Insignia Portable Air Conditioner - 10000 BTU - White/Grey - Only at Best Buy


  • Leaks and stoped cooling **DONT BUY**

    from Vancouver on 2 août 2019

    First summer it kept leaking Second Summer stopped cooling Waste of Money

  • Puissance d’un 8K

    from Montreal on 22 juillet 2019

    Puissance légèrement moins importante que ce que j’attendais, mais fonctionne bien !

  • Would not recommend

    from North bay on 21 juillet 2019

    At first i had no issues..still it leaked all over my house...and recently its leaked so much it went through my floor to the basment. The ac doesnt come with a hose so you practically have to find one on your own to drain it cause the ac doesnt turn itself off like most devices when its full.. Would never buy this brand ever again

  • disappinted

    from nova scotia on 21 juillet 2019

    the unit was working good, but after a few minutes it start to make a rattling noise from its back side something was loose inside. i am so disappointed that they do not have a replacement option instead i have to return it and again order a new unit.

  • Leaked everywhere!

    from Toronto on 16 juillet 2019

    This is the worst AC I've ever had the misfortune of owning. This thing constantly leaks. It completely ruined the floors in my apartment. Save yourself the pleasure of a major repair to your floors and stay away from the piece of crap.

  • Very good air conditioner. Cools the whole room. Happy with the purchase at a reasonable price.

    from Hamilton Ontario on 10 juillet 2019

    Very Happy with the air conditioner. Cools the whole room at a reasonable price. Purchased at Best Buy.

  • Amazing Product

    from Kinkora on 10 juillet 2019

    My family is happy of our decision to bought this air conditioner. It is an awesome performance and great unit for a ska ll family like us.


    from Tdot on 7 juillet 2019


  • Terrible quality

    from Tdot on 7 juillet 2019

    Honestly, its 2019 and this piece of junk passes for an air conditioner? unbelievable CRAP. I have a 160 square foot space to be cooled. 160 square feet. This 10, 000 BUT unit (functioning as 100 BTU) cannot even cool my room after 3 HOURS in high cool. WTF. WTF. WTF. Embarrassing- over to the landfill as usual. More shitnology. The "Swing" feature to oscillate the airflow through the unit is crap- the louvres jammed and block airflow. USELESS LANDFILL. Congrats Best Buy. NEVER AGAIN. I leave it on for 5 HOURS and it drops 5 degrees from 84-79 f. WTF WTF WTF

  • Leaked from the start; lasted only one season

    from Montreal on 6 juillet 2019

    The unit leaked on the floor after the first hour in operation. It's only possible to use it with a draining hose. It's a terrible design for a humid house. It may be fine in Arizona, but not in Quebec. Stopped working after one summer of use.