iRobot Braava jet 240 Mopping Robot - White


  • It’s fun to watch and convenient for small spaces
    by thabowler

    on November 22, 2019

    I got this little robot just to help out around the kitchen and the living room, I really like it it’s very smart and it cleans pretty well I think for the size. This is not a unit that will replace your regular mopping but it’s nice to have the unit to clean stains off the surface of the floor and not have to worry that it’s going to miss a spot. This little robot actually tracks its steps and does not clean same spot twice. It’s very smart around the corner is the baseboards the cabinets in the kitchen and it really does a good job even with just water in the tank, I haven’t tried using any soap solution in it yet because that could clog the spray spraying Mechanism if you let it dry, so what I do sometimes is presoak the floor with some bleach or some kind of product that can make the room smell good. I do recommend it although the holding tank is very small it will definitely clean about a 15 x 15 area with just One fill. The downside to this unit is having to buy the replacement pads, they are washable but you might only be able to use it two or three times. The battery will let you clean the living room and the kitchen with one charge. My kitchen is about 12 x 16 and my living room about the same.

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  • Love this gadget
    by The cleaner

    on November 19, 2019

    I love being able to turn it on and walk away. I like that it cleans in a pattern unlike my Roomba vac that zig zags all over the place in no specific pattern.

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  • Good product sad it didn’t work on vinyl
    by Mamacleaner

    on November 6, 2019

    Works only with certain type of flooring. It was having trouble mopping on my vinyl floorinh

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  • After one month: pleased
    by Mort

    on November 3, 2019

    So far, I think that iRobot did a really good job with this. I've used it four times (once a week) on my tile floors as wet mop and am pleased with how it does. You won't have a spotless floor when it's done (like when you scrub on hands and knees). It's more comparable to when you use a mop and a bucket. It methodically gets every area of the room (including around the toilet), seeming to sense where more effort is needed. I think my hardwood floors are only eligible for the dry mop treatment. It still picks up a bit, after using robot vacuum, but not so much where I'll use there as frequently as kitchen and bathroom. If it still works well when we greet 2023, I'll change from 4 to 5 stars and update if iRobot allows. If it holds up for over five years (in this world of irreparable throw-away consumer goods), I'll consider it an exceptional value.

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  • Very good
    by Tako0414

    on November 2, 2019


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  • Lovely device!
    by Ivan

    on October 30, 2019

    Great idea an device for such of small price! Very like it!

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  • Excellent for a lazy homeowner!
    by Matty

    on October 23, 2019

    Push the button and let it go. Handles chairs and rugs with ease

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  • Don't throw away your money!
    by Cathy

    on October 20, 2019

    My robot mop only lasted 10 months. They did not honor the warranty. Customer service was horrible. I spent an hour on the phone, took video pictures of everything they requested, and then was told that they thought it was the battery even though the battery was fully charged. The serial number had partialley rubbed of, because they printed it in soluble ink knowing that water could get to it. But I had the original box with the serial number on it. They refused to accept that. After I threatened to write a negative review, I received an email saying they would replace the item. But today I received another email from a supervisor saying she thought it was the battery. So I spent an hour on the phone, answered an email with photos of the box, my receipt and my address, received a contradictory email, and still nothing. As far as the product itself, it is helpful except that it does not clean around the edges. This is an issue for me, because I have to go back around the walls with the regular mop. The pads get dirty very quickly and they are not ones that you can wash and reuse more than one or two times. So you're always having to order pads for it. The water tank is very small. But it is better than nothing. It is helpful. That is the most I can say for it, but I will never purchase an iRobot product again because of t hey did not honor their warranty.

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  • Love this lil guy!
    by amandak

    on October 19, 2019

    He works great! I seriously hate mopping and this makes it pain-free.

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  • Great robot mop
    by Orimar

    on October 18, 2019

    This mop robot is useful help us to mop the floor.

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