Jabra Elite Sport In-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Headphones - Black


  • Super fast connection with reasonable sound

    from Calgary - Mount Royal on 3 décembre 2019

    I picked these up about 3 months ago. Initially, I was having major difficulties with them connecting to my phone. However, after getting the firmware update done, they have connected no problem. Once or twice they wouldn't for whatever reason, but I've had the same issue with other devices including a speaker and my car. 99% of the time, as soon as I open the case, the Jabra Elites are connected to my phone. By the time I slide the first one into my ear, it's in the process of telling me its connected. The fit is snug and very comfortable. Not once have I been worried they are suddenly going to fall out even during the most intense workouts. I am a big fan of the tactile buttons for volume control and to skip a song. The buttons are easy to locate when in your ear and intuitive so I don't need to bother pulling out my phone to make changes. The sound is generally fine. These are in no way noise cancelling, but the music volume is plenty loud even in a busy, crowded gym with its own music playing. I have noticed that for calls and for Netflix for whatever reason the sound is a little too quiet, even at max volume. The volume can also come across quiet while walking along a busier road. My commute to work includes walking under an underpass and the traffic while in the underpass typically overwhelms the volume on the earbuds, but that's such a minor part of my commute. Overall, these are a great truly wireless headphone. They are relatively small, the fit is snug and comfortable, the battery life is solid, the charging is fast, the physical buttons are great, and they connect instantaneously to my phone 99% of the time. When they don't, I can generally just pop them back in the case and pull them out again, almost like a reboot, and they are good to go. Sound could be a little better in terms of volume and noise isolation, but then again these are not an over the ear headset. These are perfect for the gym, running, biking, or any other physical activity you may want buds for. The heart rate monitoring is a nice bonus and appears to be accurate. Would definitely recommend these, especially on a good sale price.

  • Fit and Finish

    from waterdown on 28 novembre 2019

    I have had these for about a year now and they work great however I find tehy do still hurt a bit after prolonged use and recently the rubber casing has started to seperate from the ear bud. It almost seems warped on both. THis is not the wing part but the part where the buttons are.

  • Not reliable, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    from Ottawa on 23 novembre 2019

    I bought the earbuds in August 2018. The pairing didn't work so I exchange the earbuds. Second pair, same issue. Now I am stucked with them and the pairing is always off. This is a waste of money. Look for other options.

  • Disappointment

    from  on 14 octobre 2019

    Purchased these earbuds back in July. Sounds great when it works but over within a couple months sound was barely audible on the right side. Left side works perfectly fine. Tried talking to jabra support and responses were slow and generally unhelpful that I ended up purchasing a single earbud to replace the affected one. The pair worked perfectly for a month and a bit and now I am having the same problem with the left ear bud. Considering the price point of this item and poor customer service do not recommend this product

  • Workhorse

    from Calgary on 20 juillet 2019

    Purchased this Boxing Day of 2018. I work at a bodyshop and with all the banging, sanding and all other noise bouncing of the warehouse walls, it does ok. Sound quality is ok, it didn’t knock me off my work boots. The fit is ok, it slips off but it’s not so much that it can be distracting. Batttery is good for 3-4 hours of continued use. It charges fast though. The range is ok about 10 car lengths (walls can shorten it). It’s still goin with no issues. I’ve had cheap Bluetooth headphones but the wires can come loose or break. I had a jaybird but it was pooched after about a year. I wanted to try this out ( no wires, on sale). I might go back to jaybirds unless the jabra’s fit and the battery life gets better in the future.

  • Poor sound

    from Surrey bc on 10 juillet 2019

    Sound horrible not worth the money. I want to return them after two days an they won’t allow me never again

  • Ok headphones

    from ON on 5 juillet 2019

    The headphones were OK, but the sounds quality was not worth the price tag for me, ended up returning them.

  • not worth it

    from montreal on 13 avril 2019

    i bought these headphones because i saw a friend with them. i tried them for 5mins before i realised that these are the worst thing ever, i am utterly disappointed. i am done with jabra.

  • Excellent

    from Hamilton, ON on 28 mars 2019

    Pros: -Great connectivity, open the case and put in to connect -Excellent Sound isolation -Talkthrough mode toggles so you can selectively hear despite sound isolation -Crystal clear sound quality when in loud environments or driving -Better than advertised battery life. Will last 4+ hours on a single charge. case provides two more. -compatible with google assistant -very comfortable fit, can wear fo hours comfortably -intuitive controls Cons: - will pick up higher frequencies and relay them loudly -medium sound quality, minimal low end -buttons need be pressed firmly, sometimes tough to press in-ear Havn't utilized fitness-tracking features fully

  • Good Idea But

    from GTA on 15 mars 2019

    Nice when it was working no customer support