iRobot Roomba i7+ Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal (7550)


  • i robot 7 plus self clean

    from canada on July 3, 2019

    its more powerful then my 860 Roomba but I like the cleaning setting better on the old one. she gets stuck lots on objects also because more power I guess sucks up the door matt corners and binds up

  • Time Saver!

    from Chilliwack, BC on May 31, 2019

    We bought this earlier in the year. We found that it cleans very well including cat litter and dirt. One of our cats has very fine fir, and once a week we need to take out the Dyson to remove it from the low pile rug. Once you get used to cleaning the brushes and filter, it is easy. As for the dirt bag in the charging stand, we found out that the dirt accumulates towards the front of the bag, which leaves it half empty. What I did was shake the dirt to the back of the bag, and we have not replaced the first bag yet. We recommend it.

  • Needs to clean brushes too otherwise is pointless

    from British Columbia on April 14, 2019

    Needs to clean brushes too otherwise is pointless ....u still have to clean no u cant forget about it for weeks and cleaning the brush is the hardest and most laborious part. Until they perfect a way to clean the brushes too this is expensive and pointless. Also the batteries are programmed to quit working after so many uses so u have to buy new ones. This is just pure greed on the part of the manufacturer.

  • This is the Robot Vacuum you have been waiting for.

    from Montreal, QC on February 7, 2019

    I bought the i7+ back in November and it has been an outstanding machine. Much quieter than the Roomba 980 and the new floor-plan learning if fantastic. It takes usually only 2 passes for the roomba to learn a floor plan. There are some little cons. Namely it isn't as non-serviceable as you may think. Yes the auto clearing bag is fantastic and I'm not up to 90 cleans without needing to replace the bag. But it does need to wiped down once a week, the little recharging points need wiping down sometime twice a week and there are a lot of small parts in it that need replacing every 2,3,6 and 12 months like the dust filter, brush and bags. So it certainly isn't a set and forget robot vacuum. BUT on the pros side I haven't needed to vacuum at all since getting it and my place look showroom perfect all week long. Set the schedule ever second day with a clean in the kitchen every morning after you have left for work and clean floors will quickly be an after thought. Having the Roomba app you can manually start it anytime any where is fantastic when you want to spontaneously invite guests over to have the whole house vacuumed before people arrive is great. Overall it is obviously quite expensive, but IMO it was the best purchase I have made for cleaning to date.

  • An expensive disappointment

    from Ottawa, ON on February 4, 2019

    When I bought this top of the line Roomba, I expected it to live up to its hype. In some ways it does, but not in the way that counts--actually vacuuming. First of all, it does try very hard. It went over parts of my floor several times, though it neglected the litterbox area almost completely and this is also where it most obviously showed its failure. It wasn't picking up any of the litter, it was just pushing it around. I can only conclude that the noise it generates is simply from movement and not from actually having any suction involved. It's also quite large, so it can't get under the dining room chairs and I had to prop them up onto the table so the Roomba could get under them. I wouldn't complain about that if--again--it was actually cleaning. As of this writing it's being run a second time and from the looks of the battery indicator on the app it's probably going to need to stop and recharge soon. Its first run was 44 minutes. It's a very clever little thing though and does quite well figuring out how to get around, having no trouble finding its dock when it needs to. When it speaks, it does so in a female voice that seems to be custom to the language you set it to. I set mine to the UK, so she's British. The app is pretty user friendly and it's easy to program your Roomba for when and how you want it to run. All in all however, I'd say just get a vacuum because this Roomba absolutely sucks at any suction.

  • Hi

    from Burnaby, BC on January 16, 2019

    This is Matteo here, this roomba has really helpeeed me catch dog poo on the floor thans, matteo