Jabra Elite Active 65t In-Ear Truly Wireless Headphones - Black - Only at Best Buy


  • Absolute Garbage

    from Vancouver, BC on August 14, 2019

    I've had these for 8 months, and they not refuse to connect to any device (5 different devices tried) and support only suggests resetting and try again (which I've done countless times). They are not unusable, and Jabra refuses to replace them. Save your money, don't go anywhere near this product or Jabra.

  • Horrible Fit

    from BC, Canada on August 3, 2019

    I researched these in depth, asked multiple people who owned them, read reviews, watched youtube video, but the verdict after buying them is terrible. The fit is atrocious, I've tried all 3 tip sizes and the closest that fits is the medium. If they get pushed in too far they create a suction and the music sounds like a blown speaker. I managed to try them with some foam tips and they sound great and stay in, but because of the proprietary earpiece shape only Jabra tips will attach and the foam gets stuck in my ear. There is also a major issue with unbalanced sound, out of the box the left was significantly louder than the right, after reinstalling firmware, and reinstalling the app multiple times it seems to be gone, but I don't doubt it will come back after reading other peoples reviews. Also best buys return policy will only accept them back if they are unopened so I am stuck with these expensive pieces of trash. Avoid these headphones if you have any issues with fit, and avoid buying from best buy because of their weak return policy.

  • Best wireless earbuds

    from Mississauga, Ontario on August 3, 2019

    I'm really impressed with my purchase! I personally have small ears and I love the way it fits in - snug! Also it is quick in charging and easy pairing! I'm in love with these pairs - would definitely recommend!

  • Excellent ear buds

    from Alberta on July 26, 2019

    So I originally thought that these ear buds had Active Noise Cancellation. They don't. They use passive noise cancellation and have speakers which record the outside sounds and pass it into your ear when you actually want to hear what's happening around you (which is more useful than I thought it would be). The good news is that the passive noise cancellation is really quite good, and was more than enough for muffling the sound of the bus during my commute. It also saves some battery power that way, for whatever that's worth. The sound is good and you can easily change the equalizer, though I'm not an audiophile so perhaps take that with a grain of salt. They fit well on me and have 2 other ear bud sizes if you need to adjust the fit.

  • Extremely happy with these

    from Calgary on July 16, 2019

    Did a lot of reading on a bunch of truly wireless buds, and finally decided to try these based on a bunch of favourable online reviews. I was worried by some of the negative consumer reviews on here, but they seemed to have the features I wanted. I’ve had them for about a month now, and I love them. They fit my ears very well, and are extremely comfortable. I can keep them in for hours, and have used them for both running and biking extensively. Even at very high speeds, have never had an issue with them falling out. Sound is good, features are as expected (haven’t used the ‘hear through’ a whole bunch, but have sometimes and I like the feature). Haven’t tested the limits of the battery life, but they have lasted several hours through a long bike ride. Having control buttons directly on the buds is very useful. I haven’t had any service or reliability issues, and they were exactly what I was hoping for. Would recommend them and would buy them again.

  • Worst earbuds ever

    from 2464 Weston road on July 5, 2019

    For the past 3 times I I had to bring this earbuds back and all 3 times the left sides has not. Never trusting this company again!!!!!

  • Very Happy With My Purchase

    from Richmond, BC on July 3, 2019

    I'm so happy I bought these. I originally bought them to do workouts, I do a lot of explosive HIIT workouts and have not had any issues with them falling out of my ears or disconnecting. I also use them on transit to and from work and I have used them during work as well. For those worried about the Coquitlam skytrain issues from other reviewers, I have not had any issues on the Canada Line. The sound quality is also great. Very happy with my purchase!

  • Great earbuds!

    from Toronto on June 29, 2019

    Lots of people wrote that the left bud will not make any sound etc.. but what it needed is just little bit of adjustment (?) then it will work again. I just got it and for what its worth, that flaw does not bother me.

  • Awsome and fits well...

    from Edmonton, Canada on June 18, 2019

    I first bought the Elite sport. Didn't like the sound nor the retention during sporting activity, especially while running. However, after trying the Elite Active 65t, i returned the Elite Sport. I found the sound and retention to be much better... Didnt really need to sports app features of the ELite sport coz i have those on my watch. Only Con, for me, is the charger container... not so sure why its so hard to open?

  • My best choice for earphones

    from Winnipeg on June 11, 2019

    Very smart and easy to use. I prefer these over Airpods.