Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker - 6Qt


  • Great

    from Calgary on 8 décembre 2019

    First time I’ve ever used one and I really like everything I’ve tried. It’s fast, convenient and makes meals taste like you’ve been cooking all day.

  • Good product

    from Toronto on 7 décembre 2019

    This is my second Instant Pot. The first one is an eight quart instant Pot Duo. I like the Instant Pot Ultra pressure release design. It is easier and safer and the progress graph. I recommend this product to others.

  • new To instant pot

    from Pickering on 14 novembre 2019

    I am new to using an instant pot and I am thrilled. I have just touched the tip of the iceberg as to what it can do. Loving it so far

  • Definitely Instant

    from Mississauga on 10 novembre 2019

    Cooks lentils and beans in such short time. Definitely a great investment.

  • instant pot

    from midland on 8 novembre 2019

    works great gives you a home cooked meal very quickly and very good

  • Very good

    from Toronto on 3 novembre 2019

    I bought this for my wife She fully satisfied with the instant pot, it’s very good.

  • Instant Pot Ultra 10-in 1

    from Richmond Hill,ON on 1 novembre 2019

    Best deal I got it from Best buy. 50% off. Dont think just buy it. amazing product, good deal.

  • Versatile, easy to use and quick cooking

    from Toronto on 28 octobre 2019

    Likes: quick, versatile, so many cooking options to choose from. Pressure cooker is awesome. Dislike: Cooking rice is still better with my dedicated rice cooker but it does the job as well.

  • Fantastic

    from Red Deer on 27 octobre 2019

    I have so far cooked 3 Indian dishes in it and they have all turned out to be cooked brilliantly. Definitely made my cook time a lot simpler..

  • Good product

    from Canada on 25 octobre 2019

    Makes good meals quickly, not "instantly", as there is the time it takes to pressurize and depressure. Soups and stews taste like they cooked all day, but are done in an hour.