iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum - Java Black


  • If you want a headache order the s9
    by BLooney

    on December 8, 2019

    I have an older Roomba that is amazing! So I was so excited to order the Flagship model... what a disappointment! Doesn't work half the time. They better fix this. To be fair, iRobot did send me a brand new replacement unit for free. But still, come on people - this is your Flagship model. The s9 should be better than my older Roomba.

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  • Works well but get stuck all the time
    by Jacob

    on December 6, 2019

    This product represents a great idea from Romba however it is not executed well yet. It gets stuck all the time on chair legs and damages scrapes furniture.

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  • Great Purchase
    by Golden girl

    on December 5, 2019

    I love love love my Roomba. While it took a long time for it to map out the house, and there is a learning curve, once you are set up, it's a GREAT time saver. I do vacuum in addition to the Roomba but I like that it gets under the furniture, and it's great for in between cleanups. Oh, did I mention I have two golden retrievers so this is a MUST Have

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  • Pleasantly Surprised
    by Hrc1079

    on December 4, 2019

    I have to say given the price is was extremely skeptical and only got it because it had a 60 day return policy. Expecting to send it back I made sure to not destroy the packaging it came in and set them aside in an area ready to pull out in a week or so to pack it all up and return. Well, after a week of use I can honestly say this machine is a rockstar! I’m extremely surprised at how well it cleans and makes its way about the house. The self cleaning is great and you can basically just set and forget. Like other posts, make sure you’ve cleared the floor of debris and cords but apart from that you’re good to go. Do I think this is a replacement for vacuuming your home? No, but if I can get 3 to 4 weeks without having to pull the main vacuum out I’m happy.

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  • Bash your furniture and walls!
    by Tired of vacuuming

    on December 3, 2019

    It helps keep dog hair under contol but requires frequent brush cleanings

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  • Great product, it performs as advertised.
    by Charlie

    on December 3, 2019

    Robie VII is great.

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  • Unreliable, at best
    by Schnout

    on December 2, 2019

    First unit failed to clean on schedule. 2nd unit, received under warranty for replacement of defective unit, would not connect to base station, and battery would not charge.

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  • Love my Roomba s9
    by Pam

    on December 1, 2019

    Upgraded from an old 600 series, and what an upgrade it is. Love that it returns to home to empty its self and then goes back out to clean again. She also comes home to recharge and then goes back out to finish the job. I have a large house, so she does need to recharge once during her cleaning cycle, but I just let her do her thing and my house is nice and clean in the end. Love, love, love it!

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  • Amazing vacuum
    by Monzy

    on November 27, 2019

    Great vacuum, amazing cleaner. Feels great the air when you use it. Easy to install and pairing. The best thing the automatic dirt disposal.

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  • Worst iRobot yet. - save your money and get an i7
    by SoCalNorCal

    on November 24, 2019

    I’ve had the past 3 generations of iRobot. I upgraded from the i7+ with clean base to the s9+ with clean base. You’d think get the latest more expense model would offer additional features but it doesn’t. i7+ vs s9+ i7+ .... - is significantly quieter - doesn’t get tangled on cords - is able to transition from floors to area rugs - easily makes any turn and avoids getting stuck in tight spaces - does a great job cleaning the floors s9+ ..... - after 2 months of use 3 times a week has yet to make 1 single run without getting stuck - gets easily tangled on cords - can’t transition from floors to area rugs without getting stuck - is substantially heavier - the one and only plus is that it does a better job with straight edges Lastly I have two of these one on each level of my house and they are both equally poor. I am seriously considering going back to the i7+ with clean base as I find it to be a significantly better vacuum.

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