Charging Station for Xbox One - Only at Best Buy


  • Neat idea but weak batteries.

    from Steinbach, MB on January 5, 2019

    At full charge, I only get a few hours out each battery. Good thing it comes with two. works with real xbox batteries, but sometimes tough to get battery to stay charging.

  • Great. Works as you'd expect.

    from Nanaimo on August 26, 2018

    Nothing fancy but works as it should. I can't believe Microsoft didn't include a rechargeable battery in their controller by default like Sony has done with the PS3 and PS4.

  • The best product for XBox One

    from Kirkland, QC on December 26, 2016

    I got this product after reading numerous reviews about questionable build quality so on, so on. In My opinion, it is the best product for Xbox One. What I love in this product: - It powers controller for as long as original Energizer batteries are. - Good build quality, no problems with battery staying in charger bay if battery is properly inserted in the bay - note, you need to know which way battery should go in the bay. If you insert it opposite way, it will not stay in the bay. Simple as it is. - Fast charging 2-3h - Battery communicates with XBox when it is about to be discharged. I can see battery notification and replace it when I can pause my game. - I don't need to play with insane 5yards long cable. Show me that 'smart guy' who invented that very strange way to play for Microsoft. - It is not even warm. - Nothing to break - Replaceable battery pack design is more convenient if you have no place for charging stands - Controller connector is not killed by constant insertion of the cable for charging with MS version of the product. - It works and it is not expensive

  • Disappointing

    from Sudbury, ON on November 24, 2016

    Cheap construction, doesn't seem to fit very well, not obvious which direction things should be facing either into the controller or into the charger. Battery works well when it charges, but often doesn't. I get the white lights (indicating full charge) yet one battery doesn't even temporarily power the controller.